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Rubber O Cement

Rubber O Cement

From the ashes of Heresy and the Allied into a specific burning vision in 1994, Rubber O Cement was put together as a direct idea for a super science future that will happen after some basic electricity classes. The next technological breakthroughs are realized in a zero-tech way with the emulation of the unrealized 'next step' with the actual "vision" existing in the present. The first experiment was to build a Computer that plays music and looks like it's doing something. Read more on
From the ashes of Heresy and the Allied into a specific burning vision in 1994, Rubber O Cement was put together as a direct idea for a super science future that will happen after some basic electricity classes. The next technological breakthroughs are realized in a zero-tech way with the emulation of the unrealized 'next step' with the actual "vision" existing in the present. The first experiment was to build a Computer that plays music and looks like it's doing something. The original CIMEVOX 30084 could shake and twirl it's reel to reels while playing some of the most tortured synthesizer sounds [sounding like it's doing something].

Wing motherboards were put on later to let it process more information but after a show in Chicago they melted the innards of the CIMEVOX. It's in the basement of the club still there after a full computer life of 2 years of use. The second experiment was to present a wheel footed self sustaining food maker, as a human being. The arms were to be long corn cobs and the feet [with training wheels] would act like a 7 ton Mack Truck cab.

D-Tech:"This was a little too much to start on so we compromised to making over large cargo cult gene spliced infant feet that have more power and energy for the active adult. " ------------ ---------- Next up: the human head! It can store only so much information within it's small dome. A cube shape is not only 'functional' it looks good and can stack easily at night next to other cubes depending on the amount of money invested for memory. We replaced the head of front 'man', A-Gene-rackstack, with a cube and sewed thru suture and piano wired ear on it --to give a not so horrific alien look to the cube.

On top of the cube we put groper bat wings to act as an augument for the orthoptic failure of the cube [remember the ear is just for looks] and at the joint of the wing spines there are actual tiny fly eyes that send irregular information to the cube in stuttering 01 morse code. A-Gene-rack is semi blind with all these additions. This head is constantly updated. A newer head for the more developed shows are of a vat grown bat mixed with K+Ataphase protein in different amounts to make a larger efficient head.

This head, grown three times, produced 3 beautiful faces with sensitive 'bat-radar' eye-ears and 'teeth' that are actual mini map memory sticks of every place that the rackstack has been, and the list of every note that was played at every show set. Fantastic!!! Out of the back of our main experiment are jet-plane fuelage tines that give the over large infant feet a "push". They unfortunately can only be operated in open air/outdoor venues. Other experiments that Rubber O Cement has worked on are: CAPACITOR: The first vinyl effort of Rubber O where the studio became the instrument along with some very old synthesizers thrown in at the last minute alongside a drummer and vocalist.

This was intended to raise money for 'science.' RESISTOR: A shared vinyl forage with Chicago act 'Panicsville' intended to advance the medical field by supplying 'emotionless' sounds for a backdrop of educational classes. There is a drummer and vocalist hired for this effort also. HEATED EXPRESSION OF THE CRAWLYCULE: Rubber O Cement teams up with the foot and 'com-pu' block sound class outfit: Truck Van Rental. Together they crafted an array of structured sounds that were to be set to outdoor science exhibitions.

This cd came in a comic book to make it attractive to the younger audience. -------------- ---------------- THYLAKOID HUBCAPS AND CHLOROBLAST: Originally intended as a music score for a dance company bringing legless astronauts into the confines of 'statistical' training boxes. This turned out being not a musical show at all. The people who actually ended up with it were some Russian kids who fooled the makers in Rubber O into sending the master tape to 'A Russian Cosmonaut' (named Pedro) in Mexico setting the sounds to a space training film.

Years later, after the group realized they were hoaxed by these kids, the 'new improved' version was assembled (from memory), and released first in Japan '99. HIGH SPEED ELECTRONIC CARDBOARD: Signed to Toyo Records, this was the hit recording that made the radio stations take notice. KFJC seemed to pick up the soiled sounds early on, but more mainstream programmers began to realize the horror they could accost people with by playing track 8-12 on this solid state wonder. Utilizing super science structures as inspiration and live performances this is pure hitsville from beginning to end! In the release of SHAMEFUL, EFFECTUAL, MASTERBATTALION Rubber 0 Cement took on an old tour mate to round out some of the sounds.

