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MEET KENYA’S 1ST SINGING PRESIDENT The year of our Lord 2017 Thirty three years ago, I was born in modern day Kisii South District to Ondieki Ondieki my father and Esther Nyanchama, my beloved mother. Luck has it that they are still alive. My Class master Edward Ndege Omwaga, walked one morning to my Standard 8 class in the year 1991 and declared thus “Amongst you, there are those who will become teachers like me, some will become completely useless drinking Chang’aa (a favourite local brew) by day and by night Read more on
MEET KENYA’S 1ST SINGING PRESIDENT The year of our Lord 2017 Thirty three years ago, I was born in modern day Kisii South District to Ondieki Ondieki my father and Esther Nyanchama, my beloved mother. Luck has it that they are still alive. My Class master Edward Ndege Omwaga, walked one morning to my Standard 8 class in the year 1991 and declared thus “Amongst you, there are those who will become teachers like me, some will become completely useless drinking Chang’aa (a favourite local brew) by day and by night, some will become Engineers, some Medics, some Farmers and maybe one of you Kenya’s President.” I raised my hand and said “Me” much to the laughter of my classmates. Trust me; I have never changed my mind. I want to be Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya come 2017. I believe I am Kenya’s finest musician of all time, Africa’s best and the World’s greatest. Having gone to school barefoot until the age of 12 when I was old enough to be in Standard six 1989, Kerina Primary and later Sameta High School where I was introduced to music proper.

I later trained as a Journalist at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications specializing in Radio and Television Production. I worked as a Television producer at The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) for a short time really (if you remember “In Search of an Answer” TV Programme), as music was forever becoming a constant “irritant” and calling. I took up the Guitar in the year 2000 forming Banama Ngirimbe my first band which lasted a year and died and later Banama Souls which died and then later the Bakawola Band. My first album Monto Monene, a huge success, selling globally, available in Audio CD form and digital downloads. “His Excellency” a 6 track All Hit Smasher. “Made in Bakawola” my newest album and “Chariots” a Spiritual Acapella still at the mixer’s desk.

MANIFESTO Preamble I believe I have answers to Kenya’s most probing questions having taken my time to diagnose what ails our society; I want to introduce to you my outlined vision in the simplest mode possible so that it is easy for all and sundry to understand. U.R.T. Urgent Resource Transfer It is my conviction (religiously, fanatically perhaps) that the solution to the perennial poverty, ignorance and disease is through resource transfer. Many have pointed out that Africa is a rich continent in every way and I don’t differ. Urgent Resource Transfer means the enlightenment that everybody is important regardless of their profession or lack of it. I know so many that have died without ever realizing their dreams or even ever having had a chance to dream because they were guilty of lack of resources; namely human, financial, consultative or sheer indifference. I know and I know that you know too that there is enough for every need but scarcely enough for every greed. But if you happen to have slightly more than your neighbour, you might want to transfer a little to your neighbour who needs some kick starting (if you know what I mean). As Commander-In-Chief, come the year of our Lord 2017, I would like to see a free society completely free of any form of fear.

Fear to engage in Politics, Fear of the dwellers of the First Estate, Fear of walking in the ghetto at Midnight, Fear of Self Expression, Fear of the Police, Fear of lack of School Fees, Fear of G.K., Fear of Poverty, Fear of the Future, Fear of Demonstrations, Fear of Teargas, Rungus, Looting and Shooting. I intend to achieve this in two successive Elections. I believe in absolute freedom, I believe in the old words of Jesus Christ that they shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set them Free. For Freedom is not the absence of Jails, but the presence of the Truth. I have heard about Unity in Diversity which equals to the true essence of Nature. I don’t believe in Tribal Chauvinism; I don’t believe there is anything wrong with Tribes, Ethnic communities, languages, colour of skin namely black, chocolate, brown or even white if there is such a colour. I believe in the Bible, the same way I believe in the Koran. I stood for the “NO” Vote not because I support the “NO” Team.

I am voting “NO” because lest you consider one the Prophet of Doom but I think the Constitution could be termed tokenism, an icing on a cake already gone bad. How can they effect the killing of thousands, the impoverishment of millions, the theft of funds meant for Education (God forbid: Educating criminals who are called Professors), too foolish we are to entrust thieves with Public Resources because they are schooled - so it is easy for them to steal money meant for the School going Poor? Something has to be done and done quickly. Proverbially, they taught me of the rats who complained about the fat cat that had made a delicacy of them and agreed that they shall put a bell around the neck of the fat cat so that when the cat came, they could hear the sound of the bell and run for dear life. Well, a curious rat asked a question, “Who among us shall put the bell around the cat’s neck?” It was followed with silence and despair. I want to be that rat that will put the bell around the neck of the fat cat. Our present Leaders are continually teaching us that it is okay to rig an election, kill and maim after all Politics is a dirty game so that they may continue to scare us and consequently steal from us, making us perpetually dependant on them for freebies. Imagine someone stealing from you and later returning a negligible percentage of what rightfully belongs to you! CORRUPTION I interpret corruption to mean shortcuts and love of free things.

How can a lover of free things complain of corruption? For you already know that freedom is not for free. Freedom is always for a fee. You know just like old wise King Solomon knew that the lazy, shall be put to forced labour. You know that freedom is not given like a token, otherwise our history wouldn’t be coloured with the crimson colour of the blood of J.C., Dedan Kimathi, Dr Robert Ouko, J.M.

