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-- ABOUT LOGAN LYNN -- Logan Lynn is an American musician, writer, composer, singer, producer, mental health advocate, LGBT activist, filmmaker and television personality with a career that spans the past two decades. Lynn is the former host of "NewNowNext Music" on MTV’s Logo Network and has done a number of televised commercial spots for the channel. His videos have been featured on MTV, VH1, Logo, Spike TV and countless web-based platforms since 2000. Read more on
-- ABOUT LOGAN LYNN -- Logan Lynn is an American musician, writer, composer, singer, producer, mental health advocate, LGBT activist, filmmaker and television personality with a career that spans the past two decades. Lynn is the former host of "NewNowNext Music" on MTV’s Logo Network and has done a number of televised commercial spots for the channel. His videos have been featured on MTV, VH1, Logo, Spike TV and countless web-based platforms since 2000. Logan released his 8th studio album "ADIEU" in 2016. The record explored issues of mental health, addiction recovery, grief, loss, resilience and Lynn’s own lifelong battle with overcoming persistent suicidal ideation. "ADIEU" was named one of the “Top 10 Albums of 2016” by Blurt Magazine and Disarm Magazine, as well as one of the “Top 5 Albums of 2016” by Insite Magazine. In 2017 Lynn released a documentary film titled "Lead With Love", about his controversial Inter-Community Dialogue Project with the conservative evangelical Mars Hill Megachurch.

Later that year he starred in “Last Meal“, a new horror-comedy TV series from Two Penguins Productions and the writers of “Search Party” on TBS, and received the prestigious Award of Excellence from the National Council for Behavioral Health for his advocacy work in music, TV, film and community. In 2018 Kink FM named him one of The Portland 50, honoring the people who “dreamt, built and championed the innovation, growth and uniqueness of Portland”. Logan Lynn has recently completed work on a new record, titled "My Movie Star". The album is a collaboration with T-Pain muse GLASYS and features just Lynn and a grand piano. "My Movie Star" was produced by Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr (Saturday Night Live, Jerry Maguire, Mohr Stories) and is due out in 2018. -- ABOUT "MY MOVIE STAR" -- Breaking from his usual process, Logan Lynn wrote 19 new songs for "My Movie Star" by himself on the Steinway piano in his living room, then narrowed the tracklist down to 10 for the release.

Unlike any of his previous work over the past 20 years, all of these tracks began with Lynn streaming his initial writing sessions live for his followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from his loft in Portland, Oregon. From there, he took those Steinway Sessions live recordings offline and sent countless clips to co-Producer Jay Mohr for feedback and direction. This back-and-forth process — which mainly consisted of Jay telling Logan to quiet down and pushing him to be braver and more exposed — went on for most of 2016 while Lynn was on the road promoting his last release, "ADIEU." From there, Logan invited Portland-based piano genius (and T-Pain muse) GLASYS to come on board to build out the key parts and a few months later they locked themselves in The Hallowed Halls with Justin Phelps (Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Dead Kennedys) and Mike Blackburn (The Wild War, Scars on 45, Dungen) until "My Movie Star" was complete. Lynn credits Jay Mohr, who is also a writer on 2 of the songs, for inspiring the album as a whole. Logan Lynn’s "My Movie Star" will ultimately be released as a 2-disc set alongside an album of all the songs reimagined by Logan’s favorite bands and artists. -- PRESS -- “Logan Lynn’s ADIEU is a victory for the broken bones and bruised hearts that support our heavy souls. Impossibly, yet beautifully, ADIEU makes no claims to anything other than a simple truth: Life is awful, until it’s not.

For anyone that has ever felt disconnected, unheard, under-appreciated or unrequited, this is the album to hold tightly to your chest. A+” – Jay Mohr (Comedian, Actor, Radio Host and Best Selling Author) “Taken at the surface level, ADIEU would simply be another peppy, upbeat synthpop record – albeit a very good one – with sharp, tight arrangements and eloquent lyrics. Diving into the lyric sheet (thoughtfully included with the 2xLP) cracks the shiny veneer, revealing an unexpected darkness, as Lynn peels off his skin, to share his shredded nerves and modern-day anxieties, delving into the seamy, sleazy side of life, while sounding like a Threepenny Opera. The melodicism and catchy arrangements – like the toppling piano chords and pots-and-pans percussion of ‘Go There When You Want To Be Loved’ – are a perfect microcosm of what makes this album so exceptional, so unique, so palatable.

