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Tania Boeva

Tania Boeva

Tania Boeva

Tanya or Tania Boeva was born on November 3rd 1973 in the town of Topolovgrad, Bulgaria. When she was 2 years old her parents recorded her singing the children’s song Diligent Brush. Then, it was when she was 13 years old when she first came on stage along with a band called ALCHEMISTS singing songs of Rosi Kirilova – her idol for a singer at the time. In fact singing with the same band, she won her first award a Golden Batch at the pop festival in the town of Haskovo. Read more on
Tanya or Tania Boeva was born on November 3rd 1973 in the town of Topolovgrad, Bulgaria. When she was 2 years old her parents recorded her singing the children’s song Diligent Brush. Then, it was when she was 13 years old when she first came on stage along with a band called ALCHEMISTS singing songs of Rosi Kirilova – her idol for a singer at the time. In fact singing with the same band, she won her first award a Golden Batch at the pop festival in the town of Haskovo.

She studied at a Technical School of Chemistry, sang with band Orion with which after her graduation she started working at a place of entertainment. However, not before long the band fell apart and Tanya Boeva started making her independent career. She participated in shows, lived a life full of hardships but succeeded in make her childhood dream – to become a Singer, come true. The woman who was born under the Scorpio star sign is one who is witty, who does not stand contradictions and is full of temperament, partial to all life and professional problems, or in a word – Tanya Boeva succeeded in making her childhood dream come true in 1996.

She participated in the competition for a young singer held during the festival The Golden Orpheus – 95 and out of a total of 13 participants she won the Ist prize by her author’s song called Cosmic Blues and by an interpretation of the Italian song Come Saprei. Then, again in 1996 she sang on stage at The Golden Orpheus this time, however, she participated in the competition for a popular Bulgarian song. In fact, she won the Second Award singing a duet with Daniela Petkova for the song called Your Hair Turns Grey Too Early, Mum. Actually, Tanya Boeva’s first individual album entitled Love me with Tenderness and Soul came out in 1997. The songs included in it were written by the great figures of the Bulgarian pop music such as: Dimitar Getov, Nayden Andreev, Vasil Iliev, Haygashod Agasyan. In the same year she was nominated and awarded for a young pop singer of the year during the Annual Musical Awards of ART-ROCK CENTRE.

Furthermore, her participation in the festival Song for Varna-96 was also a prestigious one and it was then when she made her decision for a change. The end of 1997 was so to say “time of parting” for Tanya Boeva. In 1998 the Singer released a second individual album called I Am Happy / Payner Studio/ in pop folk style. Actually, in this connection, she has over and over again said that: “I was actively engaged in pop music four years and, in view of all prizes I was awarded with, I was known by no one.

Perhaps, the people from the musical circles knew who Tanya Boeva was, but to the rest my name meant nothing. At that time the pop folk was taking more and more secure steps, developing itself into a separate style. This was a real challenge to me – I decided to try the experiment though I had tried only with two folk songs so far. I hoped that I could find my place in the pop folk by dance- and ballade sound, by the typical ornaments for this style.” Then, in August 1999 Tanya Boeva’s third individual album came out with musical company Ara Audio – Video.

The album entitled Queen of Spades was so to say her “strong weapon”. It was recorded in Hit House studio. Most popular became the following songs: Queen of Spades, With a Milk-and-Coffee Tan, My Dear, Broken Heart, Magic, I’m Looking for You – a part of the hits in pop folk as a whole. Moreover, the video clips to them were a measure for a sample in the genre.

