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New Jerusalem

There are 2 bands with the name New Jerusalem: American band New Jerusalem, established in 1994 and Russian band Novi Ierusalim, established in 1985. The following is a Bio of the American (USA) band, New Jerusalem: "...little Zeppelinesque type stuff. I like that, myself!" - Pete Cummings Radio Personality KUPD, 97.9 FM, Tempe, AZ, USA New Jerusalem originates from Phoenix, Arizona. The focus of the band is to bring the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to all people throughout the world. Read more on
There are 2 bands with the name New Jerusalem: American band New Jerusalem, established in 1994 and Russian band Novi Ierusalim, established in 1985. The following is a Bio of the American (USA) band, New Jerusalem: "...little Zeppelinesque type stuff. I like that, myself!" - Pete Cummings Radio Personality KUPD, 97.9 FM, Tempe, AZ, USA New Jerusalem originates from Phoenix, Arizona. The focus of the band is to bring the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to all people throughout the world. This mission is burning in the heart of the group's founder: Thurane Aung Khin.

The Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 - "All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I am with you always, even to the end of the age." is the band's official slogan and is basis of New Jerusalem's mission statement. The "Zeppelinesque" influence is merely musical.

Most importantly, the spiritual focus of the unit is to reflect the love, tenderness, power, authority and fun of God! The Gray Dot, Inc./Bulletproof Music/Bulletboy CD "New Jerusalem" is available on both CD and by download. Randy Householder and Thurane Aung Khin established the vision of New Jerusalem as an acoustic duo, choosing particular Zeppelin, Bad Company and Pearl Jam songs that, in Thurane's words, "don't dishonor God lyrically" along with the group's then eponymous Christian material. Other cover tunes were "watered down" to fit with Thurane's stringent insistence on maintaining Christian integrity. They sought to start a band that would heavily minister in the Christian Church as a whole, while simultaneously reaching the secular market.

Randy and Thurane were equally impressed with their respective talents, Thurane being enthralled with Randy's vocal range and ability to stylize his singing after Robert Plant, Paul Rogers, Axl Rose, Eddie Vedder and Mick Jagger. Randy was moved by Thurane's ability to play many cover tunes and learn note-for-note versions of Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Guns-n-Roses, Pearl Jam and The Rolling Stones. As the duo developed, they added and "traunched through" a host of bassists and drummers to fill the musical void, developing a truly classic rock sound - a sound that has inspired countless fans who have experienced New Jerusalem. Many secular clubs and churches were visited by the NJ duo and full band during that critical formation period, with notable performances at the "Spirit Fest" Christian festival, Desert Sky Pavillion, Arizona Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Mesa Amphitheater and gigs at the now legendary Mason Jar.

Literally thousands of free NJ live and demo tapes were distributed during that period. The band released "Foundation", a cassette that spawned their independent "New Jerusalem" CD. The song "Foundation" was written by Randy. It became a live staple at duo and full band shows in the early formative years of the group.

The release of the indie CD established the act nationally, with an initial distribution deal through Juke Box Media and considerable radio support. The original project was produced by Thurane, assisted by Phil Parmenter. The inside album jacket includes a beautiful poem written by John Madsen. An unusual liason was also established by promoter Michael Wilkerson with Cactus Game Design.

Michael introduced Thurane to Rob Anderson, president of Cactus Game Design, maker of the Scattergories game. Rob's company designed a Redemption playing card for New Jerusalem, available exclusively in the Bulletproof Music CD "New Jerusalem". A computer game utilizing NJ's music and called "Saints of Virtue" was developed by Shine Studios - distributed by Cactus Game Design. That further entrenched the group in the Christian gamer's and hard music markets.

Many compilation CD's and cassettes include NJ's music, including DMR Diversions "e=mp3" - released 2 years prior to the mp3 soundfile popularity(!); and Jay Raymond's "Virtual Snowboarding" interactive CDROM (interspersed with video clips of snowboarding stunts and New Jerusalem songs). After respectable exposure in the underground rock scene, Bulletproof Records signed New Jerusalem, further expanding the ever-growing legions of faithful New Jerusalem followers. That record deal was initiated by a simultaneous visit to the National Association of Christian Rock Radio summit meeting, with then aspiring NJ manager Mari Spyker and Thurane meeting Gray Dot/Bulletproof Music vice-president Dave Vanderpoel - and a referral by St. Marys, PA radio personality Eric Lane of WKBI.

