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Los Viking 5

Los Viking 5

Los Viking 5

FOUNDERS NAME INCOME POSITION PERMA OUTPUT PROD JUAN DIAZ NUÑEZ 1969 BATTERY 33 YEARS DISEASETHE YEAR 200230 discDIAZ NUÑEZ Onofre 1969 MEMBERS 31 YEARS DECEASED 2001 30 disc EDUARDO ARANDA 1969 GUITARRA 12 YEARS OWN BUSINESS 1982 disc 9 MARIO GARCIA DURAN 1969 LOW 15 YEARS Employment reasons 1986 10disc GUILLERMO MONTERO 1970 GUITARRA 071 / 2 years REASONS LABOrRal 1978 07disc In early 1968, the dream begins to take shape children of brothers and Juan Nuñez chaguar, when concerns arose from a very small playing in the arid landscapes of the desert in the Chilean Nitrate of Pedro de Valdivia arrived in the picturesque village from Paloma is located in region 4 in the valley 80 km from Limarí Ovalle for work that led to the Father with all the family to emigrate to the North in which spent all its wonderful and yet tough stage of children in there the backyard improvise with different types of material in a disused stage which was covered with sheets and bedspreads that removed from the rooms of the house to make roof and thus invite almost forced the district to friends attend to witness the show from The Circus Hnos Nuñez ... .... Without ever imagined that life was preparing him the most fantastic and fabulous history and that the work would later modelarían own light shine, touching the sky to transform icon of tropical music in the country. Everything starts by Juan Diaz Nuñez 68 years, to nearly 8 years since they had arrived at his beloved Port COQUIMBO and had an excellent work which he had recommended his brother chaguar was the home of the most important commercial region we refer to "Canas and Galleguillos" work which enters as a junior and two years after s becomes head of the "Records" is in that post that manages to get acquainted with an invaluable record that only had access to long would their great help in shaping the group that wanted to be in it was then decided to bring people together to form a musical group with no other goal than to spend a pleasant moment at the weekend, while channeling the musical vein of the child had and as it was time to bring it on stage. Thus begins frequenting a different kind of live shows that at the time were basically Veladas neighborhood show in theaters and festivals in schools after traveling for several months there and show respect could not find anyone who will satisfy the that he wanted to reach an invitation to attend the coronation of the queen of the spring festival of the population in which he lived "population Gabriela Mistral" Coquimbo, was precisely here that in a picturesque setting, its look at two stops boys who were playing guitar box, and singing songs at the time were fashionable John you like the boys who were not 15 years addresses the moment and explains what it wants to make, but the two boys do not consider a lot and tell him they already have their own group so they would study the idea, but as John was not a man to accept NO as well, they still talk about it until she is concerned and said that they are on the way I buy guitars and instruments that seek to control and especially to form the group of those two individuals we are talking about are nothing more and nothing less than the Bajista MARIO GARCIA (brother of current HNOS nuñez) and EDUARDO ARANDA guitarist and friend of John three were already beginning the task of finding another guitarist who was the same age of them, so after much investigating and seeking to reach the ears of the boys in the neighborhood that was in front of the Village. Gabriela Villa in the Parent, one child lived 15 years in addition to being an excellent student had a spectacular ability to perform as a guitar prodigy in that aspect, as is so then that John asked for permission from parents is integrated the group who for almost 8 years and would be the author refers to 1st guitar GUILLERMO MONTERO, so the unnamed group starts playing at parties for friends and small schools, then met all the work of singing, but in the mid 69's it was clear they needed a singer, Juan tube always put in mind that since his brother, as always sang as a child winning school despite her terrible shyness, it's so like John to travel to the north people of Diego de Almagro in the Sunken Village then known where the chaguar had a tallercito in the courtyard of the house where he lived with his wife Myrna and her two children Angel and Edson, in Anibal Pinto Street No.

