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Formed in 1988 by Tony Maim, Ruptured Dogs 1st full working line up consisted of Tony on guitar and vocals, Doug E Dogg on guitar, Ian on drums and Wall of Noise on guitar chaos - no bass! They all had the bare bones of musical skill but in the spirit of punk rock thought who gives a monkeys. In their naive minds, they thought it was really cutting edge having no bass - everyone else thought it sounded crap! A word of explanation is required about the . Read more on
Formed in 1988 by Tony Maim, Ruptured Dogs 1st full working line up consisted of Tony on guitar and vocals, Doug E Dogg on guitar, Ian on drums and Wall of Noise on guitar chaos - no bass! They all had the bare bones of musical skill but in the spirit of punk rock thought who gives a monkeys. In their naive minds, they thought it was really cutting edge having no bass - everyone else thought it sounded crap! A word of explanation is required about the ..Wall of Noise... To provide some lower end tones to our sound, the Wall of Noise used an old Flying ..V.. copy tuned to an open ..E..

chord, randomly hitting the strings and plugged into every effects pedal known to man. After a near band splitting experience at their debut gig at the Lady Owen Arms in Islington, August ..89, a major restructure took place. Ian left saying he didn..t want to hold them back as he felt his drumming was not up to the task, so a Boss ..Dr Rhythm.. drum machine was borrowed and Tony went on to suffer from drum programmers finger. The fact that he was crap and could only produce 3 different drum rolls the entire time they used it did not seem to matter to them. A bass guitar was found and both Tony & Doug began to learn the nuances of the instrument - like bollocks did they - playing it with Rhythm guitarist mentality, going through a Hi-Watt 100 watt valve top + huge cab, the sound created was akin to the whole of Motorhead coming out of one instrument - nice! Much song writing and rehearsing followed and a host of great foot stomping original numbers with lyrics of substance were knocked into shape.

This rule was broken later on as they would dismay an audience with some truly warped cover versions. The 1st gig with Dr Rhythm was at the Fulham Greyhound in September and was a resounding success - although disaster nearly struck as the next time Dr Rhythm was turned on after the gig, all the programming had been wiped! With renewed confidence they accepted gigs in various lavatorial venues around the London circuit and honed their stage performance and playing styles. Doug soon took over bass duties on a full time basis having previously swopped instruments mid set with Tony. Audience numbers and reactions varied greatly - mass walk outs were not uncommon - playing to a handful of friends and the support/headline band (if they could be bothered to stay and watch) were the norm. An extreme example would have been The Park Royal Hotel in Hanger Lane, Ealing which has now, thankfully, been demolished. A crap journey, impossible to find and huge flights of stairs, their only performance there was watched by the sound man & promoter - no-one else at all.

The Wall of Noise had broken a finger, so it was just Tony and Doug playing to an empty room. Stupidly/heroically playing as if a huge audience was present, at the end the promoter clapped 3 times and said ..Well done lads.. - well he had got his to play.. blood money, so what did he care! At The Kings Head in Fulham, some bloke approached the stage after their set and handed Tony a tuning fork stating that ..You need this more than me...

This was probably only bettered by at what their last ever gig when a girl came up to Doug and said ..Your band has given me a headache.. to which Doug replied with an almost Oscar Wilde quip ..I..m glad not had a totally wasted evening then!... In the spring of 1990, they sent a demo tape to ..Free Lunch Records.., founded by Chris Alchin who was setting up a label to feature local bands in the Kingston (Surrey) area. His assistant Val (whose surname has been lost in the mists of time) saw them play at The Epsom Playhouse and they were offered an album deal ...... not bad after only a dozen or so gigs. The album they produced ..Human Zoo..

- was recorded at night between 10.30pm - 3.00am to keep down costs. The 14 tracks were recorded and mixed in 6 of these sessions. Disappointingly this LP never made it to vinyl but on Cassette only. Nevertheless it was and still is a fine slab of noise of which they are still proud of! Shortly after its release, there were to be some more lineup changes.

The Wall of Noise left the band leaving Doug and Tony to carry on as a distorted duo for the next 25 gigs, until they had the novel idea of getting a drummer. They felt that perhaps the drum machine was a bit regimented, sounded pretty boring and did not allow for spontaneity, although it had focused them into a fiercely tight unit which would stay with them always. They had played a number of gigs with a band called ..Beautiful.. (it goes without saying that none of those ugly chaps were beautiful at all!) and were impressed with and got on well with Ray, the drummer. He was duly approached and following a couple of rehearsals, agreed to drum with The Dog as well ...

brave man. The 1st gig with Ray was at Freeways Club, Wandsworth in Jan ..91. It all came together and many gigs throughout the year followed. Freeways became the venue for ..The Barking Bloody Mad Club.. which happened once a month and had The Dog as headliners with them booking all the support bands. At this time Tommy Vance (RIP) was on Greater London Radio (GLR) and had a nightly gig guide on his show.

