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Sean Wright

Wright is a British novelist, songwriter, singer, guitarist, and record producer who has written songs with Kim Fowley, Najam Sheraz, Mark Linkous, Mark Tinley, David L Graham, Enrico Coniglio, Yvalian, Polio Sugar, Nick Samuelson, Flav Collins, Marie Tueje, djx, Josh Woodward, & many more indie artists. He is also known for songs created as Peoplebeatle, Seahorse Echo, and StaticJack. ALBUM-A-MONTH Sean T Wright began writing, recording, and releasing a FREE album every month in April 2007 and so far hasn't stopped. Read more on
Wright is a British novelist, songwriter, singer, guitarist, and record producer who has written songs with Kim Fowley, Najam Sheraz, Mark Linkous, Mark Tinley, David L Graham, Enrico Coniglio, Yvalian, Polio Sugar, Nick Samuelson, Flav Collins, Marie Tueje, djx, Josh Woodward, & many more indie artists. He is also known for songs created as Peoplebeatle, Seahorse Echo, and StaticJack. ALBUM-A-MONTH Sean T Wright began writing, recording, and releasing a FREE album every month in April 2007 and so far hasn't stopped. He views himself as an explorer, whose goal is to find undiscovered songwriting territory, to create lasting Art, in the 21st Century. Part of his vision is freedom in its multitude of forms.

He gives all of his music away as free MP3s at Last FM, Jamendo, and Myspace. His songs reflect his inner soul, moving from deeply profound, spiritual lyrics to raging songs about anger & betrayal. He views life as a paradox. INFLUENCES With his songs influenced by everything from ambient, country, world & experimental music, classic rock, 70's British Pop to 60's Folk, Wright has achieved critical success & fan-base loyalty with his independent releases.

"Impossible" has been downloaded for free over 35,000 times. On the web, Wright has found a growing audience on MySpace, Jamendo, Last FM, garageband, ilike, Facebook and elsewhere. He has in excess of 1.000,000 downloads & plays on his music pages (last update 15 Feb 2012). His first 45rpm vinyl release, Strange Situation, hit BBC Radio 1 airwaves in 1978 on the legendary John Peel Show.

The NME hailed Wright as an exceptional DIY artist worth popularizing. UNITY "There is so much injustice in this world of ours. We do crazy things to each other. I see it, but cannot ignore it. I write about the stupidity of war & violence, about the futility of unrealistic expections, but I also write songs of protest & peace, of love & joy.

If only every one of us could hold one idea foremost in our minds, we might progress beyond the violence & greed: we are one. We are not separate from each other, but united by the same source." HISTORY Back in 1976, he worked with Steve Lillywhite, producer of Ultravox, Simple Minds, Morrissey, Talking Heads, and U2. Inspired by Lillywhite, two years later Wright released a power pop single, 'Strange Situation,' (recorded at Spaceward Studios) [1] on the Ellie Jay Record label, London. Wright's songs "Strange Situation" and "Silent Dreams" have appeared on BBC Radio 1 on the John Peel Show and the David Jensen Show in the later 70s and early 80s.

In a review in January 1979, the NME's Max Bell called Wright "an enigmatic purveyor of power pop." The Melody Maker was not so impressed, calling the single "a quasi-pseudo filler track." He co-formed with Maile the1982 Power Pop/Heavy Metal band International Heroes - who were credited in The Encyclopedia of New Wave of British Heavy Metal as a forerunner of the so-called power pop movement, where he was known as Rikki Wright. He toured the UK as the lead vocalist of International Heroes during 1982 and 1983. The band were supported by Marillion. In 1986, his original songs were published by Peer Music, London, publishers for Buddy Holly, Rihanna, Donovan and many more. He co-wrote with Dave Maile, and Hollywood producer, Kim Fowley, who worked with Kiss, Guns N' Roses, The Byrds, Jimi Hendrix, Mott The Hoople, and recorded the Number 1 sixties hit, Nut Rocker by B.