25, workshop reported that profits more debts that had been independent since and hardly endure the life we refer to the arrival of the fifth member is to be integrated and which in the end would become the leader and most wanted by the NUÑEZ chaguar the public and formed the 5 elements with lyrics that would type her name in gold's history and Chilean cumbia CREATING A NEW STYLE TO BE THE WORLD walked DURING THESE 40 YEARS OF LIFE. In full year 1969, and the finished project to bring people John is absolutely safe and with all the strength to continue withthis crazy dream realize this dream of being a banda since the arrival of its big brother the chaguar who were inseparable in childhood buddies and fellow sweet and bitter moments that at the time of his life in the nitrate had spent together, was once more this coalition, this union of brothers that fills it to John because of imbalances with chaguar felt his side were capable of demolishing walls, crossing borders, more difficult to circumvent the obstacles that life puts you in pursuit of his new adventure, also had the good fortune of bringing divine three boys who were at par and were inserted just like a perfect piece of a puzzle in the making of a masterpiece that only the random nature gives us. After constant complaints from neighbors of 112 of the Village. Gabriela Mistral bothered by the noise that caused by the tests of the musical group that took place almost daily in the courtyard of the house of the Hnos Nuñez Diaz, now it is important to note that currently the group was rehearsing in a very precarious because had onlya sound equipment was also spell since it was compiled at the request of John by a friend, Juan "Kiko" Vargas "did as directed by the boys to the equipito have 3 outputs so that the two guitars and under all out for one team, on the other's voice with an extremely low chaguar microphone which was connected to a turntable which was arranged so that the voice left by the speakers of the turntable in order to plan and John played the drums which was collected with 1 carton of beer holding a bell, a box of a gang war and parts of the 2nd hand up the battery in which he played the leader of the group so the vikings5 gave their first steps into the world of the music was all very complicated because it lacked the money to mount a sufficient equipment first, the beginnings were terribly hard just public acceptance of the group gave him strength to continue. Beginnings were complicated because in addition to not having the appropriate tools was added to the ingredient was a group whose interpretation and cumbia sounds they made were totally and absolutely different from what was heard at the time and was in those years was executed by furor tropical groups with a lot of people on stage whose sound base is bronzes were trumpets, saxophones, trombone and a strong introduction of keyboards and percussion is generous in this music scene that burst these young 5 a strong powerful sound based on guitars with a guitar virtuoso who first drew great musical figures which were the delight and admiration took on the youth of the time, an electric bass that filled the musical counterpoint of dance and rhythm guitar on the 2nd one which bore the placing the burden of accompanying rhythmic background, the battery was executed by John of quite a self-shifting and changing your way of interpreting how the touches of cumbia with cowbells and timbales that's only the Vikings made and the voice was very powerful, is acartonadas different from the voices of the time that this was very strong, powerful but at the same time delivering much sweetness. Besides the physical appearance played an important role in the staging of the band, because they are not exactly the prototype of the musician of the time because unlike other orchestras, these 5 guys wore long hair, most members were on eighty meters with stylized figures, dressed in copying the style of "The Beatles" vocalist (chaguar) An impressive stature and melenudo very charismatic keeper with a tremendous stream of voice that sounded like a roar filled with strength and pace put everyone to dance and the girls to dream and to have wide acceptance in the female audience. So step by step with great fortitude and a degree of luck was giving vikingo tropical phenomenon, and begin to get the first public performances at the festival of friends, sports clubs, schools, but the stable where they were acquiring the training , the power of fiat which is the musical complicity where they learned to force toccata toccata released after each of their qualities and defects unforgettable night weekend where the style was born that we know today was with the courtesy of the fifth playground located in the Coquimbo glorious neighborhood of the Upper owned by the well-known entrepreneur of the time and remembered the beloved "Marta Fala" in an act of trust and faith in the group opened the doors of his premises in which working groups only and is enshrined in one of those restless nights of Saturday Marta visionary act in a test of faith that "Martita" was presented in the orchestra, saying, "SARS and SRES DEJO CON UDS TO A NEW GROUP which eventually become one of the most famous of the country "was precisely she who gives them that in the end would be his first officer was taken 05 Amarillos Beatles, casimir 05 black trousers and black boots 05 from that time Brothers and Juan Nuñez chaguar realize that the group caused his music to be admired by the public which at that time pledged to fight for space in the musical world, from there it begins to project the musical career and then slowly and gradually get to the big stage for the northern mining region, major events such as Fiestas inolvidables tufts at the University of La Serena, summer carnivals Elqui Valley and the big event at the Fiestas Patrias celebration Dieciochera more The largest of the country in which Coquimbana Pampilla highlighted with masterful presentations, presentations to captivate with its huge amount of public that attended from all over the country in which Lucian is vikings5 and glittered with his pace and style. So in early 1970, John made the contacts necessary to get the opportunity to record, but at that time were recorded words was extremely difficult for older groups were accepted by the seals was a real privilege to have the opportunity to belong to a label, especially when that label vikings5 wanted to join a world-class as it was EMI-ODEON. Well John had managed to establish a friendship with the sales representative's record label Odeon and was managed through the trip for one person that Mr. Muñoz, take a sample of music to be heard and evaluated by the producers of Santiago stamp, so that after 27 days, a telegram arrived from the capital to sender stamp Odeon in which the production manager of the label reminded Mr.

