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There are at least 2 bands named Security: 1) Dance band. 2) Techno band from Germany. 1) Formed in October of 1988 when two security guards Paul "Snappy" McGrannite & Dan "Cakes" Druff met at Reimer Express Lines trucking yard in Burnaby B.C., Canada and began writing songs on keyboards pertaining to the security job to kill time over their 12 hour shifts. Songs like "Walk that beat" and "Cat burgalar" quickly gave way to comedy routines interspersed Read more on
There are at least 2 bands named Security: 1) Dance band. 2) Techno band from Germany. 1) Formed in October of 1988 when two security guards Paul "Snappy" McGrannite & Dan "Cakes" Druff met at Reimer Express Lines trucking yard in Burnaby B.C., Canada and began writing songs on keyboards pertaining to the security job to kill time over their 12 hour shifts. Songs like "Walk that beat" and "Cat burgalar" quickly gave way to comedy routines interspersed with more introspective songs like "Life in general" and "Seek the truth" on their debut album, "The Master key". The mischievous pair recorded the songs secretly while pretending to work in a little guard office known as "The Shack". ..A third member Philip R.C. Carey joined the group when making his vocal debut on "Long live the shack" on the "Southern Biff" album in January of 1989.

SECURITY recorded two more albums at Reimer, "Back To The Shack" and "Security4" before losing the contract and the shack! In late 1989, SECURITY alternated between Tree Tops Studios and P.M.T.I., both in North Vancouver to record their followup " Blanket". After designing 5 album covers for SECURITY, Philip R.C. Carey left the group. SECURITY, now back to the original 2 members recorded their next album "Personal Limit" exclusively at Tree Tops.

The album featured guitar for the first time on the tracks "Never Fade Away" and "Good Times" as a friend of Snappy's,"Tuna" made appearances... In 1990, SECURITY recorded their first collection of favorite tracks from the previous albums, "Classic". In the summer of 1990, SECURITY began work on their most experimental track to date, "Papa Bear Discipline" with Snappy's room mate at Tree Tops, Ben "Papa Bear" Williams. On the same album, "Briefs" a friend of Cakes, "Muffins" formerly of "The Shits" joined the group on guitar for his debut on "Fallen Guards".

SECURITY broke up twice during the next album,"Alert" once in late 1990 and again in early 1991. Between the two break ups, a new room mate of Snappy's at Tree Tops, musician "Jim Gault" joined SECURITY on a few tracks including "She Knows" and "Kodiak Attack", which featured Williams again on vocals and a surprise appearance by Philip R.C. Carey for one of the most memorable fun nights at Tree Tops. ..

Reformed in August 1991 with the album 10 at 707 Studio near Lougheed mall in Burnaby,the first 5 tracks on the album featured "Tuna" as a member of the group on guitar before a quick unexpected departure. "Muffins" rejoined on guitar soon after with the track "Four Wheels". Other Notable tracks on the album included "Places to be","Motion Lotion", "Dream Of Change" and "My Time Is Now." In November 1991 SECURITY left 707 for a new home, Cherrywood studios in South Burnaby, also home to "Cakes." The album "Death,Taxes & Tommy Hunter was their first full length at Cherrywood. It included tracks, "Turn It Around", "Your Day", "Leave Love Alone" and the original "Evil Youth" with Snappy initiating the idea for SECURITY to go thrash! In January,1992 SECURITY returned with "In The Vain Of Always Something"(a famous Snappy quote when things would go wrong).

Memorable tracks included "Where You Belong", "Is It Me?", "Free Love" and the ELP cover "From The Beginning" which caught the attention and respect of those who listened. ..In the summer of 1992 SECURITY came back with "Stuff The Pants", apparently something singer Tom Jones was accused of doing by former NFL football running back legend, Jim Brown. The album featured "Jealous Kind","Misunderstood", Beatles cover, "If I Fell", Muffins vocal debut on "Who's To Blame" with Cake's brother "Piggy" guesting for the first time on backing vocals. "Age Gracefully", a respectful song for the seniors was a standout track from Snappy as well as "The Stand" a Floydish track that featured solid solo work from "Tuna"on guitar.

