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WolfKrieg are a NSBM group originating from Moscow in Russia. They were formed in 2009 by bassist/vocalist "SA" and guitarist "PR" and currently have a discography of 8 full length albums, 7 eps, 2 splits, 4 compilations and multiple singles. For a band that has been around for coming up to ten years in 2019, that's a pretty impressive output; although the band has released nothing in 2018 as of September. While their first two albums, Battlefield and Jedem Das Seime Read more on
WolfKrieg are a NSBM group originating from Moscow in Russia. They were formed in 2009 by bassist/vocalist "SA" and guitarist "PR" and currently have a discography of 8 full length albums, 7 eps, 2 splits, 4 compilations and multiple singles. For a band that has been around for coming up to ten years in 2019, that's a pretty impressive output; although the band has released nothing in 2018 as of September. While their first two albums, Battlefield and Jedem Das Seime, have song titles that are written in the group's native Russian, later albums would have English titles but continue with having Russian lyrics.

Their style of Black Metal and ambient has influences from Marduk, Summoning and Burzum, the latter two of which can be seen by their cover songs and the former can be seen with both their sound on their first two albums and the covers of said albums. While only being around since 2009, WolfKrieg's sound has changed several times during their career. The first sound change occurring after their second album, Jedem Das Seine, with Born In The Dark Ages having a sound much more akin to Pagan Metal than to NSBM. This style has continued throughout their later albums such as Another Battle, Blood and Honour and Fire Of Ragnarök. However, they have also released two dark ambient albums, one of which being a cover album of several Burzum ambient tracks.

Many tracks that have been featured on their studio albums were released on eps beforehand, such as Rage Of Werewolf, Dance Of Bloody Wives and Dreams Of Old Ladoga. Like many other National Socialist Black Metal groups, a lot of their album covers feature German World War Two imagery as well as Nordic/Slavic imagery, which can also be seen in their sound and their lyrics. For example their earlier logo has a fylfot rune, an old Celtic/Anglo-Saxon symbol, and their more recent logo contains the Nordic god, Tyr's, rune. As for the German imagery, this can be seen in several of their albums including their first two and their latest albums as well as the samples of Hitler speeches which can be heard occasionally in their work. Studio Albums 2011-2017: Battlefield Battlefield is WolfKrieg's debut album, released in 2011 two years after the band was formed. This was their first release and it has a runtime of 30 minutes and 15 seconds with the average song length being between 3-5 minutes long.

Musically it is standard, furious Black Metal that pummels the listener, with the same speed and aggression as a German panzer unit. Marduk seem to be an influence on this album, with the runtime, song writing and album cover is reminiscent of Panzer Division Marduk. Due to the majority of the run time being made up of fast paced tempos and not as many slower or mid paced songs, there isn't much room to breathe whilst listening to Battlefield; however the atmospheric intro and outro serve as a respite from the Black Metal assault. For the most part you wouldn't be able to tell that Battlefield is an NSBM album apart from the audio clip of a Hitler speech and the seig heils that follow it on the track 'Новые берсерки' which translates as 'New Berserkers' so the average Black Metal fan would be able to sit through Battlefield without feeling too oppressed by WolfKrieg's ideology. Tracklisting 1.

Предчувствие бури (Intro) 2. Награда героям - смерть 3. Восстание крови 4. Пепел Арконы 5.

Руны нового порядка 6. Новые берсерки 7. Полярные волки 8. Путь в Вальхаллу (Outro) Jedem Das Seine WolfKrieg's second album, Jedem Das Seine, was released in 2012.

The title is German for 'To Each His Own' a phrase which was used over the entrance to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Weimar, Germany. If the title didn't already tell the listener this was an NSBM album, the intro track "Жребий брошен", which means 'Die Is Cast', has a Hitler speech which slowly rises in volume before the sound of engines brings the listener into the rest of the album. I can't tell you exactly what all of the album is like since I can't access half of the track on YouTube, but the first half of the album is easily as aggressive as their debut. Samples of gunfire over machine gun like drumming and cut throat riffing make their appearance again, with only track five, Всадник бури (that I've heard anyway), having a softer and more melodic section part way through.