Lynn laces the abyss with a wheelbarrow full of sugary Indie Pop.” – Forestpunk (Vinyl of the Week) “ADIEU is one to get, Dandy friends!” – The Dandy Warhols “One of the 10 Best Albums of 2016! Wrapped inside a striking, bleak cover image, carved into blood red vinyl, and with a full page of liner notes explaining its fascinating, tragic exegesis, Logan Lynn’s double album released near the end of 2016 is the defiant, insistent & powerful work of a years’ long incubating process, a thoughtful self-interrogation that pulls light out of darkness and healing out of grief, addiction and pain with subtlety, nuance, humor, and lively melodies. Music reviewers who completed their 2016 best of lists prematurely should give Lynn’s Adieu consideration for 2017.” – Disarm Magazine “Portland musician Logan Lynn is many things: a respected songwriter, mental health advocate, and LGBTQ icon. ADIEU is a smart mix of alt-country and indie electronica, with lyrics that may be dark, but are ultimately uplifting. It may have taken decades, but he has finally found his true voice, and is far from saying goodbye.

With Adieu, Logan Lynn is really saying hello—to the world, to himself, and to the future.” – Hutch Harris of The Thermals “Former electronic artist, Dandy Warhols protege, LGBT activist and human being with many other attached labels and titles, Logan Lynn, drops an epic album of danceable Electro-Rock Pop gems. You’ll find yourself dancing and twirling through the house, lip syncing into your hairbrush to his bare-bones, no holds barred truth before you even have a chance to process the lyrical content. Like a pride-parade rock band fronted by a former Christian fundie superhero schooled in the finer points of Brian Wilson and the aforementioned Dandys who had the power-pop potential to become something resembling an Indie/Glam Macklemore/Owl City hybrid. I can’t stop listening to ADIEU.” – GHETTOBLASTER Magazine “One of the Top 10 Albums of 2016! At 15 tracks, Lynn manages to keep the momentum up throughout the entire record thanks to smart lyrics, a strong mix of synths and sharp guitars and a knack for mixing in some truly inventive elements to what could have easily just been standard catchy pop songs.

4 out of 5 stars.” – Blurt Magazine “ADIEU, Lynn’s eighth and quite possibly best album, covers everything from loss, love, mental health, and sex and drugs: just about everything you need for an enduring rock record.” – New Noise Magazine “Logan Lynn returns with ADIEU, his eighth studio album and a seismic message of resilience and recovery. Lynn’s danceable, party perfect sound succeeds in a major musical hat trick; doubling as a hopeful anthem for anyone who has suffered the one-two sucker punch of trauma compounded by self-medicating. These songs are dirty, raw and so beautifully rendered I could not stop listening. ADIEU fills the vacant space in music that goes beyond drugs, sex and rock and roll to what happens next, when the wounded and victimized awaken to the potential of their own lives.

The mix of rock, pop and 90’s rhythms is so infectious, one might be tempted to forego the liner notes and lyrics. Don’t make that mistake. As a mental health advocate and suicide loss survivor, I cheered this album and its anthem: Stick around and bear witness to the beating of your own heart.” – Sheila Hamilton (Emmy Award Winning Journalist, 101.9 Kink FM Morning Show Host, and Author of “All The Things We Never Knew: Chasing The Chaos Of Mental Illness”) “Logan Lynn has always had a knack for making danceable rock and pop and with “The One,” he shows that he can now confidently rock out with the same gusto.” – Glide Magazine “ADIEU is a total success. This lengthy album features songs that are, admittedly, probably too smart for the average casual listener, but the delivery is so straightforward and genuine that you can’t help but enjoy yourself…even if the topics are sometimes heavy and intense.