Eric prompted Thurane to call David at Gray Dot/Bulletproof. The resulting Bulletproof Records "New Jerusalem" re-release includes three tracks not available on the indie record: "You Are My Life", "Final Stand" and "Hail Tonight". The Gray Dot, Inc./Bulletproof Music CD "New Jerusalem" is available on both CD and cassette - distributed by Super D and at any Christian/secular record retailer world wide. That initial record sold respectably, further garnering the foothold New Jerusalem has fast been attaining in the general music market.

The ABC Network made-for-television movie "What We Did That Night / Murder At Devil's Glen" included "Take Me Home" from the Bulletproof Music release in the soundtrack. "Take Me Home" was published by DSM Producers/Warner-Tamerlane BMI. "What We Did That Night" features Golden Globe award winner Rick Schroder("NYPD Blue", "Silver Spoons", "The Champ") - Michael Easton("Ally McBeal", "413 Hope St." "Total Recall 2070") - Jack Noseworthy ("Cats", "Breakdown" starring Kurt Russell, "The Brady Bunch Movie") - Jayce Bartok("SubUrbia") - Tara Reid("The Big Lebowski", "American Pie"); directed by Paul Shapiro("Black and Blue", "The Invaders"). The movies Con Express and Vampire Slayers include "Final Stand".

Independent film The Sum of One features "You Are My Life", and "Take Me Home" is in the R2K Entertainment movie "The Whistler". "Take Me Home" reached 32 on the rock chart, "Living In the Light" hit 11 on the Loud chart and "Sincerity" is has charted on many radio stations. Additional promotions include "Judgement Day", "Final Stand", "Hail Tonight" and "You Are My Life". Thurane and Kenneth W.

Long (formerly of the Christian hard music group: "Destiny") teamed up to form a new project called "Kenyon Grey". Their single, "Heaven In Your Eyes" is the title of the Kenyon Grey E.P. and featured in the movie "A Fairy's Tale", screenplay written by Kenn as well. Kenyon Grey signed to Rudy Morales' (of Christian progressive rock group "King David") label, RCM Records.

Kenn & Thurane founded the "Redemption 2000: R2K Rocks the Millennium" event series launched at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. They are currently developing several full length solo and soundtrack albums; and a multi-media presentation as a part of "R2K Productions" music and events. "New Jerusalem Fun Facts": *Q. What do Steven Curtis Chapman and Thurane Aung Khin (lead guitarist of New Jerusalem) have in common? *A.

Both of them are married to wives from the small midwest town of Springfield, Ohio! (Steven's wife's name is Mary Beth, Thurane's wife is Renada) *Steven Curtis Chapman and Thurane met while watching "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" at a small movie theater in Springfield, OH on Thanksgiving Day, 2000! Steven sat right next to Thurane during the film! A purely "chance" encounter! added New Jerusalem to their roster of artists. The new addition brought New Jerusalem additional success, with chart topping songs in a varied cross-section of genres: "Take Me Home" immediately jumped to 2 at Christian & Spiritual Pop, "Judgement Day" exploded at 2 on the Christian & Spiritual Metal Charts, "You Are My Life" hit the top 40 at Christian/Spiritual Easy Listening, "Hail Tonight" achieved top 40 status on Christian/Spiritual Rock and "Foundation" broke open the Christian Country(!) Charts on the top 40 as well! New Jerusalem and Michael Sweet of Stryper appeared live at The Mason Jar. The show was excellent, with a Standing Room Only crowd and an incredible amount of shouting, clapping and foot-stomping in that now-legendary rock club. The spiritual focus was omnipresent, and it was a joy to experience the look and feel of an old-fashioned big tent revival in a smoky little bar! Smiles and laughter all around...

The New Jerusalem acoustic duo: "Rip & the Insomnia Man" (Randy & Thurane) appeared with Ryan Brown (founder of Wish) and The Lost Dogs (Featuring Mike Rowe of The 77's and members of The Choir & Daniel Amos) at Alice Cooperstown. It was a spiritually electric evening, with many core NJ fans and friends alike. Jesse Rodriguez from His Destiny was filming the event, local promoter Kevin Mitchell assisted Pat & Celia of C2C Productions and many local Arizona musicians attended the show. The spiritual focus was once again omnipresent...the show must go on..

