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MAKOSSA & MEGABLAST M&M Video Portrait: M&M @ Gilles Peterson Festival: Anything that comes from Kruder & Dorfmeister´s G-Stone label usually carries a certain seal of quality, and it´s really up to Makossa & Megablast to keep that flame alive on their debut album. This Austrian duo Read more on
MAKOSSA & MEGABLAST M&M Video Portrait: M&M @ Gilles Peterson Festival: Anything that comes from Kruder & Dorfmeister´s G-Stone label usually carries a certain seal of quality, and it´s really up to Makossa & Megablast to keep that flame alive on their debut album. This Austrian duo delivers here a 13-track collection of rich, dubby grooves, propelled by fizzing electro keys, African vocals and percussion. The recent single, Kunuaka, is a real highlight; beautifully put together, with dub-inspired, sonically-inducing world grooves and earthy electro-keys - Subrinah´s deadpan rap sits effortlessly atop what is a delightful mix. Tracks such as Porque, with impassive vocals from Cleydys Villalon, have an almost nostalgic, old-skool dub feel - there´s no doubt that Makossa & Megablast are production masters; they way they merge smoky, spiritual grooves with a contemporary electro spike is highly impressive - the sound is so clear, with everything beautifully balanced in the mix.

As mentioned earlier, this is what you almost come to expect from a quality label such as G-Stone. Elsewhere, the light, spacey keys of Rip It Up, enhanced by Ras TWeed ´s luxurious reggae-inspired vocals effortlessly combine the best of Jamaican dub with the futurism of modern downtempo dub, whilst the track, Get It On, featuring heady vocals from Kool Keith, is almost tranceinspired hip hop; think Erik B & Rakim wistfully orbiting the earth, rapping through a space walk. Makossa & Megablast's astounding debut 12" "Kunuaka/Like a rocket" got massive support by global players like Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, and Bob Sinclair. "Kunuaka", nominated as "Best Track 2006" by Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards, was also one of the Top Tunes of this years' Winter Music Conference in Miami. Latest Releaseinfos: Massive Attack vocalist does new Great Stuff Roots Edition Release NICOLETTE – No Government (Makossa & Megablast remake) Great Stuff Roots Edition GSR056 (Release 05.12.07) No. No. 4 in the famous Great Stuff Roots Edition, this time from one of the legendary voices of uk club culture: Nicolette, also known as “Billie Holiday on acid”.

She’s was not only inventing drum & bass with the project Shut Up And Dance, but she also did two of the most famous songs on the groundbreaking Massive Attack album “Protection”. Then Nicolette met Gilles Peterson he signed her to his label and released “No Government” which became one of the most beautiful Talkin’ Loud releases. So Great Stuff is very proud of this classic, which got the ultimate remix treatment by the king of remixers, Tocadisco and by Vienna’s G-Stone artists and hot upcoming producer- and dj-duo Makossa & Megablast Feedback Nicolette remake: Tom Novy:Den Makossa & Megablast Mix find ich mega Ashley Beedle (X-Press 2): The mixes are all excellent. The original was a big favourite of mine back in the day! DJ Asparagus (Raw Fusion Recordings): was very curious on the remix.

I heard you guys did it but I hadn't heard it yet. I mean the original was a classic. And… "You did it well! A great update of a triphop classic. Love the breakdown at 4:52 with the old school stabs! Sure takes one back to the good old breakbeat era.

Deep and raw, just the way I like em! Michael Reinboth: like that a release, nice mixes and good to hear Nicolette again Peter Kruder: Nach mehrmaligen hören bin ich zu diesem schluss gekommen: Tocadisco take Nicolette to club and have a very sexy dance with her and they sure know how to swing - M&M get her drunk and take her then to the afterhours, out of legal reasons i can't get into what happens there. Love 'em both... poor girl thought;) Chris Russell (MTV): liking the makossa & megablast dub a lot!! Feedback Kunuaka & Like a Rocket: Laurent Garnier: Strong B-side, will definetly play ! BPM Mag: This album was crafted for the dancefloor. After reworking songs for the likes of Tosca, these Austrian DJ/producers won the hearts and ears of many a superstar DJ with the release of double A-side "Kunuaka/Like a Rocket". These two tracks launch the CD into African-infused future dub.

This gives way to detached techno, flickering off lazy basslines like lasers off plumes of swirling smoke. It's all rather trippy. Then the synths kick in and suddenly it starts sounding like a film track from the eighties (but in a good way, of course) – I'm thinking along the lines of Midnight Express here. Erm, or was that from the seventies? Fans of Booka Shade will dig. A lot. Erstmal zu den Fakten: Makossa & Megablast's 12inch ,,Kunuaka/Like a rocket" wird von vielen, großen Djs weltweite regelmäßig auf den Teller gelegt.

Carl Craig, Rainer Trüby, Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, I-Cube u.v.m spielen die Werke der beiden Wiener DJs und Radio & Clubaktivisten nicht erst seit gestern. Während sie auf ihren älteren Veröffentlichungen noch den eher klassischen Wien-Downbeat zelebrieren, haben sie eine Quantensprung zum ,,New Sound of Vienna" unternommen. Bass-verliebt ist alles noch - keine Sorge!. ,,Kunuaka" ist die elektronischste Seite der beiden, die man bisher hören konnte.

Vielleicht war es ihnen auch einfach zu wenig, immer wieder mit dem klassischen Downbeat erkannt zu werden. Ihre vergangenen Exkursionen zu Broken Beats und Dancehall wird eindeutig zurück geschoben und es wird mehr Platz gemacht für einen wirklich neuen Soundentwurf. Vieles ist beim ersten Reinhören sehr trocken und minimal, aber die Einfüße aus abgespaceten Cosmic-Disco (,,Galaxy") und Elektro-Boogie (,,Find it") gehören genauso wie die unterschwelligen Hommages an DUB, Afrobeat oder Oldschool-House dazu. Ras-T, Capitol A., Kool Keith und Cleydys Villalon ergänzen das ganze zu einem futuristischen Meilensten Wiener Clubmusik. Lange nichts so Erfrischendes der Kruder&Dorfmeister-Nachkommen gehört. Michael Ruetten: Bigger than big in the box! Kunuaka Rainer Trüby: awesome release.

Kunuaka is heavy duty stuff. Top! JonH of the Fort Knox Five: I always love what my Viennese brothers do. It is always the craziest bass and I love that!!! Keep them coming like this. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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