In this respect, it's similar to Battlefield but I think it's a stronger album. Jedem Das Seine also sounds quite inspired by Marduk's work, yet WolfKrieg still manage to keep it from being a Panzer Division Marduk clone album but keep it raw and aggressive enough to be as enjoyable to any fan of Marduk and similar bands without ripping them off. The runtime is only a minute longer than Battlefield, clocking in at just under 32 minutes. Jedem Das Seine is a shorter album but certainly one that packs a punch. Tracklisting 1.

Жребий брошен (Intro) 2. Зов войны 3. Каждому своё 4. Награда героям - смерть 5.

Всадник бури 6. В грозовых растворяясь штормах 7. Тропами вигрид 8. Вервольф 9.

Триумф их воли 10. Шаг за грань (Outro) Born In The Dark Ages Born In The Dark Ages is a very different album from both Battlefield and Jedem Das Seine in different ways. Firstly the song titles, but not the lyrics, are written in English instead of Russian and the album cover shows a more pagan approach rather than a militaristic one which is a sign of what the album has to offer. The music itself is very different from the previous two album, almost to the extent that you'd think you'd picked up the wrong album.

The prologue focuses on building an epic sound and with chants and the sounds of battle towards the end and the beginning of the first track. The rest of the songs songs are longer and focus more on atmosphere and include elements of folk music in their sound especially on the three 'Pagan Warrior' tracks. The songs are more mid tempo to slow rather than the furious speed that Battlefield and Jedem Das Seine showcased, which gives the album more chance to show off this new style and atmosphere. There's even a cover of 'The Passing Of The Grey Company' by atmospheric Black Metallers, Summoning, here which isn't too bad and doesn't stand out too much from the other tracks.

In conclusion, a very different approach from their previous album only a year before. Tracklisting 1. Prologue (Intro) 2. Born in the Dark Ages 3. Nordland 4.

Pagan Warrior (Chapter I : Forest) 5. Pagan Warrior (Chapter II : Kiev) 6. Pagan Warrior (Chapter III : The Way to Heaven) 7. Our Victory 8.

The Passing Of The Grey Company (cover) 9. Epilogue (Outro) Another Battle So if the first two albums were straight NSBM and Born In The Dark Ages was more of a Pagan Metal affair; what would WolfKrieg's fourth album, Another Battle, be like? From the album's cover, one would think that it would be a mixture of both their older and more recent style and that view would be correct to an extent. There is more NSBM on Another Battle than In The Dark Ages, but the Pagan Metal element is more noticeable and features far more prominently, particularly on tracks such as the intro and outro, Passivity Of Slave, Ashes Of Arkona and Rage Of Werewolf. However, tracks like Runes Of New Order and Rising Of The Black Sun let you know that you're listening to tracks with a National Socialist ideology behind them; the Hitler sample on Runes Of New Order is enough to prove this even if it's the only example of it on the album.

Most of the album is again creating an atmospheric and epic sound much like the previous album had done. Another Battle overall sounds more akin to In The Dark Ages and in some respects bridges the gap between that album and Jedem Das Seine in regards to it's sound. Some of these tracks had already been released on eps before they were put onto Another Battle, with Death - Award For Hero and Rage Of Werewolf being two of them. So if Another Battle was a mixture of familiar styles, what would their next album be like? Well... Tracklisting 1.

Premonition of a Storm (intro) 2. Death - Award for Hero 3. Runes Of New Order 4. Rising Of The Black Sun 5.

Blood Against Gold 6. Krada 7. Polar Wolves 8. Passivity Of Slave 9.

New Beserkers 10. Ashes Of Arkona 11. Rage Of Werewolf 12. Way To Valhalla The Souls Of Old Stones 2014's The Souls Of Old Stones is the most unique album that WolfKrieg have put out at this point in their career.

Gone is both the NSBM and the Pagan Metal from this album's sound; hell, all of the Metal from this album is missing! That's right, The Souls Of Old Stones isn't a Metal album at all. It's more of a Dark Ambient album that focuses more on the softer and epic side to their sound while still retaining the folk/pagan vibe. Tracks such as Journey Of My Soul, Wind Over Hills and the title track combine both of these elements whereas Varangian Sea focuses far more on the epic pagan sound that was seen on their previous two releases. The fact that this is a purely instrumental affair, without either clean or harsh vocals from SA, don't distract the listener from the epic feel of the music.

