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Winston Antonio Aponte Acta, (born, February 20, 1979) better known by his stage name Villanosam or ToñoStone, is a Dominican Hip-hop Rap artist, composer and producer. He was born and raised in San Pedro Macoris, Dominican Republic and is the son of Winston Bruno Aponte Agesta and Marina Antonia Acta De Aponte. In 1989, when Villanosam was merely 10 years old he started to listen to Rap music as it was evolving on the music scene in the United States. Read more on
Winston Antonio Aponte Acta, (born, February 20, 1979) better known by his stage name Villanosam or ToñoStone, is a Dominican Hip-hop Rap artist, composer and producer. He was born and raised in San Pedro Macoris, Dominican Republic and is the son of Winston Bruno Aponte Agesta and Marina Antonia Acta De Aponte. In 1989, when Villanosam was merely 10 years old he started to listen to Rap music as it was evolving on the music scene in the United States. At such an early age, Villanosam was primarily influenced by the lyrical and rapping style of such artists as Snoop Dogg, 2pac Shakur, Biggie and Puffy.

It is at this stage of his young life, that Villanosam decided that his destiny would be in the Hip-Hop Rap scene in the Dominican Republic and worldwide. By the mid 1990s Villanosam started his music career by initially giving himself the stage name Crazy-G to then change it the following year to Villanosam. According to Villanosam his stage name was derived from the mid-evil name given to villains (which in Spanish translates to villano) who were opposed to living a governed lifestyle imposed by kings and their doctrines. Villanosam, who had his own lifestyle and who created and performed Hip-Hop music, which was classified as negative and for people of lower-class in the Dominican Republic, considered himself to be a “villano”.

According to Villanosam, “If being a rapper is bad, then I am a villain”. With his new stage name, Villanosam started his music career with the Rap group, Perfecto Clan, which included the artists Vakero and the late Wascar Tavares Paris aka Chaka aka “W”. When Villanosam, joined Perfecto Clan, he continuously adjusted and sharpened his smooth story-telling rap style. He created rhymes about everyday life that were quick and cleverly-witty, which allowed him and Perfecto Clan to connect with their audience. By 2000-2001, the underground Dominican hip-hop urban movement was still in its infancy stages and making progress. It’s around this time, unfortunately, that Perfecto Clan lost one of their members, Wascar Tavares.

Perfecto Clan with only two remaining members; Villanosam and Vakero, decided to, unfortunately and respectfully, continue as a group. The duo partnered up with the artists, Cadafy, Androide, Eric Clan and T-Flay. They released the single “Ese Soy Yo”, “Morí Parao”, “Copa Rota”, “La Entrada”, and “La Salida”. By 2004, Villanosam decided to tap into music producing with the guidance of his mentor, Dominican producer Double E, currently known as Evan Espino.

With his newly found producing skills, Villanosam co-produced the track, “Concepto De Perfeccion”, which was one of the singles from Perfecto Clan’s album titled “Concepto De Perfeccion”. This would be the first of many singles that Villanosam would produce throughout his music career. The single and the album were extremely successful in making an impact within the underground Dominican Hip-Hop movement in the Dominican Republic. Shortly thereafter, Villanosam and the rest of the group members of Perfecto Clan started to work independently on a few music projects.

By 2005, Villanosam emerged as a solo artist and briefly moved to the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, Villanosam was exposed and influenced by the city’s underground urban music scene that included urban music groups and artists such as: La Charles Family, Complot Records, Los Correcto and many others. In 2007, Villanosam returned to his hometown, San Pedro Macoris, and started to work on his first music production as a solo artist. He released the single “Cuando Mi Alma LLora”, “Esta Son Las Calles” among a few others. He then released the single “Todavia No Hay Na”, “La Historia De Aneudy Crack”, “Tremenda Abusadora” along with a compilation of other singles which were all under the album “Ahora Embalate!! Chufuin”.