Although there are hundreds of possible reference points and influences in these tracks, in the end it’s difficult to come up with any specific comparison because Lynn seems to be driven by the pure motivation to create and express himself. Usually albums that delve into personal redemption and struggles are self-indulgent and tedious. That is not the case here. Logan writes songs that are ultimately catchy and friendly, and they make you want to immediately hear them again and again.

We like everything about this album. Great songs, great vocals, super intelligent lyrics, and arrangements that are a perfect fit for each track. This guy has really hit the bull’s eye here for fans of underground pop.” – (LMNOP) “Sex, Dogs and Mental Health? After years of translating emotional hardship into musical coherence, Logan Lynn’s grief has opened the door to creating something beautiful as he returns with his eighth studio record, ADIEU.” – Vortex Music Magazine “Stylistically ‘The One’ sees a slight shift in direction for Lynn, whose past releases have been more electronic, whether it’s veering towards the dance floor or creating hook-filled alt-pop. This first track from his forthcoming new album ‘Adieu’ sees him tackling garage inspired indie-rock without losing those catchy melodies and pop sparkle.” – The Sound of Confusion (UK) “Veteran Portland songwriter Logan Lynn releases a document in vulnerability and his most uncomfortable album yet…Openness and honesty guides his new album ADIEU, which is more bare than anything Lynn has released before.

It’s also less buried beneath technology, more indebted to Liz Phair, The Innocence Mission and The Sundays.” – Willamette Week “One of the Top 5 Albums of 2016! ADIEU is quite possibly Logan Lynn’s best album yet, as each song here builds on the next for an impressively cohesive set, ending in the brilliantly wry ‘Oh, Lucifer’. Despite a mix of up tempo indie pop and more introspective piano tracks, they fit together beautifully. Lynn continues to impress eight records into his career.” – Insite Magazine “Somehow, a kid who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian church where even musical instruments were too secular to have around has developed into an innovative adult musician with a dirty-honest edge…blunt, raunchy, and fun.” – Advocate Magazine “Estos no han sido unos buenos años para Logan Lynn. El estadounidense en un corto plazo de tiempo perdió a su chico y a su querido perro, y con esas ausencias en su vida los fantasmas de los trastornos mentales y el suicidio volvieron a acecharle.

Aunque eso sí, lejos de decantarse por la autodestrucción, ha aprovechado estas vicisitudes para crear un álbum catártico en el que, sin tapujos, se desnuda como nunca con la pérdida del amor como principal leit motiv. Aparcando su conocida faceta electrónica (aun habiendo números como “Way Out” o esa “Oh Lucifer” en la que vuelve a hacer gala de su compromiso con la comunidad LGTB) Lynn y su fiel colaborador Gino Mari tanto se dejan querer por el pop californiano (“Can You Get Me Off?”) como rinden pleitesía a sus admirados The Dandy Warhols (en “The One”) en un disco igual de bello que visceral. 7 out of 10 stars.” – Mondo Sonoro Magazine (Spain) “It’s been four years since Portland’s Logan Lynn last put out a full length and despite coming out with a wildly popular Miley Cyrus cover in 2013, his latest record ADIEU is aligned much closer to ’90s college radio rock and classic theatrical rock than a contemporary party album…The whole thing is very jazz hands mental health crisis, frankly. Logan Lynn is a modern day Gene Kelly.” – Innocent Words Magazine “Disco Recomendado ADIEU: Uno de los regresos más esperados desde este espacio de música ya está acá, el dolor que inspira la perdida, la perdida que inspira a la creación, toda expresión que fluye como la sangre en las venas, vuelve en uno de los trabajos más maduros de Logan Lynn.” – La Musique Radio (Colombia) “Logan Lynn’s emo-disco-pop blend has already made him a hit with gay guys who like to hear their lives — from the highs to the lows — set to music.

His ability to capture melancholy and melody is really no surprise, given that his grandmother also taught a similarly emotional man, Johnny Cash.” – OUT Magazine Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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