Bumble and the Stingers. Along with Maile, Sean Wright co-managed the hugely popular all-girl Swedish band, Ice Age, in 1988-90, co-producing their MTV video, 'Instant Justice,' and he co-ordinated their successful European tour, which saw them sell-out the London Hippodrome, the London Astoria, and the famous Marquee Club. The band also featured many times in Europe's music press pages, radio, and TV - voted best all-girl group in the world in 1989 by Kerrang! magazine. "Instant Justice" was played on Richard Branson's short-lived Music Box TV. Throughout the 90s Wright continued to pen new songs in his lo-fi Static Queen home studio, but his creative output remained private, considered too personal and probing to release to the public domain. He calls this his "most experimental phase musically", and cites poetry and art as his biggest and most lasting influence.

Wright's love for experimental music, Sparklehorse, Dada, Surrealism and Absurdist humor are demonstrated in much of his output - especially his absurd video releases, which he acknowledges with a wry grin as "hilariously bad." Though he feeds on every musical genre imaginable, his early work (from 1978 -2005, a staggering 42 album's worth of material) is currently being released onto the internet as free mp3 downloads. Wright's first article was published in East Anglia Monthly in 1986 - a 1500 word two-page spread on Wright's childhood hero - anti-slavery campaigner, Thomas Clarkson. Wright wrote for many trade journals and magazines, publishing his first children's novel - Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow - in 2003. Wright became a well-known and successful children's author, named alongside JK Rowling, Philip Pullman, and GP Taylor as an author worth collecting (Book and Magazine Collector - July 2004 and The Guardian daily newspaper - December 2004). In April 2005, in recognition remarkable sales figures in London's Royal bookshop, Hatchards, Piccadilly, Wright was named one of Hatchard's Authors of the Year.

Wright has been a British Fantasy Award finalist 3 times for his excellence in writing within the horror and fantasy genres. Never one to stand still creatively, in April 2007, Wright embarked on the album-a-month project, writing, recording, producing, and releasing physical CDs and album downloads via CD Baby and Last FM and Jamendo. Sean Wright played at Trafalgar Square, London, on the 28th July 2007 with Najam Sheraz. The 12,000+ crowd was the largest at the venue since Nelson Mandela's speech on the Abolition of Child Poverty in February 2005. The Pakistan Festival - which celebrated 60 years of independence - was beamed via satellite to millions worldwide by Geo TV. In December 2007, Wright and Sheraz wrote 14 new songs together for a future "spiritual" album project. The album-a-month project attracted public support from major music industry names, such as Alexander Nevermind, Dan Nash of Just Good Management, Najam Sheraz, Alana Grace, Robin Olson, Roman Klun, Betsy Hammer, Swapmeet Louie, Dana Gaynor, and the legendary harmonica player Jimmy 'Z' Zavala. MORE ON THE ALBUM-A-MONTH PROJECT Sean Wright's album-a-month project began in April 2007 and quickly garnered a huge fan-base and public support from major musicbiz producers, sound engineers, and musicians.

Nicknamed "The Originator", Wright's quality output has astounded many well known musicians, critics, and fans alike. "Sean Wright is a genius" - Mark Tinley (Adamski, Dandy Warhols, Gary Numan, Durran Duran) "Stunning single from a post-punk, new wave originator you should tune into immediately" - Melody Maker "I want your voice so much Mr.Wright, believe me. Kinda Marc Bolan meets Mark Linkous meets John Lennon. I want it bad!" - Mark Coyne, The Flaming Lips "Sean Wright has to be the musical find of the century! Electric songs, " - Dave Stewart, Eurythmics "Wright is an enigma worth popularising." - Max Bell, NME "Sean's songs are well-crafted, burning with desire and danger " - Mark Linkous, aka Sparklehorse. "Great songs! Digging your work man.

An Album a month.. for crying out loud... when do you sleep Mr Dylan?" Liam Gerner, singer-songwriter, discovered by Peter Gabriel, touring with Newton Faulkner, Amy Macdonald, Ryan Bingham and others" - Liam Gerner, singer-songwriter, discovered by Peter Gabriel "Sean. I love your music! " - Robin Olson (Eric Clapton, Madonna, Elton John).