..In January 1993 Cakes began laying down numerous vocal tracks for "The Changing Of The Guard". Snappy went on a vocal strike for the album, singing only on the track "Overhand". The album contained tracks such as "Dark Angel", "Can't Stop The World", "Father Said", "Vagrants" and "L.A. Glam Spew" featuring "Piggy" on lead vocals and stellar fretwork from Muffins.

Also present was the "Jim Gault" tribute song "Where Are The Words". Our friend Jim sadly passed away in November 1992. The entire album was dedicated to his memory... In June of 1993 SECURITY recorded the title track to the album "Circularelli" which also featured "Messed up again" and it's infamous Cakes line "Oops A Daisy" which drew laughter from more than one.

"Silhouette" documented the infamous hooker incident at Cherrywood which also turned out to be an expensive song for Snappy! Other tracks included "Love Gone Wrong", "Freedom Babe" which featured the return of "Piggy" on lead vocals and the "Mills Brothers" 1940's cover song "Paper Doll" inspired by hearing a tape sent to Snappy's father by his uncle Ian from Ireland. In August of 1993 Muffins packed up his gear from Cherrywood and took a break from SECURITY. .. In November of 1993 SECURITY relocated to Dundas Studio near the PNE in East Vancouver. Now back to the original 2 members again, Snappy and Cakes began recording "A House Full Of Mountains" which was a quote from painting artist Bob Ross and was drawn out of a box of potential album titles.

"Tuna" returned on the tracks "Ivanhoe Money" (Cakes hooker incident), "Just A Dream" and "Wombat Woman" where his tracks were mysteriously altered by a mystery guitarist who whispered "actually ***" over the track. Muffins arrived at Dundas in December 1993 and rejoined on the track "Professional Bull" one of SECURITY's all-time fun novelty sessions. In July of 1994 a new member "Berry" debuted with SECURITY for the final 3 tracks "Kill", "Karaoke Shaped Box" and "Slug Trails" with Snappy at Dundas studio to start the "Kill" album. Snappy's idea was to do an all thrash album but in true SECURITY fashion the album went all over the map.

SECURITY returned to Cherrywood in September 1994 and continued the album with tracks like "Puke Song", "Love Ya' Til' Yer Dead" and Berry's debut at Cherrywood with Cakes, "M.R.O.. SECURITY recorded 3 songs between the new "C2 SKY" studio and"Ridgeway Studio" in North Vancouver, "Big Surprise" and "People" as well as Berry's evil "Iron Pork" (Beet juice). .. In May 1995 SECURITY recorded a selection of their favorite cover songs titled "Undercover".

Tracks included "The End Of The World As We Know It" by R.E.M., "Solitary Man" by Neil Diamond, "Terrific Trance" by the Shits as well as two SECURITY re-do's, "Tired Hearts" and "Happy For A While" co-written by Cakes with his friend Shannon Mc Kenzie's lyrics. The track was recorded upstairs at Cherrywood with the grand piano. In December 1995 SECURITY started to complete the original tracks that had been on hold during "Undercover". The album "Bytes" was born with the opening Snappy track "Alienation".

Muffins came in with a riff, a title and the stipulation that the song would need to contain the word "Concubine". It became "Black Lung", a take off on Muffins disastrous vacation and visit with an undesirable doctor. Snappy then brought in his heavyweight champion novelty song "Testosterone Wars", a rant in Bullwinkle's voice set to Star Trek fight music. It was a knife to the jugular of the courting rituals involved in the human sex game.

Other notable tracks from "Bytes" included "Never Ending Show", "Offering", "Colour Me" and "Find The River" aka "The Liar Song". Berry asked the question, "Why am I A Berry?" and co-wrote the experimental track "A Beautiful Strangulation" with Cakes. ..SECURITY returned in February 1996 with the album 20. The album began with a rocker' "Fat To Chew" and also featured "Overjoyed", "Art Of Destruction", "Eleven Cents" and one of SECURITY's all-time favorite songs, "Evil Smile".