JORGE OÑATE in which event the band to perform a hearing and subsequent recording of 2 songs that were sent as samples, these 2 songs were on the side A "provincial Linda" was authored by Guillermo Montero Vikings5 and the B side was "Pope Day in your" these two cumbias inserted in what was then called SINGLE 45th week launched became SUPER SALES which freaked the directors of the seal causing the general management of the stamp to send in a search for Bus Coquimbo special immediately to record a Long Play which was recorded 12 songs, plus he was offered and signed a contract that ties of 5 years with the company also paid a heavy sum of money for recording royalties on sales of CDs, since then life begins to change as well as the group is born to life hits that are now tropical icons in the first LP recording the provincial Don Goyo, mining, goodbye to penalties, including candy cane All national classics. Jorge Oñate Father was a true musical adviser, was his most loyal admirer and said it took many years in the production of records and for the vikings5 were a large diamond to sell a machine that reads the discs boys were his bronze horse and his letter safer to play the winner cumbia chilena. A curious thing to remember is what my dad told me the chaguar as compared to the musical compositions created in the time it was too difficult to have a recorder handy to be able to record an idea came to him as inspiration to create a cumbia sgte what happened: It turns out that Montero was dominant in the village was located on a hill that the summit was a small shrine that was done in homage to Our Lady of Lourdes and the hill was located just outside the Village. G. Mistral Vivian in which other members of the group also had its chaguar tallercito Furniture, well, Montero stood at the top of the hill and gave a loud and powerful Silbido he did several times until the chaguar listening and carpenter peeked from a bank to look to the hill where you Montero to wait for a sign, this time with the agility of a boy of 16 years he ran down hill jumping obstacles with guitar in hand, thus came to the workshop and the voice for the effort, he said "chaguar, I have an idea please listen and memorízala so tuned as the new song that was born this way were great cumbias as it was virtually impossible to record that moment of inspiration the chaguar was that I had to keep it in your mind and the other party Montero and then get to test where John, Mario and Eduardo contributed their talents to give ideas to finally give the final shape to the song.

