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There are multiple artists named Ordeal: 1) Italian ethereal / ambient project. 2) Straight edge hardcore band from Bellingham, WA, USA. 3) Hip hop from New Bedford, MA, USA. 4) Death metal band from Belgium. 5) Death doom metal band from Germany. 1) Ordeal is an ethereal / darkwave / ambient project Ancona, Italy, formed by Gabriele Santamaria, active between 1996-2002. His music is a particular breed of darkwave with guitar-driven ambience, introspective cold electronica Read more on
There are multiple artists named Ordeal: 1) Italian ethereal / ambient project. 2) Straight edge hardcore band from Bellingham, WA, USA. 3) Hip hop from New Bedford, MA, USA. 4) Death metal band from Belgium.

5) Death doom metal band from Germany. 1) Ordeal is an ethereal / darkwave / ambient project Ancona, Italy, formed by Gabriele Santamaria, active between 1996-2002. His music is a particular breed of darkwave with guitar-driven ambience, introspective cold electronica, hard industrial symphonism, and soprano female vocals that paint scenarios of desolation. Ordeal released two albums: "Traumende" in 1997 and "Ma|an" in 2002, both on Eibon Records. 2) Ordeal was a straight edge band from Bellingham, WA, United States. This band started just as the Ripped To Shreds era was coming to an close.

We had long talked of doing a project in the style of our favorite bands of the "Youth Crew" era. We played our first show in the winter of 2003 and recorded our demo just after the new year. We were a D street staple and played a handful of hype shows from Vancouver, BC to Olympia. Some heads were more interested in pop punk bands, some heads moved, some heads fell off their edge and some even did a combination of those things.

The band was pretty much dead sometime in 2005 just after our first and only tour down the west coast, although we would make a rare appearance now and again before playing our last show ever reuniting to open things up for our friends in Blue Monday's last show. Shortly after this another founding member broke making that the absolute final time Ordeal would take the stage. 3) Ordeal (Nicholas Oliver) is an hip hop artist from, New Bedford, MA, United States. See also Ordeal (hip hop). Ordeal aka Nicholas Oliver started writing in all forms extremely young. His father hipped him to all types of music via ripping off bmg and columbia house for a multitude of tapes on a weekly basis.

everything from rem to nwa, public enemy, aerosmith and bel biv devoe. the list went on. fascinated with current events in the 3rd grade, Ordeal began writing poetry and later in the 5th grade, rhymes, concerning things that were going on in the national media at the time. this was the dawn of the 90s so u can imagine all the subject matter to work with.

after becoming fascinated with alternative and punk music around age 11, he stopped with the socially charged rhymes and got more into writing rock songs and dark poetry. Around age 13 he & his friends were constantly cyphering and joking around with goofy WWF and cold medicine inspired emcee names, and Ordeal would kick ridiculous 30 min freestyles about his friend's goofy brother and what not. It wasnt anything serious, but he never really quit hip hop, Ordeal just started trying to absorb everything. the rhymes continued and he met a guy named brian lechen in his junior yr of high school, and got together and did some 4 track recordings.

stuff heavily influenced by tribe called quest and the roots. In 2000 they recorded the 1st Ordeal song with Brian Lechan at a real studio in their hometown of new bedford. the song, from agony to bliss, was definetly an accomplishment for Ordeal but again never did anything with it. Around this same time Ordeal was also in a hardcore band, which he used as a platform to kick anti-authoritarian rhymes.

but his bandmates wanted to go deeper and Ordeal left a year after the bands inception to let them indulge their progressive metal fantasies. the real stepping stone from being a hobbyist in hip hop to a lifer was when Ordeal met a cat named justin dealet aka madness 2012. living in laconia, nh, the girl Ordeal was with at the time told him she met this guy at the cafe she worked at and he was into hip hop and had a group.They exchanged calls and a meeting was set.He went to Madness2012's crib with a stack of cds thinking he was gonna show him a bunch of music he'd never seen. What a surprise that lay ahead.

2012's musical tastes were beyond his at this early stage in the up and coming emcee's rap life. Ordeal had del the funky homosapien, 2012 had themselves and sole. he knew all about my music, but the future accomplished lyricist was clueless to his. He went home and played those cds and just wasnt feeling the avant garde, spaced out stratagies of them, or the monotonal diatribes of mr sole.

confusion crossed with a determination to absorb even more began. what was this form of the art, and why couldn't he comrehend it? later that yr he was introduced to a cat named christopher smith aka abbadon, only 15 or 16 at the time. Abbadon was probably the best emcee Ordeal had heard in person up to that point and maybe since. he was young but had this vocab, and ideas were original and flow was bouncy.

