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There have been several bands with the name Sedition. Perhaps the first was an anarcho punk/hardcore/post-punk/ band based in Northampton, UK, active from 1983 through 1987. Cassette and mp3 bootlegs of demos and live performances exist, but their only release was on a cassette-only compilation put out by the British Cold Spring Records (this was the label's, which is still going today as a key label in the 'industrial' scene, first release, and its cover is displayed on the label's webpage). Read more on
There have been several bands with the name Sedition. Perhaps the first was an anarcho punk/hardcore/post-punk/ band based in Northampton, UK, active from 1983 through 1987. Cassette and mp3 bootlegs of demos and live performances exist, but their only release was on a cassette-only compilation put out by the British Cold Spring Records (this was the label's, which is still going today as a key label in the 'industrial' scene, first release, and its cover is displayed on the label's webpage). The cassette also featured Psychic TV, Bruise, Charlie Don't Surf and Venus Flytrap among others. It is seemingly this band who is mentioned by former Smartpils drummer, and later Hawkwind drummer Richard Chadwick in the book 'Saga of Hawkwind' by Carol Clerk. The band started off involved with the 'anarcho punk' scene, mainly due to their close friendship with Antisect and played shows with bands such as Antisect, Conflict, Smartpils, Dirt, No Defences, Annie Anxiety, Legion of Parasites, Karma Sutra, Deviated Instinct, The Alternative and others.

From the start they were also very influenced by US and international underground and hardcore acts, and had numbers which were clear hardcore, influenced by the likes of MDC, Antisect and Crucifix, and maybe even early Metallica, and had always been big fans of the US underground, listening a lot to artists such as Black Flag and The Minutemen, and they played shows with bands such as Government Issue, Larm, and another British harcore act, Admit You're Shit. Locally they tended to play with post-punk acts (and once, a little out of character, playing with Peter and the Test Tube Babies), and also liked artists such as Joy Division (Tom Lyle of Government Issue commented to them that he liked their 'Joy Division type stuff' and would enjoy the chance to record and produce it) and Magazine. They also later became fans of bands like Husker Du, Scratch Acid and many other acts of the mid to late 80's US underground. Later this range of influences led to a sound that was mixed, sometimes fast, but becoming slower, stranger and mainly instrumental, perhaps with hues of Flipper, Butthole Surfers and slower metal acts such as the Dutch band Gore.

It is this sound, with a 3-piece lineup, that can be heard on the demo '60 miles by road or rail'. Dig of Earache Records intended to release 2 of these tracks on a compilation LP, but the project was later shelved. A track from this demo, 'Pink Hendrix Hairdryer' (named after what an old hippy guy, approaching them after a show, told them they sounded like) was featured on the Cold Spring compilation. There were only 3 constant and core members of the band (ending up a virtually instrumental act) who started and finished the band, with 4 vocalists coming and going through their period of activity. The final vocalist, Tim Andrews, left to join Antisect, and was with them until their split in '87 and then again after their reformation in 2011.

Sedition split in 1987 due to a mix of financial problems, personal life distractions and a feeling of isolation amongst on the one hand a, in their opinion, far too rigid and oppressive culture in the 'anarcho' scene, an expectation to be nothing but fast and 'extreme' in the newer areas of British hardcore (the beginnings of what was to become known as grind), as well as difficulty in finding a vocalist, and a general lack of interest at that time in Britain in this kind of music. To quote their bassist (and often lyricist), Alan Smith in a radio interview, 'You're judged on your hairstyle in England'. Sedition's drummer was later in Charlie Don't Surf (who did shows with bands such as Killdozer and Snuff), an acoustic band called 'Buggy Chillum' (the project of blues vocalist George Hardy, now of Eaglehead and, in Moscow, Russia, a punk band called 'Species', which later, after his departure, over time, mutated into Godnose. Sedition was also a mid 80's electronic, post punk band from Sheffield, England, formed from the remnants of Ipso Facto, who released an ep called 'The Mighty Device' in 1986. It was produced by Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire and a remix of it can be found on the compilation 'Rare Kirk'. Sedition was a US thrash metal band formed in Irving, Texas in 1988.

They released two demos, both of which have been re-released on the Texas Thrash Bash compilation along with Morbid Scream's demos by Hammerwitch Records in 2007. Sedition also contributed to an album released by Triple XXX Records in Dallas entitled "Dude, You Rock". The cut "Ripping the Earth" (from the band's first demo, originally released under their previous name Talon (US)) was intended to be featured on one of the Metal Massacre albums, but negotiations fell through. Later releases of the demo were actually missing "Ripping the Earth" because that track had been physically cut from the master in order to send it to Metal Blade Records.

Their last known line-up consisted of Turner Scott Van Blarcum (Vocals, also Talon (US), Pump'n Ethyl), Pete Lee (Guitars, Backing Vocals, Rigor Mortis, Gwar, Idiophrenic, X-Cops, Warlock (US)), Scott H (Bass) and Mike Dunn (Drums, Blohole). Turner Scott Van Blarcum is probably best known as the local sound crew member who knocked the crap out of Kurt Cobain when Nirvana played at Trees in Dallas. Cobain, destroying sound equipment the entire show, hit Van Blarcum with his guitar, opening a gash. Upon seeing the blood, Van Blarcum went after Cobain and it took a number of large people to save Cobain's life that night.