This will take shape most of the major successes of the compositions of the Viking's Cumbas. Along with the recordings in one of the world's major labels, they travel the country from all sides wanted to group universities, municipalities, local festivals, the fifth recreational miners in demand since the end almost the emergence of a professional vikings5 in 70 years, have not stopped making presentations every weekend traveling the world and now Chile. In the 70 starts a brilliant and fabulous time consolidating a strong race, as they were over 15 years of sales records in the Odeon. Seizing the applause i taste the popular preference of the public, as the productions that launched the market quickly earned silver discs, gold or platinum, bequeathing to become exclusive to the chain number of international artists from the label catalog Odeon. In this way we begin to do their production in several Latin American countries as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Miami, among others. It was impressive to see the scenarios as each day passed 5 to become the Vikings beat in the tropical world, several times I surprised myself (said chaguar) feel the weight of the responsibility to come to the stage after these big events on stage that had just performed some noise, which always had more than two members and with many instruments, then we had to climb on stage with two guitars, a timbaleta, a bass and conga with my escape, we were just five usually in these huge parties at the public ramp always exceeded 2,000, but enough to begin my brother Juan Nunez with his original touch timbaleta to the public seized as bewitched dancing on the track, that brings us to feel as the best, we were to forget that we were only five on the stage, to others when our time came to download the public began to protest to demand that our presence will continue to keep dancing. It is also important to note that in cities like Vallenar, Calama, Copiapo, Los Vilos, Calera, Los Andes, Rancagua, Chillan, Puerto Montt, were revered as heroes true considering that at that time was extremely complicated and difficult part of marketing, is namely, tropical groups had no access to means of communication media, such as newspapers, magazines did not have FM radio programming, are very limited spaces for radial tropical cumbias, so all that was done promotion was solely from the sale of his records, with another point to what is experienced today were the means of transport and roads, but even so the Vikings'5 thanks to the people, the public, managed to pass this Wall imposing society. For those things of life was about to record their third musical production around the country were blocked, it stops all activity in society with the Chilean military coup of 1973, obviously harms and damages in the first successful path that the group was planning, because no doubt to the civil war in the country caused the public not to encourage walking and holding dance parties but even with the curfew imposed by the military regime that eventually ends up killing the bohemian Chilean brothers Núñez all Chileans suffered at first hand the situation in the country the first few months was strongly affected his music is so much fear but with courage enough to approach the military to present your case and explain that musicians who were their source of work to feed his family depended largely on the money that could meet the weekend so wanted to ask permission to run and work with your music in special schedules prior to initiating the "curfew", then listen again to give it a surprise that require permission, so that the brothers begin to organize and promote Núñez events, show and dancing during the day, so much patience to succeed in overcoming the crisis living the country. Slowly the situation was normalized in terms of nightly parties and along with it the reputation of Vikings'5 begins to shiftboundaries with hits such as: Don Goyo, the provincial, Candombe for Joseph, your brother, that sounded appeared first in the ranking of the radios in Argentina, for which this country comes from the employer to hire Argentine Humberto Rizzeto by summer season for the harvest carnival in San Juan and Mendoza, which is repeated for three years (1975, 1976, 1977) who made presentations with unparalleled success since its cumbias were known throughout much of the public, was one of the things that surprised the boys to come to this land, after having traversed along the route of the passage of sewage in Vicuña, a journey that passes over the Andes on a very difficult transition but the get to San Juan were amazed with the city and even more when they meet in the stadiums and venues which would be present, since they had never seen a place so big with all the comforts and full of technical developments and for more surprises when boys begin to tune the radio in the city realize that their cumbias are played with reminders were certainly moments that have marked and changed forever the notion that life and Vikings'5 had until that moment of his life and music This is the starting point for a career of foreign travel that today are performed. Two major events, two major milestones that will give Vikings'5 the tropical Chilean music in this part of the race Vikings'5 give life to two of the most important classics cumbieros country was in 1975 when it the place where the group was rehearsing in the terrace of the house of Eduardo Aranda a guitarist, located on Calle de Coquimbo Baquedano, where the door and was struck by Mr.

Hernán Pavez Gallardo that he wanted to talk to the boys thus resulting in a composition to which he had great affection and yet accounted for much, because they had written in a time of terrible sadness and loneliness was a great moment of inspiration in which his beloved father had died, In this way he expressed his entire sentence and creates a tribute to the lyrics of this song so the Vikings'5 leads the group to see if he could work on it, the boys took the letter and then make arrangements necessary to create cumbia was born in the classic "One More Year" recorded two years earlier than any other orchestra, so the Núñez brothers always said "the pride of being the first." But the facts do not stop there I was preparing for the huge and another pleasant surprise because of the constant trips to Argentina is known and heard a "guainito" highly contagious, cutting folk, whose author is the Argentine Roberto Thernan. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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