"Powerpop producer par excellence" - Sounds Music magazine "Wright is a new wave prototype. His single Strange Situation is a high energy treat." - John Peel, BBC Radio 1 "Sean Wright is a killer musician. He's incredibly talented and I have reviewed a couple of them but I can barely keep up with this man -- He's genius! " - Stevie Wilson, LA Story "Oh wow. That's crazy cool.

I love your take on it (Josh's song "Im Letting Go")- faithful to the original concept but with a different spin. I've always enjoyed your original material, so I'm honored!" - Josh Woodward " Your songs are awesome! You are making history." - Najam Sheraz, multi-million selling Asian pop icon "I'm completely blown away by your Album-A-Month project! That's amazing!!! I'm listening to some songs on the music player now... REALLY impressive! I look foward to spending more time listening and following your progress," - Swapmeet Louie, guitarist and keyboard player for Bo Bice. "I love Wright's music and work ethic" - Alexander Nevermind " Your song Make A Stand is great " - Sue Marchant, DJ, BBC Eastern Counties Radio "You have a wonderful voice!" Betsy Hammer, vocal coach, actress, who has worked with Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken, - Betsy Hammer " KUDOS! I love what you're doing and I love how you're doing it." - Dan Nash ( Suzanne Vega, Paul Simon, Foreigner) "Possibly the hardest-working man in showbiz." - No Rock And Roll Fun "New York-based, Roman Klun said "Sean Wright's music: all sounds and feels good.” Klun is the award-winning record producer, music engineer and singer/songwriter who worked on Sarah McLachlan's Grammy nominated and Juno Award winning record "Afterglow."" - Roman Klun, producer "By releasing new material every month, Sean Wright could be setting himself up for a fall.

Yet with tracks as catchy as those currently on his MySpace music page, who can complain? 'Open Your Mind' is a strong song, with a driving guitar edge that propels him along full throttle, and his vocal delivery is suitably brash. With 'Walking Pretty' showing no signs of slowing down, it's a great start. 'Love's Alive' and 'Impossible' again show talent, especially with the latter, which appears to be his most popular track due to its impressive high number of plays. Sean Wright has an innovative and original idea, and a style to match." - East Midlands Talent Radio "Love your stuff Baby.

Blaze-on!" - Dana Gaynor, top US guitar player (John Lee Hooker, Bobby Rondinelli, and many m "Jimmy Zavala, legendary harmonica player for The Eurythmics, Etta James, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Yes, Barry White, Dr. Dre, and many more has said that Wright's music "sounds great."" - Jimmy Zavala " "By the end of 2009 he has 22 full albums available for free downloading. Whatever this obsession is, I hope he doesn’t stop because he has the chops and the pen to get away with it. His songs are well crafted works with passionate and articular lyrics delivered with a voice that delivers the goods.

Influences like Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon are obvious but I think the 80s new wave signatures of Elvis Costello and Graham Parker are lurking in these songs too." Free Downloads Galore" - Free Downloads Galore "I love the ballad (of Leon Payne). I tell you what! Daddy would have loved your originality. " Myrtie, Leon Payne's daughter. Leon Payne's songs have been covered by Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, U2, and many more. Dan Nash of Just Great Management has said: "KUDOS! I love what you're doing and I love how you're doing it.

We will be keeping tabs on you and your progress, but I'm thinking that when the 12-months are done, you're going to be sitting on 144 of the best songs in a long long time..." Dan Nash worked for many years at Atlantic Records and A&M Records with Suzanne Vega, Paul Simon, Foreigner, and many others as a sound engineer. He formed Just Great Management with producer - Niko Bolas, whose mixing, engineering, and production credits speak for themselves - Neil Young, James Taylor, Keith Richard, Rachel Yamagata, Warren Zevon, Tracy Chapman, Billy Joel, Kate Voegele, Steve Parry, Melissa Etheridge, Sting, and many more. In March 2008, Mark Tinley (Duran Duran, Adamski, Dandy Warhols) programmed, engineered, and produced Wright's landmark 12th album in the Album-A-Month Project."Tinley is a creative genius," Wright has gone on record as saying. In January 2008, Sean Wright signed a worldwide deal with a top US management company Just Great Management. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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