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Sedem The sound of 7EDEM can be described as a mixture of reggae, bossa nova, samba, funk, rock ragga, hip-hop, bulgarian folkore music etc. Read more on The sound of 7EDEM can be described as a mixture of reggae, bossa nova, samba, funk, rock ragga, hip-hop, bulgarian folkore music etc. Since its foundation 7EDEM have had over 1000 gigs on four different continents; that number includes a large number of performances on different television shows, private parties in Sheraton Sofia Hotel and Princes Hotel, Peugeot Danone, Philllips, Nestle, Jeggermeister, Danzka Vodka, Global vision and Global films promotion parties, American college and American Embassy parties, Miss Bulgaria beauty contest, and different long-term contracts with several English management agencies as well as many media and public appearances. As guest musicians in 7EDEM have participated many famous musicians such as Jason Carter, Claude J. Woods jr., Rob Boyd, Misho Yosifov, Tosho Gadjalov and many others.

The group was founded in the year 2000 by Nasko di Stefano (vox and guitar), Lubo Stoichin (drums), Tanev (bass) and Vlado Ivanov (piano). A few weeks later 7EDEM are joined by Rossena (vocals) followed by Dinko Petrov (sax) and Joro Shterev (trumpet). The song “Oshte edna bira por favor” recorded in May 2000 in Factor Studio aroused the interest of AveNew Productions, which offered 7EDEM a contract for realising a debut album. At that time the band had regular gigs at clubs such as “THE MASK”, “STATESIDE”, “BIBLIOTEKA” and “SWINGIN’ HALL”.

Just days before shooting the video for “Oshte edna bira por favor” Joro Shterev was replaced by another trumpet player – Svetlio, who also did not last long in the band and as a result in the summer of year 2000 the magnifiscent trombone player Krasi Stefanov joined the band. In November 2000 the band released its second single called “Mnogo sam hubav hubav”, a song which served as the band’s introduction in the Bulgarian charts and spent weeks in the Top 10 during the summer of 2001. Meanwhile, between March and July in “Factor Studio” the band recorded the remaining seven songs from the debut album “Vsichki sme ludi” (“We are all crazy”) which was released in the end of December 2001. While recording, 7EDEM finally completed the long search for a trumpet player.

This was Stanislav Lazarov – Stanley, who has since become an invaluable member of the band, his melodies still bringing joy to all 7EDEM fans. During the second half of 2001 the band had gigs all around the country while it still had its regular live shows in Sofia night clubs such as “BACKSTAGE”, “SWINGIN’ HALL”, “THE MASK”, “SHAMROCK”, “TRESOR” etc. Important to note is 7EDEM’s participation in the “Rock exlosion” festival in Burgas, where 7EDEM are very well received. On some of these shows Ivo Yotov took Tanev’s place to become the new 7EDEM bass player in the summer of 2002.

In 2002 the band concentrated primarily on live shows. At the end of the year a single called “Za purvi put” was recorded to reach 1st place in BG Radio “Our 20” chart and become number 7 in “Bulgarian top 100” chart in 2003. The video reached 3rd place in the “MM top 20” chart organized by the musical television “MM”. At that time 7EDEM had already had a new piano player – Vasko Ivanov.

For a short period of time – between the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003 Bobby took Lubo’s place behind the drums. In the music of 7EDEM there had always been a lot of Latin elements but the acoustic sound and the bossa nova rhythm of the next single “Sledi v ochite” - recorded in 2003 and released in 2004 – is what distinguished it from any of the band’s previous songs especially the “Vsichki sme ludi” (“We are all crazy”) period. In the end of 2004 the Bulgarian version of the show “All you need is love” introduced its new anthem – 7EDEM’s song “Sunshine of my life” with a singing duo of Nasko di Stefano and Lubo from “TE”. In 2004 and 2005 the band worked very hard and had several tours around the country.

In 2005 7EDEM played on MM’s Year Music Awards Ceremony. In the middle of the year Virginia Grozeva (vocals) took Rossena’s place and later Lubo Stoichin left the band to be replaced by Metin Mehmedov behind the drums. 7EDEM spent the entire 2006 abroad having a large number of live shows on four continents. The band visited The Netherlands, England, Brazil, Cape Verde, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Malta and others.

At the end of that campaign Ivo Yotov and Virginia Grozeva left the band. Their place was taken by Nikki (bass and vocals) and Preslava Ilieva (vocals). The latter lasted for only few months in the band. 2007 was marked by a new original song material as well as a lot of live performancies.

In September 7EDEM played in the 8th festival of the Advertising Agencies Association in Albena, where they “made the party adrenaline reach maximum level” (Focus Press Agency) During that time and for a short period Toto played the piano. At the moment the band is still having its regular gigs in “SWINGIN’ HALL”, “BACKSTAGE” and “THE MASK”, as well as frequent live performancies in the country. 7EDEM are currently working on the the new single “A tova triabva da e lubov”. It’s video is coming up soon and will contain a lot of the band’s archive material including video from the Brazilian – European Tour in 2006.

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