If you like this side to WolfKrieg's sound then you would be in luck with The Souls Of Old Stones and the next album that the band would release next year. Tracklisting 1. In The Woods 2. Wind Over Hills 3. Journey Of My Soul 4.

Varangian Sea 5. Dark Heaven of Mine 6. Bloody Harvest 7. Distant Forest 8.

Aldeigjuborg 9. The Souls of Old Stones Northern Tales: A Dungeon Tribute To Burzum This album is unlike their rest of their discography in that it's a cover album to the infamous second-wave Norwegian Black Metal band, Burzum. However, it also differs from the normal Black Metal tribute since all of the tracks are covers of ambient songs instead of the Black Metal songs. Northern Tales has 7 tracks on it, 4 are from Dauði Baldrs, 1 from Hliðskálf and 2 from Det Som Engang Var.

Most of the track are quite short, and some of them have been made shorter than the original songs which can be seen with Dauði Baldrs and Illa Tiðandi. This leaves us with yet another short album by WolfKrieg, with a runtime of only 30 minutes and 49 seconds. The sound of Northern Tales is fairly standard for ambient, though the originals have a darker and more brooding edge to them which the WolfKrieg covers don't have. They feel almost more inviting, relaxing and less sharp.

It's certainly an album you could put on in the background whilst relaxing, so in this regard it is similar to The Souls Of Old Stones released merely 3 months before. This ambient phase of WolfKrieg's career would end, for now, with this album as we move into their next album, Blood and Honour. Tracklisting 1. Han som reiste 2. Í heimr Heljar 3.

Die Liebe Nerthus 4. Dauði Baldrs 5. Illa tiðandi 6. Naar himmelen klarner 7.

Hermoðr á Helferð Blood And Honour If you were a fan of WolfKrieg's Pagan Metal approach as seen on Another Battle and Born In The Dark Ages then you'll be a fan of 2015's Blood and Honour. There's not trace of the Dark ambient tracks present on their last two releases and no focus on their older NSBM imagery either. This is a purely Pagan Metal affair and it is very well executed, I would probably say this is my favourite WolfKrieg album so far. Tracks such as Blood and Honour, Mounds of Lafoga, To Each His Own and Eternal Autumn would probably be my favourite tracks, though there aren't really any bad songs present.

They mix catchy and furious Black Metal riffing with folk elements very well here, the atmosphere is awesome and let's you imagine yourself walking through a deep forest several centuries ago whilst blasting this album. At times it almost sounds symphonic, but WolfKrieg don't over do this element to the point where it becomes distracting like some bands would do. Blood and Honour is a very strong album and one that I would certainly recommend to anyone who's interested in Pagan Metal or Black Metal in general. Tracklisting 1. Call of Blood (intro) 2.

Blood and Honour 3. Under Nordic Banners 4. Mounds of Ladoga 5. To Each His Own 6.

The Legend of Oleg the Wise 7. Eternal Autumn 8. Mystical Light of Victory 9. Коловрат.

Россия (cover) Fire Of Ragnarök Fire Of Ragnarök is the latest studio album from the group, released in 2017 last year. From the cover you'd think that the album would be a return to the pure NSBM style of Battlefield and Jedem Das Seine, but you would be mistaken. Some of the track titles do have names that could very well be NSBM ones (Wolves of Dirlewanger and Eighty Eight being the obvious ones) and possibly the lyrics are typical of the genre if they are translated, but aside from the cover you wouldn't think this album was made by a NSBM group. Fire Of Ragnarök is a very similar album to Blood and Honour.

Both have the same style of Pagan Metal with the Black Metal mixing in very well with the folk elements present and both feature samples of woodland noises, with brief gunfire being heard on Eighty Eight showing they remember the days of Jedem Das Seine and Battlefield even if they don't return to the sound of those albums. Fire Of Ragnarök is another cool album from WolfKrieg and is the last studio release from them in over a year. There hasn't been any news on whether or not the band is currently recording their ninth album, but time will soon tell. Tracklisting 1. Fire Of Ragnarök 2.

Wolves Of Dirlewanger 3. On The Threshold Of Eternity 4. Eighty Eight 5. Dream Of Old Ladoga 6.

Victoria 7. Wotan's Bowl 8. Dance Of Bloody Wives 9. When Wotan Awakes 10.

Forest Of Moonless Night Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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