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Jasmin Tabatabai first saw the light of the day on 8 June 1967 in Iranian Teheran as the daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father - Jasmin's parents had met at the Munich "Oktoberfest" in 1956. Together with her elder brother and two sisters, she grew up with her family in Iran and visited the German School in Teheran. Jasmin Tabatabai and her family (enlarge picture)Before the fall of the Shah and the putsch by revolutionary leader Khomeini Read more on
Jasmin Tabatabai first saw the light of the day on 8 June 1967 in Iranian Teheran as the daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father - Jasmin's parents had met at the Munich "Oktoberfest" in 1956. Together with her elder brother and two sisters, she grew up with her family in Iran and visited the German School in Teheran. Jasmin Tabatabai and her family (enlarge picture)Before the fall of the Shah and the putsch by revolutionary leader Khomeini, there were already disturbances in the whole country during September 1978, whereupon the German School Teheran, which Jasmin Tabatabai attended, was closed down. Uncertain of how the "Iranian Revolution" would turn, Jasmin's Persian father sent his family hurriedly to the "safe" homeland of his German wife near Munich. "We actually thought the situation would calm down in Iran and we could soon return", remembers Jasmin Tabatabai. Instead, Jasmin with her siblings and her mother stayed permanently in German.

Her father however went back to Iran where he died in 1986. It took a long while before Jasmin Tabatabai got along with life in Germany. Two passions: Film and Music As a little child Jasmin already wished to become an actress, when she grew up, acting had always been her "dream job", as she always loved to "entertain people". In 1973 at the German School Teheran she performed her first appearance on stage in the musical "Struwwelpeter", where she played "Naughty Friederich" ("I was already then the "Bad Girl").

Later on she played the role of "Josef" in Christmas plays, and she wrote little theatre screenplays which she performed with her brother and her cousins. At her school in Bavarian Planegg, Jasmin Tabatabai played the role of madam "Celestina" in Max Frisch's play "Don Juan". After her A-levels in 1986, Jasmin Tabatabai studied art at the Stuttgart High School for Music and representing Arts. During her studies which she financed among others by participating at various radio plays, she acted on Stuttgart stages in pieces such as "Booty" or "Samun". On graduating in the autumn of 1992, Jasmin took on an engagement at the Potsdam Hans-Otto Theatre, where she played roles in "Macho, Macho", in Michael Ende's "Momo" or in the play "My Sister Sulamith". Since the beginning of the nineties, Jasmin Tabatabai has been active in two ways: as an actress and as a musician (see also: Jasmin Tabatabai's music). Both professions profit from each other: the acting side from her over 150 concerts with the "Cowgirls": "With appearing live on stage, I've become a better actress.

During my concerts I've learnt to assert myself. That's really the best school of life. And by thinking as a playwright, my songs have become better. And until now my career as an actress has always received an impetus when I had released a record." Jasmin does not want to make a final decision between both professions, and if she had to do it whe would chose the life of a pop star.

She once gave the reasons for it self-ironically: "More fame. More money. More sex." :-) Colleagues of Jasmin Tabatabai from the film business are also taken from her work. The German legendary actress Senta Berger said: "To this day, Jasmin has recommended herself by her work.

There are only very few actresses in Germany who have a type of secret or who can make the viewers believe that they have one. Jasmin is able do this. On the one hand these are her Persian ancestors who gave her the looks she has, and on the other hand, Jasmin Tabatabai is a very intelligent young actress who – quite contrary to her real life, to her true nature – can have something ambivalent, obscure, something which is also ideal for this role and for our story." Jasmin Tabatabai's career as a movie star began in 1991 when she was still a student at the Drama High School: She acted in the Swiss feature film "Children of the Open Road" in the role of a gipsy girl who has to fight for the life of her own child. To get the leading role in this feature film, Jasmin Tabatabai had at the casting to come out on top against sixty other applicants - and won the award for the best actress at the Amiens International Film Festival (France). An official poster from "bandits" (enlarge picture)She experienced her first commercial success and also a breakthrough in her career with Katja von Garnier's music road movie "bandits".

This film is Jasmin's dream project where she can combine music and action and "do what I want". She composed nearly the entire sound track to this film and consequently received a "Golden Record" in 1997. With over 750,000 CDs sold, "bandits" is the most successive sound track of a European feature film. Soon after "bandits" Jasmin Tabatabai turned into a girl and scene star: "I always like to represent unusual, strong but not necessarily tough women", explains Jasmin of her choice of roles. And: "I take the liberty of only playing parts which really turn me on".

