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Venus Infers

Venus Infers

Venus Infers

Indie rock from Orange County "Venus Infers, on the other hand, was a small revelation. 'Everybody gonna talk, everybody gonna stare … but I don't care,' frontman Davis Fetter sang early on, and he meant it – not flippantly, just with the sort of confidence that comes from knowing you've really got something sharp to offer. With the room virtually at capacity, Fetter strolled to the microphone as the house lights dimmed Read more on
Indie rock from Orange County "Venus Infers, on the other hand, was a small revelation. 'Everybody gonna talk, everybody gonna stare … but I don't care,' frontman Davis Fetter sang early on, and he meant it – not flippantly, just with the sort of confidence that comes from knowing you've really got something sharp to offer. With the room virtually at capacity, Fetter strolled to the microphone as the house lights dimmed, keeping the crowd waiting while he took his time to ensure equipment for this auspicious coming-out was set just right. Then he fearlessly led the quartet into 50 minutes of hearty, rousing music that in almost every regard was a cut above what passes for modern or indie rock these days.

What Venus Infers has that others lack is passion, the sort you find from the Killers and Coldplay, but gratefully conveyed with much less polish. " - Ben Wener, OC Register "Huntington Beach’s Venus Infers have had a lot of praise thrown their way (their MySpace is full of assorted fawning from critics), and here comes some more: Their latest, November’s The Truth About Venus Infers, is one of the best local releases I’ve heard." - Albert Ching, OC WEEKLY "Once upon a time, Huntington Beach's Venus Infers left a nice comment on our MySpace. A comment so nice we asked them to play one of our little shows last year. That show seems like light years away now that they're suddenly perking up the ears of industry kids everywhere with a new lineup, a new sound, and a new EP that they celebrated the release of last night [09.27.07] at a very packed Detroit Bar.

Venus Infers of new is just a thing of beauty. Lush, golden chimes of guitars envelope big rock choruses that not only make us forget Venus Infers of old but also any of the obvious comparisons to other bands there might be. And truth be told, when you hear the hooks on "London's Raining" - which is as anthemic and memorable as anything coming out of the UK right now." - LA Underground "Venus Infers were easily the standout of the afternoon, every bit as impressive playing to 30 people inside Memphis as it was attempting to convert a packed Mouse House a few weeks ago opening for Chris Cornell. " - Ben Wener, OC Register "What a nice surprise when I came across Venus Infers, from HB but practitioners of a sound that alternates between dreamy pop and more rollicking garage rock.

They cite Kasabian and Razorlight among their influences, and much more closely resemble than the punk rock commonly associated with the area. The Truth About Venus Infers is a lovely record." - Albert Ching, OC WEEKLY "What’s new is a line-up change at the vocalist spot, and the arrival of Davis Fetter as a frontman to reckon with." - Larry Little, TankFarm Clothing "I expect great things from Venus Infers. This release just knocks it out of the park. Singer and guitarist and Riverside native Davis Fetter has a voice perfect for indie rock.

There are touches of U2-style guitars and a hint of Arcade Fire that make this a really fun CD. Plus, the band wins for best artwork. Hard copies of the CD include a really cool hand canvas pouch cover." - Vanessa Franko, The Press Enterprise "Venus Infers is the defibrillator to a dying patient that is Rock-n-roll." - Richard Marion, Venus Infers "All members of the band are sexy-yes even the drummer! None of that would matter (much!) if they didn't have talent, which the indie darlings in Venus Infers have." - Riviera Magazine "OC quartet Venus Infers may be the best band ever to pun on a Velvet Underground song title. The music’s uniformly smart and tart, dreamy and creamy, sparky and not at all snarky.

Fetter delivers intense passion, requisite brashness and adequate range, if not any quality that distinguishes him from hundreds of other young, white rock singers currently spraying saliva on mics. Musically, Venus Infers predominantly tailor their songs to reach the folks in the nosebleed seats at hockey arenas—where they will one day open for the Strokes and/or Kings of Leon. Don't bet against Venus Infers succeeding." - David Segal, OC Weekly "It’s the band’s cohesive sound and dynamic Indie funk lull that makes you question, why haven’t they been discovered and taken the nation by storm yet?" - Crista Lauctes, New Reform "You need only listen to a few moments of one of their songs to realize why people are taking notice of this band. The four members bring a raw energy to their recording that immediately sets them apart from a lot of popular recording artists." - Gary Schwind, "With a sound inspired by the Clash meets Kings of Leon meets the Strokes, it’s both familiar and innovative.