Also, her participation in the traditional festival Pirin Folk 99 , town of Sandanski, in September the same year was a prestigious one. Then, in October, at the festival The Golden Key organized by Art Rock Centre, Tanya Boeva won the award: Singer of the Year for 1999 and a golden statuette. A month later, in November 1999, she participated in the First National Pop Folk Festival The Golden Mustang – Varna, winning two awards – First Prize for a Singer and a Golden Statuette with the song I’m Looking for You – music: Mariya Neykova, text: Nadezhda Zaharieva, music arranger: Misho Burgudzhiev; and a Third Prize for the song entitled Prayer - music: Tanya Boeva and Misho Burgudzhiev, text: Plamen Lilov. The authorship of the awarded song seems to be a part of the matrimonial unity - Tanya Boeva and Misho Burgudzhiev.

Tanya Boeva got nominated and announced for a Singer of the Year – 1999 during the Annual Musical Awards of New Folk magazine. In April 2000 she started the preparation and realization of her consecutive project, which is the fourth album in her career, entitled Magnetic. It consisted of 12 songs, namely: Magnetic, Give Me Love, Sandy Dream, the grand ballade Always Alive - a work of the author’s tandem - Mariya Neykova, Nadezhda Zaharieva, Misho Burgudzhiev – which were part of the works materializing the successful formula of the Bulgarian pop folk. The album was released in the form of an interactive CD and MC/ by Ara Audio – video.

Then a year later, on June 25th 2001 the fifth individual album of the Singer came on the musical market. He was provocatively entitled SHOCK and gave a new start to the already established name of Tanya Boeva. In fact, it was the title of the album that provoked the Singer to make an entire visual change. The long-haired brunette turned into a blonde attracting the attention of fans and media and involving them in a discussion over her new image.

The abbreviation “Chic, Original, Beautiful” is the new formula. This was an album that succeeded in short time to realize several hits, namely: Shock, We Are Disobedient, Wound, It Is Unforgivable, First Date and Summer. In September 2001 on the festival Pirin Folk 2001 Tanya Boeva was loudly applauded by the audience. The Singer is awarded with a Golden Statuette and the special award of the General Sponsor of the Festival, namely Peshterska Grozdova, for the performance of the song A Pretty Flower Has Bloomed.

In November 2001 during the festival The Golden Mustang – 2001 Tanya Boeva was invited to make an individual recital during the Gala Night as a special guest – a Laureate at the First Edition. Then again in November 2001, the Singer organized a trial hearing of young talents in order to realize the award, promised by her, namely A Duet with Tanya Boeva. The award was won by the 13-year old Mariya Dimitrova from the town of Asenovgrad, and the song which the two of them after that recorded together was a truly happy event for the young girl. Wild Angels was the title of the new hit and the recording was realized in May 2002 in Hit House studio.

“I have promised to produce this song by myself, in fact, this was my special award. To this end the text of the song was written in 2001 and we created the music in February 2002. Then in August 2002 we shot the video clip to the individual version of Wild Angels. In order to realize the video clip two yachts and one helicopter were hired.

The shooting continued two days and it took place on the seaside resort Golden Sands and the seaside Kaliakra Cape. The producer of the clip was Asen Sokolov and the cameraman – Bobi Todorov.” Since July 2002 Tanya Boeva has been producing her new songs by herself and decided to realize her new project by herself. The Singer relies on a huge team of specialists with whom she managed to release her sixth individual album entitled Tanya Boeva 2003. In the same year the Singer became advertising person of Beer Sofia.

The pilot songs from the new album very quickly became popular and enjoyed a great success. After the good start of the first single Wild Angels, having a potential to become a hit, the second single called It Was Love – Let It Be War – music Tanya Boeva, text Tenyo Gogov, music arranger Misho Burgudzhiev, did manage for a short period of time to capture the hearts of the fans. Actually, there were made video clips to the songs This Night and Beggar-Woman. Only after several days the video to the song I Won’t Let You Go was shot and during the summer season there were shot the video clips to the songs entitled Hello, I Am This Woman and Pearl.