His name is James 'Twig' Harper. With his twitch and froth additives to the usual fare of Rubber 0 throb and whine you will hear a new audio relationship never heard before on this planet! Phosphates are hearded virtually into the shapes of warriors and skull flourides. Must be heard to be believed... MELANCHOLY PETRI MUSE SI-SI-SI: with the audio teamwork of sf's Tender Morsels and international recording legend Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Rubber 0 Cement has pushed out a golden log of audio experiments.

Much of this cd has been taken from weeks of recording and finally ends with a short petri-muse video for computer play only. Notice in this release that the microphone is placed in a petri dish where we all tried to grow the perfect muse. Failure to actually suceed in this experiment resulted in some really good sounds... KAISER LANGERHAN'S HYSTERICAL CYTOSINE: number one on the charts at KUSF during Novemeber 2004, this was the fastest cd ever recorded by the band.

It is a mood cd that should be listened to with a loved one, preferably something under a microscope on a glass slide. The artwork portrays a Cytosine rampage rally seen thru the eyes of the Langerhan's royal medical family under heavy medication. A year later came the P Tapes release of THE RUBBER (() CEMENT SPECULUM FIGHT. P Tapes you may remember back in 1995 built the "Rubberoo" sound effects pedal that has now moved on to the Nasa-D hallway of halflife/fame.

P Tape's double 3" cd was gifted with a spread of hand stamped cover and nasty armegeddon 30084 styled super view. A delux product from the main speculum fighter himself, D.R. of Romaine. Later in 2006 came the double recordings of PLEA TONES FOR THE CARDIOPHONE and CHER YOUR BONES both on the same cd! This was a blend of 2 releases that never saw the light of day from a disintegrated record label, and an unconclusive live show presented with 20 speakers and a giant toilet petri-dish.

Some call it "the best yet" others "another nasa-d failure system!" either way the people at Hebe like a Snake put it out in an unlimited disc format! Rubber 0) Cement's first full length dvd is "Butyl RNA World, Solid City State, and Ratar Toilet Seat Cover". If you like having your pupils clawed by atom splashing splendor then this is for you! Nasa-d cargo cult scientists have assembled with the folks at a panoramic display of many shows and scenerios from 1999 on up. Goofboots and semi-simeon half functions in garbage ape with tire phanto-mime abound! New technologies have brought out the Casa-D triptych, and "infinite therapy" loops that last literally up to 200 hours at a time. Not to be missed! "Triumph Over Matter" followed to a small round of applause from four fans.

Its hard to sell this one according to band sources even though it features an instrument on the cover. Some Oldies: 1995 The CLUSTO PUMP: A simple used shoe with a cassette of Rubber O Cement's music that mixed with the instructions allows the listener super human 'feets'. The Din 1.02 Released in 1996 CASSETTE: Released with a drug test kit allows you to get into a motor cycle wreck and monitor your intake of kitchen chemicals for treatment. The FLAWGE-TOGGLER: This joystick and patch kit of bat wings and wires allowed the buyer to assemble his and her angle monitor planes that worked on algea and garbage. It came with a calm tone cd or cassette.

The big goal, that every fan is behind at this point, is to have a show on the moon within the next 15 years using rocket jets as instruments with the Cimevox made into a sending/receiving satellite. Please wish them luck... Rubber O Cement has toured Europe with acts like Wolf Eyes and Nautical Almanac. They have opened for other notable acts Speculum Fight, Helios Creed, Runzelstirn & Gurglestock, Smegma, Comets on Fire, The Boredoms and Friends Forever.

There have been 5 tours through Japan, and coast to coast in the USA. Of the 8 Tokyo shows they've shared a stage with Violent Onsen Geisha, OOIOO, Astro, and Eye Yamatsuka. Shows have had them playing (and recording) with Karla LaVey who is the talented organist from The First Satanic Church, top Northern Hemisphere witch, and daughter of Anton LaVey, author of 'The Satanic Bible'. There are now nine cds in print, 2 lps, one out of print and several videos and comps scattered over the years.

Rubber ()) Cement hopes that there will be a show on Jupiter featuring wisdom myth-god Odin hanging on the resculpted moon of Europa as the super tree Yggdrasil with his covelent nucleo-bond chlorine spear running in and out of his hepatocyte growth factory-liver, the size of 10 earths, with Rubber (0 Cement's soundtrack, back-up grown coral reef singers and Cimevox Ragnar-symphony. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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