Shortly thereafter, with the release of the locally successful single, “Todavia No Hay Na” , Villanosam released the music video for the single which brought to life the lyrical impact “Todavia No Hay Na” was expressing. With the release of these singles as a solo artist, Villanosam was able to connect with his audience by taking them on a lyrical journey with his engaging smooth story-telling rap technique and memorable melodic hooks. The singles and the album developed a strong fan base in the Dominican Republic as it received positive feedback and acknowledgement from the Dominican urban music scene. By 2008, Villanosam is reunited with an old friend, Miguel Angel Tavera Carrion, better known in the music industry as Bombon. Bombon is a Dominican Executive Music Producer and CEO and President of the music label, Bombon Productions. During this chance meeting, BomBon was interested in working with artists who were in the Dominican Urban Music scene.

Impressed with Villanosam talents Bombon asked Villanosam if they could work together. Unfortunately, Villanosam had to pass on the opportunity because he was dealing with family issues and wouldn’t be able to dedicate the time that was necessary to work on his music. Although Villanosam passed up the opportunity, he suggested that BomBon work with his former group member of Perfecto Clan, Vakero. Bombon going on the advice of Villanosam, proceeded to sign and work with Vakero on several music projects.

By early 2009, Villanosam was ready to sign with Bombon Productions as a solo artist and continue his journey in the Hip-hop Rap scene. Villanosam was flown to Paris, France by Bombon and they immediately started to work on the new album. Soon after, Villanosam was joined by his other good friend, Esmelin Santiago Matias Garcia, aka Alofoke, who is a promotion and marketing expert. He is also the President and founder of the Dominican Urban Music website Alofoke Music.

With Alofoke joining Villanosam and Bombon, the trio started to cultivate their strategies for developing and evolving Villanosam’s music career. Interestingly enough not only did Bombon started production on Villanosam new album but also decided to take the initiative to transform Villanosam’s over-weight appearance. He implemented a healthy life changing diet and workout regimen where Villanosam gradually lost approximately 80 pounds and has been able to keep the weight off. Surrounded by a stimulating, supportive and creative environment, Villanosam was able to successfully compose, produce and release several singles, such as “Blanca Con Culo”, “Shorty”, “El Arte Musical”, “Yo Quiero Una Morena”, “Que Chever”, A Mi no Me Hable De Flow”, “Cuero Frio, Frio”, “La Felicidad”, “San Andreas”, “MafuTama-Fiesta Palo”, among a few others.

Each single was exclusively released on the website where fans were allowed to download and listen to them for free. The singles received a large number of downloads and increased Villanosam’s fan base. Capitalizing from the success of the singles, Bombon Productions decided to re-release Villanosam’s first mixtape album “Ahora Embalate!! Chufuin”. The re-release of the album, included: a recompilation of Villanosam’s previously successful tracks from the album, special guest appearances by the artists Vakero, Mozart La Para, and Androide, along with a bonus track previously recorded by Perfecto Clan. While each of Villanosam’s singles started to gain momentum Alofoke developed a strategy that would provide Villanosam with a different dimension of exposure and build up his fan base internationally.

Alofoke created and launched the YouTube reality show named “Las Villanadas de Villanosam. This YouTube reality show allowed fans a unique opportunity to get to know the humorously, outspoken, charismatic and humble side of Villanosam. “Las Villanadas de Villanosam” episodes were extremely successful in captivating and intriguing the interests of Villanosam’s fans and increased his fan base. By late 2009, as Villanosam continued to reside in Paris, France he composed the lyrics to the internationally hit single, “El Sapito”. The single was then exclusively released on the

Upon its release, “El Sapito” became rapidly popular in the Dominican Republic, Europe and the United States. With its entertaining and humorous lyrics and contagiously danceable beat “El Sapito” experienced an impressionable number of downloads and became an internet sensation. Shortly thereafter, an official remix of “El Sapito” titled the “All Star remix” was released. The remix featured Dominican Hip-Hop artists Mozart La Para, X3mo, Sensato Del Patio, Amp and Toxic Crow.