Kariuki, Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Dr John Garang De Mabior, Patrick Lumumba, Peter Tosh, Malcolm X and not to mention Dr Martin Luther King Jnr. No need to emphasise that the list in endless. I know you want freedom, and trust me, I want freedom too but this should be common knowledge and maybe common sense, that since freedom is not for free, we must all be ready to pay the fee. For everything has a price tag to it, it doesn’t matter if you got it for free. MERIT Since I am aware that to be first in place you must be first in merit, I am committed to make History the tradition of a Mathematician heading Internal Security as if there is nobody trained in matters Security. This is a typical example of what I call Mediocrity and a waste of human resources. An armed robber is arrested and freed fifteen minutes later because he is “well-connected”. A drunkard driving a licensed public service vehicle so that he may kill all including himself, because a Traffic Police Officer received a Ksh 50 bribe sounds like biting off more than I can chew. I am sick and tired of cheap and funny comedians (I don’t like funny comedians) completely devoid of any skill or training, pretending to take over the local radio station at the expense of properly trained journalists easily available. I detest the idea of the corrupt investigating the corrupt. EDUCATION I read somewhere; I don’t know where, that the purpose of Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. The Philosophy of our Education system is to make zombies of otherwise intelligent people, little wonder that now we have criminals educated, stealing every shilling, for their original intelligent minds were replaced with the philosophy of “a time to eat”.

I know that it sounds normal, and even acceptable. This is something I want to deconstruct completely, for I am not a conformist, but a deconstructionist. RELIGION I don’t believe that politics and religion are different. Some of you have heard some half-wits on your television sets, local dailies and even the internet cheat shamelessly that you cannot serve politics and serve God at the same time. I have read of ancient Kings and Queens who commandeered great armies in the name of God and they were politicians who served God.

I don’t think time has changed much or time will change at all technology or modernism notwithstanding. You might want to remember King David for those of you who read the Bible or pretend to be Christians, you may have heard of Prophet Mohammed, people who served the Highest Authority by whatever name they call Him. Since I don’t want to bore you with rhetoric, fantasy, imagination, dreams, castles in the air, hallucinations, theories and fallacies, allow me now with express permission to introduce you to my first book "A Fragmented Lyrical Omnibus." APPRECIATION I must thank the following for their exemplary leadership and I dare call it mentorship. My father Ondieki Ondieki who brought me up with a cane in one hand and a Bible in the other; My Headmaster at Kerina Primary School, Mr Francis Oruuta a man most feared especially for his moustache; my slapping Music Teacher at Sameta High School, Mr Samson King’oina; my educator at the University of Nairobi now an ancestor Dr Opiyo Mumma; my guitar tutor Jackson Ingosi; Cajetan Boy formerly known as Woza arguably Kenya’s most prolific writer for urging me on 12 years today; I remember with nostalgia Poxy Presha; Harry Kimani; my younger brother and friend Mwalimu Jonah Onkendi for translating my work into Kiswahili; my dear wife Wacu for believing in me enough to type the work; and my mother Esther Nyanchama for so much love and tears. How could I forget Barbara Guantai for the Spiritual Enlightenment that she elicits often misunderstood to be psychic: the doctors in Mathare Hospital for attempting to “heal” me… oh what an experience! And to Abbi of course “All Power”. The Bakawola Band, The Calabash Band for allowing me to jam with them and for recording the album “His Excellency”, The Weavers Band, The Hot Sounds Band, The Hot Rod Band and everybody at Bakawola: calling Steve Biko aka Mwiko, the late Mr Pot, the late Johnny Nderitu, the late Nyaruguru, the late Juma Tambo. RaMoMa and Silverbird Lifestyle Stores for stocking my music, Sokota the Music Shop for the Guitar strings, Inge the last minute Angel for her patience. I want to thank General Onyix for recording my first album “Monto Monene” without terms and conditions may Jah bless you. I want to thank Kuria for his Sauti Productions, Teddy Kalanda Harrison for giving me my first studio experience and giving me without recompense musical instruments, Chris Huggins for supporting me when I was sick and left alone to take care of my daughter Chee, David Muiganu, I am told you live in the land down under, Rebecca Matheson for buying me my first guitar “they stole it” I am sorry, Harvey Herr of binkhalidsonicpollution for putting me online so that the world may know me, Nene Kalinga my publisher, Denis Ndavi my technical advisor, Standard Group for your continued support, Tabu Osusa for your dedication to African Music, Packson Ngugi for the joy you bring, Gido Kibukosya for the accommodation when I was homeless, Davey my landlord at “Co-operation” for the year I spent without paying rent, I can’t forget that, the drivers and conductors of route no 30 for the sares , Prof CJ Odhiambo for introducing me to the Free Traveling Theatre, my cousin Mbuya for the love of a brother, my dear Uncle Samuel Oyongo for your booming voice, humour and endlessness of energy as you clock 60, my number one fan Ann Lemaiyan and of course……………………..(please add your name). I hope that you will read between these lines. What a blessing to have been associated with you all, you are very close to my nervous system. God bless you. Remember to vote for me in the year 2017. MontoMonene Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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