New Jerusalem performed a breathtaking set at Redemption 2000: R2K: "The Third Explosion". The new lineup: Thurane Aung Khin, Randall Householder, Abe Rosa and Donald Harrington Fargo rocked the Standing-Room-Only crowd, with notable performances by Kenyon Grey, Kenyon and Thurane. NJ introduced new material, including "Do Tell", "Freedom Train" and "My Reflection". The spiritual focus, once again omnipresent...verifies that God has great plans for this band...

New Jerusalem's "Final Stand" is featured in "Con Express", an action film featuring Sean Patrick Flanery ("Young Indiana Jones", "Suicide Kings", opposite Drew Barrymore in "Best Men" and co-starring with Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Simply Irresistible") and Arnold Vosloo ("The Mummy" starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and John Hannah; "The Mummy Returns"; "Darkman I & II" and performed alongside Al Pacino in "Salomé"). New Jerusalem's new music includes titles "Freedom Train", "Do Tell", "My Reflection": "As Yet Untitled", "I Wanna Be Loved By You", "Arrival" and "The Road (That Leads to You)": NEW JERUSALEM is: THURANE AUNG KHIN: GUITAR, BLUES HARP, DRUM PROGRAM, PERCUSSION, VOCALS, BASS New Jerusalem has been honored to enjoy a veritable host of musicians who have performed live and/or recorded with the band. A chronological history of former New Jerusalem members: Randall James Householder/Thurane Aung Khin (the original duo met in late 1993); Micheal Adams, drums; Joe Brantner, bass; Ryan (?), drums; Steve Green, bass; Mike Jesse, vocals; Jeoff Camden, bass(recorded on first NJ project); John (?), drums; Ron Martin, drums Glen Dudley, drums(recorded on first NJ project - RIP); Andrew Lee Olson, vocals and bass(recorded on first NJ project) Todd Fitch, bass; Johnny Allen, bass and drums(of the Phoenix band Mogollon); Jeff Braner, drums Grant Collins, drums; Dave Reeves, vocals(with L.A. band "Neon Cross")Rich Ross, drums(recorded on first NJ project; former member of Capitol Records Recording Artist "Loosely Tight" and Holy Smoke); Chris Gough, keyboards(Phoenix area studio musician); Frank Loro, bass (member of Rosemary's Silence) Dominic Giuliano, drums; Barry Jenkins, drums; Rod Reasner, bass Brian Hutchison, bass Keith Jandacek, bass; Eric(?), bass Abe Rosa, bass (current member) Donny Fargo, drums Gary, drums; Donny, vocalist; Glen Dudley, Drums - died Tuesday, 10/21/03.

2004 - The New Jerusalem Christian Hard Rock Band & Music Ministry is on hiatus with the launch of "Thurane of New Jerusalem", a Contemporary Christian/P&W/Inspirational/Folk acoustic solo music ministry. The first solo album from Thurane has a working title of "NEW FOUNDATION, Thurane of New Jerusalem". Thurane is in the studio now with Kenyon Grey, and an announcement with CD release party is due soon... The solo music ministry of Thurane is an acoustic guitar and track driven performance vehicle for expressing the love of God and reaching both the churched and unchurched.

"I actually began ministering as a soloist to launch New Jerusalem in 1990," says Thurane, "I was searching for a vocalist who could create the sounds that I couldn't achieve vocally in New Jerusalem, which turned out to be Randy Householder in late 1993." The vision to launch a 1970's stylized Christian hard rock band and music ministry was birthed by Thurane. The New Jerusalem name was given to Thurane and made official. he signed NJ to Gray Dot Records/Bulletproof Music (the label that originally signed Third Day!) Thurane said, "The growth has been steady but slow, so we are moving in a new direction to affirm God's leading." ******************************************************* The following is a Bio of the Russian band, Novi Ierusalim: It all started in 1985 when Igor Kopylov (guitar) met Vadim Kalatsei (keyboard). At that time they were students in the Belarusian Technological Institute, in Minsk, they were passionately fond of music and full of creative ideas.

