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Ruth Minnikin

Ruth Minnikin

Ruth Minnikin nominated for two 2011 East Coast Music Awards! Female Recording and Alternative Recording of the Year! - Upcoming Summer Dates - July 1 - Canada Day - Halifax Waterfront, NS July 15 - Parade Square - 12-1pm - Halifax, NS July 23 - Best Buy Concert Stage - Halifax, NS July 25 - The Carleton - Benefit CD release - Halifax, NS Aug 13 - Train Station Inn - Tatamagouche, NS Aug 20 - The Beckwith Bash - Beckwith, NS Aug 26/27 - Summer's End Festival - Grand Manan, NB Read more on
Ruth Minnikin nominated for two 2011 East Coast Music Awards! Female Recording and Alternative Recording of the Year! - Upcoming Summer Dates - July 1 - Canada Day - Halifax Waterfront, NS July 15 - Parade Square - 12-1pm - Halifax, NS July 23 - Best Buy Concert Stage - Halifax, NS July 25 - The Carleton - Benefit CD release - Halifax, NS Aug 13 - Train Station Inn - Tatamagouche, NS Aug 20 - The Beckwith Bash - Beckwith, NS Aug 26/27 - Summer's End Festival - Grand Manan, NB Sept 10 - The Chatterbox Cafe - Pugwash, NS - New press links at bottom of page for 'Depend on This' - "Wow...we are instantly impressed. This album features wonderfully intricate, involved compositions with the primary focal point being Minnikin's cool soothing vocals....We immediately decided this had to be a TOP PICK for this month because Ruth is treading in some absolutely fantastic territory here. GREAT STUFF...!!!" Baby Sue - TN, USA 5 stars Feb 2010 "it’s an accomplishment that, even when the tunes take on radically different creative forms, they always retain the core spirit and sense of life affirmation that makes this such an intriguing, challenging and ultimately mesmerising listen. March 2010 "...Bold and inventive release from the multifaceted Canadian songwriter" 8 out of 10 Feb 2010 "conspicuously stirring. Brimming with vitality and talent, Ruth Minnikin lends an unorthodox charm to the life raft that carries her adventurous followers through bright tunnels of light and into the unknown." Exclaim! - Toronto March 2010 "The constant is Minnikin’s effortless alto, as casual and unpretentious as ever, though here it reaches high into its upper register with results as impressive as this bold new direction." Now Magazine - Toronto March 2010 "just when you think you know where Ruth is going to reside, she shifts and her next record could be recorded in a farmhouse, a disco, on a bus or with Symphony Nova Scotia playing behind her.

That's the great thing about a creative spirit. You never know where it's going or where it will end up, but you know the risks will end up in rewards for the us all... it just might take us a few months to catch up." Hero Hill - Halifax, NS Jan 2010 - Bio - Twenty-seven months, two weeks, five days and eleven hours after it's noble beginnings, Ruth Minnikin and her Bandwagon will release their orchestral opus, 'Depend on This' on December 16th in Halifax (January 26th throughout Canada, May across the United Kingdom and Scandinavia). During it's creation, Minnikin tirelessly cultivated her creativity over months of mournful mornings, aloof afternoons and nestled, late-night writing sessions. 'Depend on This' takes it's walk on the red carpet of artistic endurance and tested every ounce of Ruth's body and brain.

With the vision of a tiny symphony swaying in her mind's eye, Minnikin mentally battled and yearned for the momentum to finish the piece. Minnikin describes the completed album as "a conceptually dramatized exaggeration of an avant-garde jalapeno pepper on a life raft." Depend on This' uber-calculated conclusion spans the Atlantic Ocean and unites seventeen magical musicians, twenty-three integral instruments, a men's vocal choir, three pop producers, one sound artist, and a handful of visual artists. On her acclaimed 2006 release 'Folk Art', Ruth Minnikin stuck to the essentials. Contained in a hand-sewn, ink-stamped canvas case, the album's packaging reflected the music within. Rootsy, bare and without pretension, 'Folk Art' offered eleven tracks from an artist with her focus set on the songs and the live-recording process. Minnikin's varied and accomplished musical history has surely helped hone this kind of concentration.

Her first band, Booming Airplanes, was signed to EMI during the Halifax pop explosion of the '90's. Her chamber-pop side project, The Heavy Blinkers developed a cult following all over the world, and at the turn of the millennium, Ruth made two albums and toured the UK and the US with alt-country quintet, The Guthries. - Ruth's song 'Depend on This', received honorable mention in the 16th annual Billboard World Song Contest!! Here is what they had to say about it. "Very cool song, unique and fresh. Excellent work.

Wonderful blend of sounds and musical flavors." - Some past nods - "Ruth and her brother are from Nova Scotia and play an assortment of instruments (accordion, mandolin and guitar) and sing glorious harmonies. By the time they left the stage, there was a queue of 11 people at the merch stall, to buy their CD." Maverick - UK "Canadian country gal Ruth Minnikin just gets better and better." Uncut - by Rob Hughes "There's a hootenanny in the doll's house." London Sunday Times - by Stewart Lee "Play her when you have company and absolutely everyone will ask you who the singer is. Some will say she sounds like a female Leonard Cohen." Monday Magazine, BC "Ruth Minnikin has a voice that would harmonize happily with the McGarrigle sisters and writes songs of stark but simple emotion that are evocative of Natalie Merchant or Gillian Welch at their respective best." Maverick Magazine, UK - Some of the big-wigs Ruth has been lucky enough to share a stage or CD with are: Beth Orton (UK), David Byrne (UK), Orwell (France), The Handsome Family (US), Calexico (US), Kris Kristofferson (US), The Lemonheads (US), Joel Plaskett and The Nova Scotia Symphony (CAN), Buck 65 (CAN) and Blue Rodeo (CAN). - Contact Songmill Music for immediate inquiries or worldwide mail orders - CDs, 12 inch Vinyl (w/download card) Buy Canadian downloads - Zunior Buy American downloads and cds - CD Baby Buy International singles - itunes] Canadian Retailers St.