Nirvana later sneaked out the side door and got into a cab as Van Blarcum chased them down Elm Street. The video of the confrontation is floating around on the Internet. Van Blarcum was also well known around the Texas/Oklahoma area for cutting his arm with an eight inch kitchen knife during Sedition's live sets. As a hobby, he collected roadkill and used the bones to dress up the mike stands for the band.

He later did bone sculptures for Ministry, Cypress Hill and Kirk Hammett among others. Van Blarcum and Pete Lee were later in a punk band called Ethyl Merman, which for legal reasons changed its name to Pump'n Ethyl. Pete Lee later played in GWAR as Flattus Maximus beginning on the "America Must Be Destroyed" tour. He was critically injured after being shot by a carjacker not long after recording "This Toilet Earth".

Sedition was also the name of a hardcore band in Seattle, USA in the late 80's. Sedition was also the name of a punk/hardcore/crust band from Scotland. Formed in a Glasgow bedsit in 1988 from the ashes of Chaotic Subversion who at that time consisted of: Angus Quinn (Gus) on vocals, Davie Thompson on guitar, Craig Bryce (Brycey) on bass & Jamie Usher on drums. After recording what became the last Chaotic Subversion demo, but before releasing it, they decided to change the bands name as it was unanimously decided Chaotic Subversion was a shit name. So the demo featuring 4 Chaotic Subversion songs, was released as the first Sedition demo and so Sedition was born! One year later, 1989, Sedition recorded the 'Dealing with Cliches...' E.P.

for the newly formed 'Blistering Barnacles Records' a friend of theirs had set up. The E.P. turned out to be the one and only release on the label. The initial pressing sold out quickly but was never repressed.

After the release of the E.P. Billy Steele joined on second guitar, which was lucky because soon after this Davie left the band for good. In 1990 Angus & Brycey started their own record label 'Reel to Real Records'. The first and only release was a split L.P. between Sedition & Belfasts finest Pink Turds In Space.

The label folded soon after the intial pressing as Angus & Brycey struggled to manage the label whilst playing and rehearsing extensively with the band. As the first pressing of the split L.P. had sold well though, Bradfords Flat Earth Records decided to repress it. The next couple of years saw Sedition playing extensively and building up a steady following around Britain & Ireland. By the time Sedition first toured Europe in 1992, Jamie had left the band and Martin Mann had taken his place on the drum stool, giving the band the final line up of: Angus Quinn (Gus) on vocals, Billy Steele on guitar, Craig Bryce (Brycey) on bass & Martin Mann on drums.

This first tour of Europe was with their by then good friends One By One, featuring the now legendary Sned (Flat Earth Records) on drums. By the end of the tour Sedition had successfuly managed to convince Sned to release a new L.P. they were in the process of writing songs for. 1993 and after much planning and rehearsing the 'Earthbeat' L.P. was released on 'Flat Earth Records'.

At the same studio session Sedition recorded some cover versions for a split E.P. with fellow Glasgow band Disaffect, whom Billy was also playing guitar in at the time. Each band covering one of the other bands songs for the split. The E.P.

was released on Belgiums Nabate Records for whom Disaffect had already been recording. The same year and on the back of both these releases the band toured Europe for a second time, again with One By One. By 1994 though, personal differences and commitments forced the band to split for good. Angus & Billy went on to play in Scatha with Andy Irvine & Iain Blue (I.B.) from the by now also split Disaffect camp, and Jason Boyce of the infamous Stretcheads. Brycey continued to play percussion for some time with Glasgows indie shambling kings Dawson until they too eventually split & Martin eloped down south for some time with his then girlfriend.Scatha also split up a few years later and some ex-members including Angus formed T.R.I.B.E..

In 2004 Flat Earth Records released a discography C.D. of everything Sedition released except the songs from split E.P. on 'Nabate Records' due to space restrictions. In April of 2008 Sedition reformed the band briefly to play a memorial gig in Kirkaldy, Fife, for a close friend of the band who had died tragically the previous year. Dek Hill (Rest.In.Punk!).

And in April of 2009 again they're going to play a few reunion gigs, some of them with their Belgian friends (also reformed just for these few gigs) Hiatus. In the near future (2009) 'MCR Company, Japan' plan to re-release the discography C.D. this time as a 3 disc set which will include the songs from the split E.P. on 'Nabate Records' and a DVD of live footage from various gigs and tours. Sedition is also a heavy metal band from Brisbane, Australia formed in 1999.

The band's line-up throughout the years has included Andrew Dowling, who is now bassist for power metal band Lord. The band's current bassist is Glenn Williams, formerely with Dungeon. The band supported Pegazus on a nation-wide tour in 2003. Sedition is also a Pennsylvania, USA group categorised on internet sites as hardcore and hatecore. They are apparently involved in the white power movement and often labelled a Nazi band.

Members of the band are from Delaware white power band, Blue Eyed Devils. Sedition is also a band founded in 2008 by the guitarist Martino Minen and his will to create a Death Metal band. The project started with the engagement of many members and line-up modifications, but never finding stability because of different expectations from music tastes and genres. In the early days of 2009 Leonardo (vocals) joined the band followed in summer by Gianluca (bass guitar) and Fabio (guitar), then Sedition spent an year searching for a drummer, role taken by Stefano in late summer 2010. With this line-up the band started to play and the members begone to get in confidence with each other.

The first self-produced DEMO was recorded in january 2011 and released in the same-year's february. Band Lineup: Martino Minen - Guitars, Leonardo Romanello - Vocals, Fabio Flumiani - Guitars, Gianluca Somma - Bass, Stefano Venturuzzo - Drums & Percussion Facebook Bandcamp Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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