In July 1996 SECURITY started work on a novelty album inspired by Berry, "Muffins", "Berries", "Snappys" & "Cakes" OH MY! With insane tracks such as "Circus Queen", "Reflections At A Breakfast Seating", "Underbelly", "Fudge Lane", "Vanessa", "Sam", "Ho", "Nicky The Gangster" and Piggy's return with "Loaner Car", SECURITY had lost their minds! On Halloween night 1996, Cakes layed down a drum track and Berry arrived to lay down guitar on what became the title track to the next album "Pilgrimage to IGA". The album also contained rockers like "Betrayed" and "Ten Ton Monkey"which featured both Muffins and Berry on guitar. Cakes co-wrote "Night Patrol" in old school SECURITY fashion with S/O "Les Grimshaw" as well as a lyrical collaboration with S/O "Reiner Watson" and S/S "Barry Robson", "Black Alabama Snake". Other notable tracks on Pilgrimage included Beach Boys cover "In My Room", "Call Me Back", "Nothing About You", "Ocean Star", "Complimentary Light", "Crossing The Room", "Through Your Eyes" and Snappy's childhood flashback novelty song "Bailey Bus".

..In October 1997 Muffins and Cakes traveled to the Electric Zoo print shop in Vancouver and made copies of the new album cover for "Dogs". The album starts out insanely with "Morty Would Be Better Off Dead" and "Chomondly Chumly", possibly the most maddening song in the history of SECURITY with it's six minutes of none stop bed springs squeaking to lame 80's porn voice over moans and the chant "She wants it", "She wants it", "Chomondly", "Chomondly", "CHUMLY".....A new annoying watermark was reached by Snappy & Cakes. The album got better with Muffins in his Jim Morrison L.A. Woman era vocal and novelty hit "Wino" which was inspired by a SECURITY jam session at NAL Sound in North Vancouver earlier.

Cakes recorded a track he had just completed and titled "Live Again", a song written about the loss of youth, death and the hope of a peaceful eternity. When he walked upstairs the news flash was that Diana, Princess of Wales had died in a car crash. It all seemed so profound. Snappy contributed the novelty Guess Who parody hit "Sqeegee Boy" recorded on the upstairs grand piano at Cherrywood about the influx of street people running into traffic offering to clean your windshield for spare change.

The album also featured "Don't Hold It Back", one of the best Muffins and Cakes collaborations. SECURITY even delved into the jazz realm with a track that Berry suggested be called "CREAMED EELS" because it was so smooth. Cakes suggested "CREAM DEALS" which sounded exactly the same but meant something completely different. The track mysteriously suffered a drop out in the middle and then disappeared completely from the hard drive.

It was salvaged via an old tape mix that was found later. Snappy & Cakes got together in March 1998 and created their finest novelty collaboration "Headstrong" which combined Snappy's crazy off the cuff lyrics with cakes vocals arrangements set to an array of popular songs with random drum fills thrown in and Muffins utilizing the cut & paste feature to create the big ending. .. Cakes had written a new song at the time "Souls On Fire" for his new girlfriend but the song as decent as it was stuck out like a sore thumb on the new album "Call Of The Trouser Duck".

The rest of the album contained crazy tracks like "Nebulous Bee", "Earthquakaho"and "Chicken Bones" with Cakes urgently pleading to Berry that he had always wanted to have poodle noises on a song! Berry brought in alternative rockers "Splitlip Ashtray" in July 1998 for a tune as well. The song was then reprised by SECURITY who were less than pleased with the invaders to Cherrywood Studios. The album was rounded out by "Oral Sax", "Estrogen Wars" (The sequel to Testosterone Wars),"The Storyteller" (A sick tale) and the return of Tuna on guitar for the rocker "Unordinary Man". ..In May 1998, on the eve of their 10 year Anniversarry, SECURITY began work on a continuous play concept album "Maturity" which alternated back and forth between regular songs and Snappy's Space 1999 orchestrations.