Ordeal managed to intergrate himself into his group Perception. Perception played a few shows in the nh area at random elks lodges. lots of times with 2012's crew Lifted, but once after a potluck dinner, Perception rocked with Passage and Jim Jesus of Restiform Bodies and Adeem. def a highlight. however Ordeal's stay in nh would be short, and he took an extended sabbatical in mass before returning and reuniting with old friend abbadon around 2004.

Ordeal had been writing but had been continually stunted by block, despite this his style was changing and had actually improved. He looked up to Abbadon, as young as he was, cause he was so with it and had such a dope prescence musically. in 2004 Abbadon and Ordeal recorded the debut album Beat On Beat Off Jesus in the fall/winter of 2004. it was totally produced by abbadon and featured him on 8 of the 12 songs.

it was a step foward and now Ordeal was getting his laurels. in 2005 they recorded the follow up, the bird shit optimist, another leap foward in stylistic terms and flow. The rhymes continued to improve and grow. also abbadon only appeared on 1 song.

it was like the letting go of the safety net and heading out into the wilderness on his own. due to Ordeal's inconsistent behavior and social issues, nothing was done with these albums the years following their creation, in terms of promotion or trying to get label support. These songs were good and had merit. ppl around Ordeal had known for a long time about the talent he had but priorities never could seem to allign in the right order for him. We pick up much later around a year and a half ago.

Ordeal hadnt been writing much, but at this point around 07', he had started and stopped so many times every time the stages of creation would begin he'd realize it was better then the last time. However, there were no outlets now. original producer Brian Lechan was a flake and Abbadon lived in california. Then, he got a beat from a cat named ill vibe (ill clinton).

The distinct mid 90s east coast boom bap was alive on the track and 'im a bad man' was recorded with his sometimes dj/photographer mike holmes in his studio in dartmouth ma. this set Ordeal off running and 'i'm a bad man' was followed by the track 'kickdrumm', same engineer and beat maker. it was awhile till more recording took place, but after recieving a few beats from cats online 'hide', 'the bugg out', 'know what to do' & 'painful wednesday' were recorded in one session at a studio in new bedford, ma. those tracks were sent to be mixed by abbadon in cali.

it took a few months but now there were 6 down. No new recordings were made until the fall of 09', when Ordeal finished the last 7 songs in 3 days at manager josh brightmans home studio. those tracks were also sent to abbadon in cali and mixed months later. those songs bcame Ordeal's 3rd, and nearly his swansong, album "Goodnight and Give Up". it was his crowning achievement up to that point, a coming out and reawakening.

it was also the first album distributed digitally online in record stores. Around the final sessions for "Goodnight.." Ordeal began recording songs for what was intially intended to be a double album consisting of only Ill Vibe Beats. The album was supposed to be a throwback to the style of vibe's beats. mid 90s east coast underground music we grew up on. Ordeal decided to leave most of the abstract at home on recording days, and between the fall of 09 and summer of 2010, 'Ordeal and Ill Vibe Present Michael Jackson's Milk' was recorded & released in July of 2010. A slight departure from the usual bleakness, it was an honest attempt to make his work slighlty more comprehensive to the casual listener. And it paid off.

Mutliple blog posts raved about it, it was reviewed in the biggest arts & culture rag in New England, the Phoenix, and continued to earn him shows in 2010 with the likes of People Under the Stairs, Cage, Jedi Mind Tricks, Astronautalis, Ceschi and more. Now Ordeal throws monthly shows at Kirby's in his home city of New Bedford Ma, headlining and bringing in touring bands as well, he is also slated for a long spring/summer tour slated to begin May 5 and will bring him to environs he had only seen passing in a Greyhound Bus. If you could keep a secret, this author would reveal who it was with, but this is the internet so you will have to wait. Ordeal is curently in the process recording/working on multiple projects in 2011 including "The Ordeal Schock Fantastic" EP w/Andy Schock, his group project with MC Nobody Cares, faceless Willis, and a full length featuring beats from ill vibe, abbadon and drone jones. Lordav - back up vox if you like people that write music that actually makes you think, that you cant just blindly bob your head to, that you have to care enough about to dig a little deeper, than ordeal is your emcee. An abstract poet with a sound described as nightmare music, it encompasses a wide range of emotions in its fleeting glimpses of the human condition. If you want substance and truth, than imbibe… Ordeal is also know as a writer who became an emcee because the daunting task of writing a novel petrified him… Record Label shrink inward Press Contact nicholas oliver Booking Agent Joshua Brightman 4) Ordeal is a death metal band from Belgium. 5) Ordeal is a death doom metal band from Germany. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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