In her later roles too she has attracted attention: As a scheming woman in Helmut Dietl's "Late Show", or as the lascivious singer Billie in Xavier Koller's adaption of Tucholsky's "Gripsholm". At long last in February 2002 Jasmin Tabatabai's long-awaited debut album "Only Love" was released, a quite "personal" record, as she repeatedly emphasizes. Numerous sold-out concerts in Germany and Austria were to follow. Since October 2005, Jasmin Tabatabai is after a long period at long last again to be seen in the lead part of a feature film, namely in the "most challenging role of her carrer", as "Variety", the largest US movie magazine, wrote in its review: In the film "Unveiled" Jasmin Tabatabai plays a young Iranian woman who has to flee her country because she is accused of being homosexual and because she is threatened by the death penalty. For this role, Jasmin Tabatabai was nominated as best actress in a leading role for the German Film Award (see also: opinions of film critics about the actress Jasmin Tabatabai). In August 2006 Jasmin Tabatabai took part in the world-famous Nibelungen Festival in Worms: under the direction of Dieter Wedel she played the role of "Kriemhild". In 2007, Jasmin Tabatabai will be seen in several feature films: In "Four Minutes" by Chris Kraus, Jasmin Tabatabai is acting a jail inmate of a women's prisonas and terrorises her cell inmate. In "Fay Grim" by director Hal Hartley, Jasmin Tabataba can be seen as an Israeli secret agent.

And in "Blood and Chocolate" by "bandits" director Katja von Garnier, Jasmin Tabatabai has an appearance as a night club singer. In addition, Jasmin Tabatabai can be heard in the French feature film "La Vie en Rose" in which she dubbed the character of Edith Piaf. After her appearances as "Kriemhild" in July and August 2007 at the Nibelungen Festival in Worms, Jasmin Tabatabai's new album with the title "I ran" was released on 7 September 2007. A concert tour followed in October 2007. Cover of the book "Years of Rose" (enlarge picture)Vanessa Jopp's feature film "My Nice Christmas Present" (2009), which is about the chaotic Christmas party of a "stepfamily", is the 40th film in which Jasmin Tabatabai has played in the course of her varied career of more than 15 years as an actress. And in the animated cartoon film "Persepolis", Jasmin Tabatabai can be heard als German voice of Iranian woman Marjane Satrapi, on whose successful comics the film is based. Excerpt from the book "Years of Rose" (enlarge picture)In June 2008 (and later on, in November), Jasmin Tabatabai, together with her "bandits sisters" Nicolette Krebitz and Katja Riemann, performed at the Theatre at the Potsdam Place in Berlin in the theatre play "Three Sisters" (German: "Drei Schwestern") by Anton Tschechow. In Summer 2009, Jasmin Tabatabai new feature film "Altiplano" (working title "Fragments of Grace") hold its world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival.

In this film, Jasmin plays a war photographer called "Grace" who, after a terrible incident in Bagdad, renounces her profession for the time being. The filmings will mainly take place in Peru. Directors are Jessica Hope Woodworth and Peter Brosens whose feature film debut "Khadak" caused a sensation. Since April 2012, Jasmin Tabatabai can be seen as chief detective in the TV crime series "The Last Trace". The character of "Mina Amiri" played by her is the first chief inspector of Iranian origin on German television. Apart from her play-acting, Jasmin Tabatabai is also committed in film politics: From autumn 2004 to spring 2011, she is member of the German Film Academy's Management Committee and among others, she arranges continuing education activities for members of the film academy.

Over and above that, in May 2006, Jasmin Tabatabai together with other actors founded the German Association for Film and Television Actors. Enlarge pictureIn autumn 2010, the book "Rosenjahre" (Years of Roses) by Jasmin Tabatabai is published. The book cover refers to the Christian name of Jasmin's Bavarian mother "Rosemarie", who, as a young woman some 50 years ago, went to Iran where she lived for 20 years with her family. In order to create this book, Jasmin Tabatabai worked through about 2000 pages of letters her mother had written to her own mother and her friends in Germany (for this, see also the interview with Jasmin Tabatabai). In September 2011, Jasmin Tabatabai's new album "A Woman" (German: "Eine Frau") is published, a song album completely sung in German. For this album, Jasmin Tabatabai was honoured as "best national singer" with the Echo Jazz Award in June 2012, the most important German jazz music award. A completely new role for Jasmin as a mother Since December 3 2002, Jasmin Tabatabai can at long last be admired in a completely new role.

A role which she has been looking forward to for a long time: On this day her little daughter, Angelina Sherri Rose, was born. "After all, I come from a Persian family, where they adore children", she said in an interview with the German magazine "Für Sie". Whether co-incidence or not: In her very first movie "Children of the Open Road" she gave birth to a child. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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