Doug used to phone through details to Tommys assistant, Steve who would usually feed him some bizarre ..hook.. line to get the listeners attention. One of these actually cracked Tommy up on the air- after giving the venue and line up details, he announced that it ..would cost £3.00 to get in and £5.00 to get out... It does not sound much but they still have a tape of his chortling! What a good guy.

The Evening Standard in London used to feature that evenings gigs and once announced the ..International..? line up of Ruptured Dog, Criminal Damage and Crispy Sick at Freeways. In Oct ..91, The Dog were joined by yet another member of Beautiful - Paul on lead/rhythm guitar and wildly strained backing vocals.( His first show was at the Bull & Gate that Nov ..91 and came as rather a shock to the other members of Beautiful at the gig as Pauls appearance had been kept a secret. But, like Ray, Paul would continue playing with both bands. Pauls connection with Doug and Tony went back to summer ..88 when The Dog used to rehearse in the creaky/about to fall down ..Tweeters Studio.. in Kingston.

Paul would sometimes be on duty in the control booth and has admitted to thinking that they were a waste of space who spent more time getting pissed than playing. More gigs as a foursome followed in quick succession, with Doug now consigning the distortion pedal to its box as the sound balance with the 2nd guitar now required a cleaner low end to it. Certain other band members wondered why he bothered as his playing style seemed to consist of using all 4 strings at the same time, playing with his fist and turning up so loud, it resembled an airplane taking off - it was great!! Doug was also managing the band: booking gigs, nagging journalists, doing mailouts and filling up all types of gig guides with loads of old crap. One Day in late Feb ..92, he, by mistake rang the number for Rick at the wonderfully named T.L.F. (Tortoise Liberation Front) management company based in Soho, who, at that very moment were looking for a band to fill the first slot at The Marquee Club on Charing Cross Road on 9/3/92.

After assurances as to likely attendance figures, the gig was offered and eagerly accepted. This fulfiled a long held ambition of the band to play there and on the night everything went well and The Dog made the other bands look pitful in comparison. Although 1st on of 3 bands, the dog fans outnumbered all the others put together and fuelled by much alcohol created a great atmosphere. A very favourable review by ..Morat.. appeared in the following weeks issue of ..Kerrang..! This was the only gig of the 4 The Dog played at The Marquee where they did not have their own soundman, resulting in the rather brutal use of The Marquees 8K rig by the house engineer which unfortuantly led to one of their fans having to seek medical help for her ears a few days later.

Sorry, Lisa! Things seemed to be on the up with a bit of a buzz finally filtering into various quarters of the music world, some of whom were now paying attention to the music and performance rather than just treating them as a band with a strange name to take the piss out of. (That..s when they could be bothered to actually do their fucking jobs, rather than just sitting at home, making ash-trays out of melted records they were supposed to be reviewing). They had in fact featured in ..Sounds.. music papers ..All Time Top Crap Name Bands..

chart, coming in at No. 9 - not bad going as they had not even played a gig at this time! In April ..92, Heavy Metal DJ, ..Krusher.. (with whom Doug had had copious contact with) invited the band to do a live session on his Sunday night show on GLR (Greater London Radio). This was an absolute blast and the results are the 4 tracks on this site. To return the favour, The Dog asked Krusher to sing his version of ..I wanna be Your Dog..

for the encore at their headliner at the Marquee on 18/5/92. To assist Krusher (who..s eyesight was not the best), Tony wrote out the lyrics in huge writing taped to a board in front of the monitors. Unfortunately, due to having consumed a considerable amount of lager and having dislodged his glasses after about 30 seconds, Tony did most of the singing, leaving Krusher to just yell, headbang and shout WOOF! a lot!. This was another very successful night in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd.

They would play twice more at the Marquee, although neither times would top this gig. August bank holiday Monday ..92 saw the bands last appearance at The Sutton Environmental Fair at Carshalton Park, having played there 3 years on the trot. The stage was set in a natural ampitheatre and was always an enjoyable day out in aid of a good cause. A more selective approach was being taken to gigs as the band tried to build on these achievements. This was at times most frustrating. Pauls last gig with The Dog was on 13/11/92 at the Reaction Club in Brixton. Despite the band giving him a set list with fake songs on it, it all went well.