By the start of 2010, the premiere of the music video for “El Sapito” was exclusively released on With the release of the remix and the music video, the single experienced another round of popularity worldwide. The single eventually made its way to radio stations in the Dominican Republic, Europe and the United States. With the success of “El Sapito” and the savvy and creative online promotional strategies that were implemented, Villanosam’s career catapulted straight to the top of the Dominican Urban music scene.

As Villanosam’s music career continued to successfully evolve, he had the unique opportunity of doing the remix to his single, “Blanca Con Culo” with Max Agende, who is one of the members of the internationally famous Dominican Urban Bachata group, Aventura. Villanosam also appeared as one of the featured artists on the remix of Dominican Urban Artist, Fuego’s internationally successful single, “Que Buena Tu Ta”. Additionally, Villanosam collaborated on the remixes to his single “A Mi No Me Hable de Flow” and “Cuero Frio Frio” with the Dominican Hip-Hop artist, Sensato Del Patio. He also collaborated with several of the top Dominican Hip-Hop artists such as MelyMel, Sensato Del Patio, Black Point, Lapiz Conciente, Dkano, Monkey Black and Toxic Crow on the Dominican Hip-Hop anthem, “Yo Si Soy Rap”.

On the single, you can hear Villanosam sing the unforgettable hook of “Yo Si Soy Rap” as well as provide his own lyrical rap verses. With “El Sapito” being one of the most commercially successful single of Villanosam’s career so far, he continued to make an impact on the music scene as he was presented with an assortment of opportunities. For example, Villanosam was able to successfully perform throughout Europe during the last few months of 2010. During this time, he had the opportunity to work with his younger sister, Patricia Acta aka Triishsam, who added an extra element to his performances as she provided Villanosam with backup vocals.

While in Europe, Villanosam was selected as the opening act for the internationally famous and award winning reggaetón artist, Don Omar, during his concert in Spain. His single, “La Felicidad”, which he composed and produced, was selected to be part of the soundtrack for one of the episodes for the American CBS television drama series “Blue Blood”. The single was also used for the soundtrack for the American film, “Gun Hill Road”. With the success of the single, “El Sapito”, Villanosam was then presented with an extraordinary and historical opportunity to perform at the Dominican Republic's prestigious and internationally televised entertainment award show, Los Premios Casandra 2011.

This was a momentous acknowledgement for Villanosam’s music career, as he was distinctively selected as one of the first Dominican Hip-Hop rap artist, along with a few other Dominican Urban Artists, to perform at the award show. Coming off from a brilliant performance at Los Premios Casandra 2011, Villanosam’s success continued to rise, as his other single “Me Va Quemar El Celular” along with its creative music video which was shot in High Definition and with 3D effects, gained the same feverish popularity as “El Sapito”. The single became the most popular ringtone amongst Dominican teenagers. Similarly, the debut of his latest singles, “My Best Friend Mic” (an autobiographical tale of Villanosam relying solely on his microphone to get him through his personal trials and tribulations) “Tu Quiere Porno”, “Tumba Esa” and “Mente De Un Pecaito” have each successfully achieved an instant level of popularity in the Dominican urban music scene. In 2011, Villanosam announced that his single “Todavia No Hay Na” from the album “Ahora Embalate!! Chufuin” was selected as a track for the video game “ SAINTS ROW 3“and would be in stores for the 2011 holiday season. He also announced his collaboration with Dominican Urban Music artists MelyMel, Mozart La Para, Black Point, and Nico on the single “El Verano Todo Lo Mueve” which became the catchy theme song for the Dominican beer’s, Presidente, television and radio commercials.

In addition, Villanosam was one of the featured artists who performed during the 2011 “Verano Presidente” summer concert series throughout the Dominican Republic. Currently, Villanosam continues to perform throughout the Dominican Republic at public and private events and on television programs. He is preparing for the release of his new album, “El Pornografico” as well as for the start of his tour in Latin America, the United States and Europe. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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