The vision is clearly epic, and hopefully this band will go somewhere because they are a real shot-in-the-arm for indie music. My favorite track in fact a bonus track, “Anti-American Blues”: its biting lyrics, fantastic musicianship and tongue-in-cheek vibe combined to leave me smiling, nodding and wanting to write a cool song too. Also really loved their cover of Helter Skelter, billed as “Retleks Retleh” – and as a huge Beatles fan I do not say that lightly." - Liat Hoffman, Casiano Chronicle "Venus Infers likes to generate curiosity and will have an easy task ahead of them doing just that. This indie outfit is taking enormous risks as songwriter and musicians, jumping way off the beaten path with a quirky independent sound that is entirely light and delicious..." - OC Metro "They have a sound that combines Kings Of Leon with The Strokes." - Tim Towner, The Daily Chorus' Daily Band "I first heard about this band from LARRY LITTLE from his kick ass TANKFARM compilation.

Right away I loved the track, and when I saw a photo of the band I instantly thought of KINGS OF LEON. (hot) These guys are damn good. I mean really good. I couldn't take my eyes off the lead singer for a number of reasons: 1) he's really pretty 2) he's really tall and super thin (*i like my rockstars to dissapear when they turn sideways!) 3) he's got some serious pipes 4) he started and played the whole set SHIRTLESS!" (mind you this is at the ECHO, i'm sure most people in the audience were put off by this, but I applaud them for having the balls to do it.

Take that hipsters. If you got it, flaunt it! If you don't, create it! So for fans of Johnny Borrell (RAZORLIGHT) & Kings Of Leon, etc.... this may be your new favorite band!" - Heather Peggs, Hell Ya! "Obvious talent..." - Ellen Griley, OC Weekly "This Huntington Beach band definitely stands out from the normal crowd" - Samantha Estrella, "The record relies on the musical talents of the band rather than overly-polished post-production trickery. It's rare to find an album that progressively gets better and better as the recording advances." - Daniel Batalla, Daily Titan "Venus Infers got the ball rolling early in the festival playing at Memphis Restaurant in downtown Santa Ana.

Onlookers from the street meandered into Memphis as Venus Infers did its sound check and by the time the band was playing its third or fourth song, the venue was filling up with festival-goers swaying to the rhythm. It was the depth of vibrato over edgy Brit-rock guitar riffs that first perked up ears from outside Memphis. The quirky and independent style of the garage-rock quartet invokes a curiosity that’s been gaining a lot of attention lately for Venus Infers." - Skyler Blair, Daily Titan "The guitar riffs of Davis Fetter make songs like “e minor, not Eminor” validate the band’s self-proclamation of being a “dancey rock” band. In the intro of “Vanilla Is (the Absence of Chocolate),” Fetter skillfully fuses what would be perceived as musical discord into a psychedelic stream of euphony." - New University "...Enchanting and unique...strong lyrics, a unique sound and staying power.

Venus Infers has a lot to celebrate." - Kelli Fadroski, OC Register "Indie rock with a serious hipster bent and some ethereal guitar licks from Riverside's Davis Fetter makes this group one of the area's most exciting." - The Press Enterprise "Sexy rockers, Venus Infers were next to take stage being added to this Chain Reaction show not too far before the tour was set to take off. Recently releasing their video of their hit, "London's Raining", Venus Infers seemed to have a good majority of the crowd in their favor, which I'm not surprised by. These Indie Rockers, always put their best foot forward at every show even though bassist, Richard, had been battling the flu all weekend long. One of the many reasons why I enjoy to see these hard working guys at their best is to watch drummer, Steve, work his unique styled drum set with so much enthusiasm." - Crystal, Big Smile Online Magazine We love music and we love creativity! We love to share our music and provide lots of chances for people to see us play.

Otherwise Steve will make persistent phone calls to you that begin with "It's me." (from their Official MySpace Page) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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