The album Tanya Boeva 2003 includes a total of 14 songs and came out as an MC and a multimedia CD. In it the most loyal fans of the Singer found the following: two bonuses – the house version of Wild Angels and the karaoke variant of the same song; 11 pictures from the exotic seaside photo session of Tanya Boeva; the video clip to the song Wild Angels; an Autobiography; the texts of all songs in the album; personal Autograph of the Singer. On October 10th 2004 the consecutive seventh album of Tany Boeva entitled I’m Wandering came out. It was released as an MC and a CD and included a total of 12 songs (plus two bonuses in the CD, namely: a karaoke version of the title song and a house version of It Was Love – Let It Be War).

Six of the songs from this project, namely: Love Triangle, I’m Wandering, In Black and White, It’s Not That I Love You, It’s All True, The Party’s Over, were also made video clips. People of all ages and admirers of the Bulgarian music started singing the hits I’m Wandering, In Black and White, It’s Not That I Love You, It’s All True, The Party’s Over. The video clip to the song It’s All True started on the National Television BTV with a premiere. Actually, the video was shot in Boyana Film Centre.

The shooting continued for 15 hours. “We decided to stake on the idea the clip to look like a short movie, which is one that has a story and a plot. There is love, disillusionment, drama, erotic, action, etc. in it and it is a work of the team of Colorbox and producer Nikolay Nankov.

Then, the video clip to the remix of the incredible ballade It’s Not That I Love You was added to the attractive video collection. This was an original working out of the clip to the original video version but unused clips from the making, such as computer graphics and animation, were added to it. Dynamic and emotional, the remix and the video that went with it presented the hit song of Tanya Boeva in a new light which was definitely directed to the admirers of the modern sound and the so called house wave. In the wilderness of cover songs and the invasion of the Romanian songs to Bulgaria, not surprisingly keeping in mind the ever questing nature of the hit Singer, Tanya Boeva set the beginning of a new and original for the Bulgarian public combination – during the summer of 2005 the first Bulgarian – Romania duet, namely Tanya Boeva and Brandy, was realized.

The song was entitled Nu te mai cred and in its Bulgarian variant it was translated as Love Hurts. The video clip to the international project was shot in Bulgaria. Part of the clips were shot in MANIA club, and others in the elite complex Helena Resort – on the seaside resort Sunny Beach. In fact, the video clip enjoyed a great success when broadcast by the Bulgarian television and the musical editors of leading radio stations convincingly defined the duet – Tanya Boeva/Brandy as an absolute HIT. “I am happy that there is presently interest in me and that I am the first Bulgarian singer who has presented the Bulgarian fans such a project! The combination with my Romanian colleague Brandy and the song Love Hurts has a great success in Bulgaria and this give me reason to think for the next surprise, namely: a provocation to my audience. Our duet is broadcast by both Bulgarian and Romanian radios and TVs.

The song was released both on the Bulgarian and the Romanian musical markets. This project is one more evidence that music unites and is capable of “breaking through” any borders”. On February 9th 2006, Tanya Boeva released her eighth individual album entitled Bad Boy. This is the third album, which the Singer has produced and released alone.

Thus, she has proven herself to have not only been one of the most successful actors – singers of Bulgaria, but also a successful producer for more than three years now. The album Bad Boy has been released as an MC and a CD and includes 14 songs plus two bonuses in the compact disk – unplugged, of the song Like Titanic and a karaoke version of the title Bad Boy. In fact, this is the newest album of the Singer. Just several months, after its release, have been enough it to become clear that Tanya Boeva is one of the most blockbusting Singers in the genre and a great part of her songs have been among the most preferred and listened to on the Bulgarian musical broadcasting.

The video clips / Bad Boy, Love Hurts, Born Crazy , Do You Have Friends and Make my dress come down/, released with the album Bad Boy are already five and are only a part of the formula of success of the folk Diva. Interesting and provocative, Tanya Boeva has been staying at the zenith of her career and in the “centre of the searchlights” for 10 years now. She has always known how to attract the attention of the audience and keeps on winning new and new admirers. And as she herself says: “The interesting part is yet to come!” Read more on

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