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Nick Moss Band

Nick Moss Band

Nick Moss Band

Nick Moss: Never settled, always searching for the perfect sound Videos: - Stand By - Catch Me I'm Falling - Grateful - She Wants It Links: – Official Website Read more on
Nick Moss: Never settled, always searching for the perfect sound Videos: - Stand By - Catch Me I'm Falling - Grateful - She Wants It Links: – Official Website -ROCK AND ROLL WITH SOUL AND BLUES WITH A GROOVE - Featuring the amazing vocals of Michael Ledbetter, (Descendant of the Great Leadbelly) and the blazing inventive fretwork of guitar master Nick Moss. -Nick Moss Band has done 3 dates with Gary Clark Jr. in the last year, played the World’s Largest Music Festival (Summerfest), and the previous cd was voted one of the TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2014 by the editors at GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE!! Quotes: “Merging diverse influences—vintage soul to classic rock, psychedelia to jazz fusion—Moss offers plenty of space for his five-piece to create fresh-sounding compositions.” - Relix “A high-water mark for the Chicago-based band... the album's 14 tracks will have you tapping your feet along and dropping your jaw at Moss’ many blistering guitar solos.” - Scott Bernstein/Jambase “Nick Moss’ guitar work speaks in volumes; from soft and moving to scorching and ferocious, he runs the absolute gamut of a blues legend in complete control of his style, form and virtuosity. As relevant as any other master of his craft, Moss proves to be an exceptional force…” Grateful Web There's always been something rambunctious about Nick Moss.

While other artists settle into a genre, Nick has always been about discovering new sonic territory, new textures and new musical frontiers. His recording career spans decades and his albums are staples at blues radio worldwide, and are now in rotation at stations with jam and rock formats. All this would leave most artists satisfied to stick with a niche. However, Nick's pursuit of sound comes from a restless, innovative and constant search for music that evokes a physical and emotional response.

It's not just chords and progressions and songs that make up Nick's music mentality, but his desire to elevate an audience; to evoke a feeling of euphoric energy between performer and listener; to capture sound as well as sensation. Nick's formative years were lived to the tunes of Led Zeppelin, Gladys Knight, The OJ's, Sly and the Family Stone, The Ohio Players, James Brown, The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Free and Black Oak Arkansas. “Music was everywhere when I was growing up,” he remembers. “My mom and dad loved music and it was always playing in the house. Music was piped in at the pool we went to in the summer.

The joys of my young life were going to the record store and flipping through vinyl.” Nick laughs, “I actually carried a cassette in my pocket so if I was at a friend's house and they had something new, I could make a copy. There was nothing quite like popping that cassette into a deck and hearing something I'd never heard before.” It's Nick's childlike enthusiasm for all kinds of music- backed by the guitar, vocal and songwriting chops to take on any style that is downright contagious and has contributed to his recognition as an artist not defined by blues boundaries. “A lot of my blues fans like what I'm doing with my non-straight blues,” he explains. In 2011, Moss released Here I Am, which debuted at an impressive #2 on the Relix/ radio chart.

Moss' 2014 release Time Ain't Free “reaches deeper into soul, funk, and rock 'n' roll....” said Billboard Magazine. Victoria Amps Mark Baier, writing for, said Moss is “a modern cross generational musician.” “I think authentic music, real music, is about experimenting,” says Nick. “I love what I do but I don't want to do it the same way every performance or on every recording.” It's Nick's insistence that he and his band expand territories instead of settling in or settling down to one style. Whether its blistering blues or Allman influenced rock or an apt social commentary set to brilliant music, Nick Moss continues to meld influences and reach into the unknown and experiment with the sounds he finds.

And for Nick, it's not all about his own musical journey. It's always his desire from his place onstage, to pass along the passion and love of his craft to those who come to see him play. “It's about the experience,” he says. “A shared love of music and being elevated and enlightened by sound.” Contact: Stewart Entertainment, LLC – News: Live and Luscious: Nick Moss Band releases new recording from Baltic Blues Festival in Germany "After weeks with the new NMB live recording, "Live and Luscious," and playing it several times a day, I'm convinced.

NMB has never sounded better than this! This is the record where Nick ties together all the strings from his whole span as a band leader. Simply great, great stuff!" — Bjorn Wiksaas, Norwegian Blues News "When I'm playing live in front of an audience, I'm having my own moment on stage," confesses 16 time Blues Award nominee and band leader, Nick Moss. "I'm listening to the band, but not intently. When I heard the recording of our set from The Baltic Blues Festival in Germany, I was really proud of the musicianship; proud of the way these guys know how to play together.

It was a unique opportunity to enjoy the instrumentation and arrangements of the songs. People come up to me at the end of a performance and when they complement me, that's fine. But when they're excited about my band, that is something of which I am unabashedly unashamed and proud! These guys individually are bad ass but it's the chemistry between them live that is downright stunning." For the past two years, fans of The Nick Moss Band have been asking for a live recording of the current lineup with Michael Ledbetter. "When we listened to the live recording after a little mixing and mastering, it was apparent to us that we had to release a live record this year.

We're also working on a studio recording, From the Root to the Fruit, an intense double disk blues chronicle, for 2016. Live and Luscious features extended versions of a few tunes from The Root to The Fruit, and an extended version of Shade Tree. Moss' stirring tune about the Ferguson tragedy. There's an almost Allmanesque feel to Shade Tree, and the extended version gives the tune much deserved breathing room. The recording also features Michael Ledbetter's tunes, "Standby" and "Catch Me I'm Falling".

"I've been watching Michael mature as a songwriter, and it's been quite a pleasure," says Moss. There are also extended versions of "Time Ain't Free, a jam oriented original, and "Breakdown" a new spirited rock and roll piece that will be featured on From the Root to the Fruit. "The live recording made me think about how much I love traditional blues, but how much I also love to add soul, rock, jazz, and Latin influences into the mix," says Moss. "This creative mindset came specifically from listening to Peter Greene era Fleetwood Mac. The live recording also made me aware of the essence of what we're doing on stage.

"When I'm in the moment, I don't have the same audio perspective as the audience. Live and Luscious really makes a connection between what's happening onstage and what the audience is hearing." says Moss. Live and Luscious is set to release on Friday October 30th on Blue Bella Records. It includes 67 minutes of LIVE music from the 2015 Baltic Blues Festival in Eutin, Germany and was recorded on Thursday May 14, 2015. Contact: Stewart Entertainment, LLC – Read more on

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