After playing for a year in a student band they joined the Soviet Army. After meeting again in1989, Igor and Vadim carried on their creative activities playing in “Condor”, a band that lasted only a one-year. By 1990, Igor and Vadim decided to form their own band called, “Catty Sark”. Eventually, new musicians replaced the vocalist and drummer. One of them was Alexander Manetsky (drums).

Unfortunately, this project wasn’t destined to last long either. By the end of 1991 the band faced a creative and spiritual crisis, which led to its break up. By that time Alexander Patlis (vocal) and Elshad Babakhanov (percussion) had also joined the band. Any creative idea that wants to become a reality, inevitably leads a person to look inside, to look at his own heart. Man’s inner world, the things that he dreams of, leads to a search for truth and the meaning of life. During this difficult period, the musicians met three different people, who were unlike anyone they had ever known.

These people radiated joy and optimism, a stark contrast to the disillusionment and sadness plaguing the musicians. The musician’s lives were greatly changed by these three men who were Christians. They were Benjamin Brukh, Vladimir Sokol and Sunday Adelaja. Three absolutely different men, a young pastor and two students, opened a new world called, “Novi Ierusalim” (Russian), (New Jerusalem-English) for six musicians. Constantine Tankhilevich, who was the group’s manager, at that time, suggested the name, “Novi Jerusalem”.

The name, “Novi Jerusalem”, symbolizes a heavenly city, described in the book of Revelation from the Bible. It’s a city without wars, sickness and sadness, but one of joy, happiness and love. Everybody liked the name at once as it corresponded to the young musician’s new ideals. On May 17, 1992 the first concert of the band “New Jerusalem”, took place in a concert hall in Minsk. This date is considered to be the band’s birthday, by its musicians.

The songs from the concert have never been recorded, but it was an extraordinary event for the city. Within a few months, one of the best bass guitar players in Belarus, Igor Sorokin, visited NJ’s concert. He was living through a hard period in his life, and that is why the preaching about a prodigal son and NJ’s simple and sincere songs, made radical changes in his life. Within a week, Igor became a member of the band, the complement of which has not changed since that time. Serious, creative musical work started with NJ’s first album, “Holy God”, which was recorded in October 1993 during the band’s first American tour. There were 26 concerts, and they recorded seven songs in that one-month tour.

“Holy God”, was recorded in just seven days, the fastest recording of any album in the band’s history. Carl Richardson, a great friend of NJ, arranged all the necessary conditions for fruitful work at “Moving Waters” studio, Bradenton, FL, USA. After the tour, the band took part in a music project for Belarusian television called, “ Rock Island”. Such Belarusian bands as, “Palaz”, “Krama”, “Bourgeoisie”, etc.

also took part in the competition. NJ received the Grand Prix for the song, “Holy God”. In 1995 the band took part in one of the largest Jewish cultural festivals in Belarus. It made a great impression on the band that can be seen in its creative activity of that time. The lively, energetic, and joyful festival music could not leave them indifferent.

In five months a second album, “Come Back Home”, was released. There were such songs as, ”Time to Love”, “Song of Songs”, and loved by all “Messiah Yeshua” on that album. The album was recorded in the USA in the Bill Gaither studio in Indiana, and mixed in Steve Millikan’s home studio, who was the producer of the album. The band toured Russian countries and America in 1995-96. Although the musicians always enjoyed playing Jewish songs in their concerts, more and more they wanted to turn their attention to youth, whose taste of music was different from NJ’s music at that time.

In 1996, while touring in America the musicians visited a concert of the popular American Christian rock band, “DCTalk”, which left a lasting impression on them. Back in Belarus, they got to work producing a new album. Seriously, as never before, they composed music and wrote lyrics for songs. The main thing was to write sincerely from their personal experiences.

As a result, a third album, ” What Do You Think About It?” was recorded in spring 1997, during their fourth American tour. Again the group had a great opportunity to work with such talented people like Steve Millikan, who was the producer of the album, and Mark Aspenal as the sound engineer. Like a previous project, it was recorded in “Bill Gaither” studio in Indiana. Many of the songs from this record became a real classic.

Songs like, “God’s Design”, “I Know That Love”, “A Door” and “What Do You Think About It?” have made a great impact on Christian music in the territory of the Reformed Soviet Union. At that particular time their first professional video was shot. The music video, “I Know That Love”, took the lead on the music charts on Belarusian National television for eight weeks. In 5 months that song was awarded the best song of the year.