John’s NL - Fred’s - 198 Duckworth St. Halifax NS - HMV - Spring Garden Rd. Taz Records - 1593 Market St. Charlottetown PE - Back Alley Disc - 69 University Ave. Moncton NB - Spin It - 572 Main St. Montreal QC - Beatnick - 3770 St. Denis Toronto ON - Soundscapes - 572 College St. Sudbury ON - Records on Wheels - 56 Elm St. Winnipeg MB - Music Trader - 97 Osborne St. Saskatoon SK - The Vinyl Diner - 628 B Braodway Ave. Calgary AB - Sloth Records - 736 B, 17th Ave. Edmonton AB - Blackbyrd - 10442-82 Ave. Vancouver BC - Red Cat Records - 4332 Main St. Instrumentation Ruth Minnikin - vocals, guitars, keys, bass Gabriel Minnikin - vocals, guitars, keys, mandolin Craig Buckley - vocals, bass, percussion Brian Murray - banjo, drums, vocals Anna Plaskett - french horn, vocals Dave Christensen - flute, bass clarinet, vocals Discography High demand for Ruth's unique voice has found her featured on over 55 recordings!! 1996 Booming Airplanes - Yarn - singer/songwriter 1998 The Heavy Blinkers - Hooray For Everything - singer 2000 The Heavy Blinkers - The Heavy Blinkers - singer 2000 The Guthries - Off Windmill - singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist 2001 Joel Plaskett - Down at the Khyber - singer 2001 Hopeful Monster - self titled-guest - singer 2001 The Heavy Blinkers - Better Weather - singer 2002 The Havenots EP (UK) - singer, accordion, mandolin 2002 Paul Bellini - Disco album - singer 2002 The Guthries - self titled - singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist 2003 Ruth Minnikin - Live EP - singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist 2003 Heavy Blinkers -Papa Nez - Tribute to Michael Nesmith - international release - singer 2003 Heavy Blinkers - Split single with Orwell (FR) - singer 2004 The Heavy Blinkers - The Night And I Are Still So Young - singer 2004 Gabriel Minnikin - Hard Feelings - singer, accordion, mandolin 2004 Jason Haywood - Nothing Stays the Same - singer, accordion 2004 Reels - EP - singer 2004 The Hurtin' Unit - accordion 2004 Ruth Minnikin - Marooned and Blue - singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist 2005 Dale Murray - Brighter Lives, Darker Side - singer/songwriter 2005 Kate Maki - The Sun Will Find Us - singer, accordion 2005 The Life and Times of Guy Terrifico - soundtrack to film - singer 2005 KTB (UK) - Bluebird - singer 2005 James Lyons Compilation (UK) - singer/songwriter 2005 Mid-Winter Night's Dream - singer/songwriter 2005 Jonathan Andrews - Halifax Indie Rock - singer 2005 Norma Macdonald - singer, accordion 2005 Old Man Luedecke - Hinderland - singer 2005 Mid-Autumn Night's Dream - singer/songwriter 2005 Gabe Minnikin - singer, accordion 2006 The Hylozoists - la fin du monde - singer 2006 The Divorcees - singer 2006 Ruth Minnikin - Folk Art- singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist 2006 Johnny Stevens - singer, accordion 2007 Orwell (France) - le genie humain- singer 2007 Gabriel Minnikin (UK) - singer, keys 2007 Reels - Autumn Country - bass, singer, keys, percussion 2007 Tribute Album to The Inbreds - contributed - accordion, singer 2007 Adam Puddington - organ, accordion, singer 2008 The Russian Futurists (ON) - guest vocalist 2008 Tribute Album to Thrush Hermit - contributed song 2009 Kelly Sloan - accordion 2009 Rich Aucoin - guest singer 2009 Eric's Trip Tribute - contributed song 2009 Helen Creighton tribute album 2009 Savoury - accordion, singer 2009 Jason Haywood - accordion, singer 2009 Atlantic Voices - Rhino - contributed song 2009 Sloan Tribute - contributed song 2009 Zunior Christmas Album - contributed song 2010 Gabriel Minnikin - guest singer, accordion, percussion 2010 Andrew watt and the Glory Glory - guest singer 2010 Ruth Minnikin and her bandwagon - Depend on This solo albums 2010 Ruth Minnikin and her bandwagon - Depend on This 2006 Ruth Minnikin - Folk Art 2004 Ruth Minnikin - Marooned and Blue 2003 Ruth Minnikin - EP Stream from Links Depend on This - Americana UK Review Depend on This - Net Rhythms UK Review Ruth Minnikin - Depend on This - Exclaim! Review Ruth Minnikin - Depend on This - Review Live Review of Ruth's Showcase at NXNE 2009 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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