Musician, "Dirk Slow" who Muffins and Cakes had jammed with and recorded demo songs earlier sat in on bass on the track "I Really Need Your Love". Cakes continued the love fest with the sixties style "Be The One". Muffins and Cakes turned in a fine effort with "The Truth",SECURITY's first ever automix. Berry returned on the heavy "Wrecking Machine", "A Walk In the Sun" and the rockin' L7 cover "Pretend We're Dead".

Snappy, having heard of a love letter that Cakes had received from a girl named "Mariah" turned his anguish into art with the outstanding "Confused" (Inner Torment). Snappy's feelings came pouring out in this epic with original orchestrations jetting in and out of the song. It was a statement Snappy needed to make. It was presented upon first listen in the dark.

.. Struggle-Biff returned in April 1999 with "Comalimbo" a statement as to uncertainty of SECURITY's future as Snappy had left the group for a few weeks and then returned. Berry recorded "She's A Bitch" with relative "Tyler" aka Chim, Chim the atomic rooster, as well as "Screamo" and "Suitcase Model". Cakes and Muffins carried on with the down home country fried "Omahog" in which the vocal break voice was inspired by "The Wes Project" (Down So Low) which Cakes had produced in 1996.

Other notable tracks were the insane "Scientific Love", Mama's & Papa's cover "California Dreamin'", "Evil Tears" and the title track "Comalimbo". Cakes supplied one more love song "How many Ways" to which Snappy replied, "You're killin' me with the love songs". Cakes was married in October of 1999. With Cake's wife now in close quarters with SECURITY at Cherrywood it lead to some tense moments that almost broke up the group.

Cakes suggested a move to another studio but there was nothing available. ..SECURITY carried on although with tension now present. In February 2000 SECURITY began work on "2000-2001" with the stripped down and re-worked "Emotional Scar" (Emoscar) and Cake's heartfelt "Moments". Muffins had a vision for a theme song to the brutal war video game "Rogue Spear" and with Cake's on backing vocals and Snappy tight as ever on drums, SECURITY scored their most popular song ever,"Lock n' Load" with many thousands of hits on the gaming site.

After their greatest success, SECURITY returned to the tension that was Cherrywood studios. The next track was "Last Goodbyes" followed by Cake's spy novelty "Run All Night". September 11/2001 happened and the Snappy reply "The Sky Is Falling" which was a tremendous effort and tribute from all the members. In October of 2001, SECURITY completed the album with "My Melody".

..In November 2001 while working on the first few tracks of what was to be the album "Junk In The Trunk", SECURITY went their separate ways. The tension had spilled over into miscommunication and different visions. SECURITY was at an impasse and could no longer see eye to eye on things and for an entire decade, SECURITY had been pronounced Dead. Cut to January, 2010. Snappy was checking his My Space comments when he saw a comment from Cakes of all people! In that instant, the door had been re-opened & discussion soon ensued about a possible reunion.

A few weeks later, all 3 members met at Cherrywood & all was forgotten & forgiven in the midst of a spiritually cleansing Group Hug that would have given Brokeback Mountain a run for it's money. And from Feb. to June 2010, SECURITY would record: "Junk In The Trunk" their reunion album. Ten years of inactivity had created quite a backlog of material for Cakes & songs such as "Killer Bees", "D.M.M.M" and "Porn King" re-ignited the quirky familiar sound that had been SECURITY. By completion of the album, it was clear there was still more songs to be done, but learning from past experience, the group wisely called a 6 month temporary Summer Hiatus to both catch their breath & re-charge for another album. It was now September 2011 & a new album: "Protocol" was to begin. May 15, 2012.

Approximately seven months before the end of the world & SECURITY manage to get one last Album out. PROTOCOL is completed & mixed amidst much hype & celebration. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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