This has opened doors for the band in the mass media. For the first time on the history of the former Soviet Union a Christian band attained such success. In 1997, the band gave more than 100 concerts in the USA, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Belarus. Their first professional concert video was shot in Minsk, in December, of the same year.

In 1998, in America, another music video was made for the song, “A Door”. A great love for Jewish music, and desire to bless the Jews, led NJ again to its roots. In 1999 the band recorded a fifth album, “Novi Jerusalem”, in its own studio in Minsk. Beautiful, and filled with love songs, it makes people think of the meaning of life and eternal values. The songs, “City of Gold”, and “Never Keep Silent”, from the album were always included in NJ s concert program.

Combining the songs from two last albums, the band went on giving concerts in America and Russia. At the same time there was both a spiritual and creative search in preparing new songs and, as a result, in 2000 the band released four new songs in former Soviet Union and Belarus, “The Rainbow”, “Mighty God”, “The Fragments of Heaven”, and “Walk on Water”. In the same year the band’s first web site appeared: While working on a new CD, “Novi Jerusalem” released their first CD in English, especially for their upcoming American tour. All the best songs from previous NJ albums were chosen for this record: “I Know That Love”, “A Door”, “My Story”, “God’s Design” and others.

The result of this record gave wider opportunity to more effectively introduce NJ’s music to people outside the Soviet Countries. On March 28th 2002, in the best concert hall of Belarus- the Palace of the Republic, another “Novi Jerusalem” concert took place, where they debuted a new album, “The Fragments of Heaven”. Obviously, this was a serious event in the cultural and spiritual life of Belarus. That album was different from all the previous ones. These serious songs reveal the heavenly origin of man and his unquestionable contact with Heaven. Also, in 2002, a music video was shot in Minsk for the song, “The Fragments of Heaven”, in the Russian and English language. In January 2003 the song, “Eyes the Color of the Sky”, became the prize-winner of one of the national TV Charts, “Hit Moment”.

In the same year the English version of the album, “The Fragments of Heaven” was released. In 2003 another music video for, “Love Is In Our Hands”, was created. It is considered to be the band’s best music video. In 2004, this video, with record making popularity, stayed in the top five for thirty-three weeks on the National TV Chart of Belarus- “European Crossroads”. In 2004 this song became the best song of the year in Belarus. In 2004 the band’s next CD called, “Time of His Favour”, appeared.

Who will bless Abraham will be blessed and who will curse will be cursed. That is what God’s vow said in the book of Deuteronomy, in Bible. This vow has become a part of NJ’s life. That is why the band continues to release new albums with Jewish Messianic songs.

Besides ten songs in the Russian language, this CD also has three bonus tracks in English. Beautiful songs, in a best tradition of “Novi Jerusalem”, will bless whoever listens to it. Thru these songs the musicians expressed their love for our Lord and for God’s chosen people. In fall 2004 a DJ from Minsk made the band’s first dance remix of the song, “Love Is In Our Hands”, and the group shot a new video that was broadcasted by all leading Belarusian TV stations. In October 2004 Novi Ierusalim recorded a duet with a Byelorussian female singer, Iskuee Abalian. With the song, “Another’s Life”, the band got a lot of airplay on Byelorussian FM radio stations. In the same month “Novi Jerusalem” toured Israel for the first time. In November 2004 the band made another music video for a song from album, “The Fragments of Heaven” - “That Love”.

At the same time, with a brand new song, “The Melody of Love” the band participated Nationwide for the European competition, “Eurovision”. In March 2005 the band Novi Jerusalem has been awarded with The Golden Ear award, the first-ever given by the radio industry. The historical awards ceremony took place in the entertainment center Zhuravinka on March 21, 2005. Instituted in honor of the sixth anniversary of the radio station Alpha Radio, this award promotes a variety of musical genres represented by Belarusian music’s best performers, whose songs have become most popular among the listeners of Belarusian radio stations. In 2005 Novi Jerusalem celebrated their thirtieth anniversary. Trough these years they performed in front of thousands of people and have had many concerts in different countries around the world.

All these years they where giving themselves to people and God. The vision that once upon a time was implanted in their hearts by God, burning more and more each year. And that s why it will be more songs, records, music videos that talk about God’s eternal Love to each and all of us in the world. Read more on

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