He left to pursue other projects (not, as some band members have have said ..because of his terrible hat wearing..) and Tony took over lead guitar - not without some moaning about ..might as well play the drums and bass myself, give you all a rest..! 1993 saw only 11 live outings for the band but more importantly the band went into D.N.A. studios in Brixton late that year to record 4 tracks to be released on a 12.. EP by ..The Record Label.. run by Tim, the owner of ..The Record Shop..

in Kingston, Surrey. The band were driven on in the studio by Andy Moloney (Better Than You/Kick Asteriod), who did a fantastic job on the production and mixing, and Ian, DNA..s engineer who was also a pleasure to work with. The next adventure was to attend the actual cutting of the metal master disc which took place at the famous ..Porkys.. suite in Shaftsbury Avenue, Central London. This was great fun with the only problem being what to have written in the ..wind off..

grooves area. To anyone younger than 20 years old, grooves are what ..Records.. have - MP3..s do not have them! The ..A.. side of course had ..A Porky Prime Cut..

on it...... check the runouts on Zeppelin or Sabbath albums, Porky did loads of them. Doug just prevented Tony sneaking ..Dougie is the Son of Satan.. onto the master and they settled for ..The Dogs Bollocks..

+ ..Suck on This... The ..Pop Thugs.. EP featuring Black Insect Laughter, Jerusalem, We Love The MC5 and Day of Forever was released in all its glory in early ..94 in a colour sleeve (with burning guitar and action men!) complete with lyric sheet insert. The band were and always would be mighty proud of this and would always be massively grateful to Tim at the Record Shop for helping them make a dream come true. Sales didn..t set the world alight but production costs were recovered and you can still pick up a copy in collectors shops (it was a limited edition), or from the band who still have some spare. Good reviews were received on the whole although they felt very badly let down by Kerrang who gave the EP to Chris (please die) Watts to review, knowing how much he had always disliked them. Unfortunately in early ..94, Dougs involvement in all aspects of the band was severely curtailed due to family illness and bereavement, which made gigging or rehearsing difficult to schedule, hence only 5 gigs took place in the whole of 1994.

Doug was unable to play one of these and bass duties were carried out at very short notice by the fleeting return of Paul Ryan. 1995 would see the final 3 appearances of Ruptured Dog, who, by now with their frustration at the press + disillusionment with the music business as a whole (Hole is more appropriate - the band did not make too many friends by sending out rejection letters to record companys stating that ..Due to their pathetic band roster, The Dog would not be any longer sending any demo tapes to them..! A big cheer to Beggars Banquet for replying to this with an apology! They always conducted themselves with dignity in any dealings we had with them), were now playing under the name ..The X-Dogs... A very limited number of the EP were re-branded with new covers, labels etc. Their last gig together was on 31/8/95 at The Gun Tavern in Croydon, although they did not know it was their last at the time. Doug spoke with Tony and Ray later in the week as he felt that all the effort to move the band forward was getting them nowhere and that the buzz of playing live had gone. They had always agreed that if it stopped being fun then it was time to call it a day and so they did. It is important to state that in 7 years, 104 gigs, countless rehearsals, frustrations, setbacks, drunkenness, vehicle breakdowns (including brake failure) + disappointments, no one bad word was ever exchanged between any band member. SOME INFO AND THANKS Gigs per year: 1989 (6), 1990 (31), 1991 (28), 1992 (20), 1993 (11), 1994 (5), 1995 (3). Fave bands of The Dog: Near Death Experience / Beautiful ( Better Than You / Bracken Clock / The Ariels / Cut Cut Emma / Kick Asteroid ( Bubble Eyed Dog Boys / Dive / Ship of Fools / Hidden Fear / Path of The Lowborn / Barf Roco / Gods of Chaos / Toxic Cocktail. Most ridiculous reason given by a promoter for not giving them a gig - ..Too Punk to be New Wave of New Wave..! All time biggest idiot - Chris Watts Particular thanks to: Ian McDeth - always provided fantastic lights (or complete darkness), mixed our sound, carried gear, became a doorman, stand in Guitarist, travelled countless miles with us - all these are nothing compared to the loyalty and friendship he provided.

Nice one, geezer! Chris Alchin - much sound desk mixing and Free Lunch Records. He took a chance on us and will not be forgotten. Andy Moloney - Record producer whiz kid and someone whose comments on song writing and structure were always valued. Anyone we may of missed out - sorry! Mark Hailes - stage roadie at the Marquee shows. Dave - drum/stage roadie at the Marquee but now sadly departed from this world. Tim at The Record Shop Label. Nigel at Tweeters. Krusher Jules. Tommy Udo. Rough Diamond fanzine. Parasite fanzine, Rick Lennox and all at TLF. All the Free Lunch mob. All those who came to see us again and again, especially Pete Mabe, Pauly woowoo, Sarah, Andy Meakins, Tony Wade and Del. RUPTURED DOG - NICE GUYS TO DO BUSINESS WITH, TOTAL BASTARDS TO LISTEN TO. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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