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Official webpage: - (Depressive Black Metal) Lidande Depressive Black Metal -2004 to 2018-? (about 400 tracks not in chronological order) Idea of the band was started in the 90s, with other collaborations rather left to a certain respect. (Departure - 2006) demo - Written and Recorded in 2005 Donations to paypal: Official email/contact:, , Read more on
Official webpage: - (Depressive Black Metal) Lidande Depressive Black Metal -2004 to 2018-? (about 400 tracks not in chronological order) Idea of the band was started in the 90s, with other collaborations rather left to a certain respect. (Departure - 2006) demo - Written and Recorded in 2005 Donations to paypal: Official email/contact:, , Side projects( , facebook/deepstareus and Lidande was formed in 2004 by Manny(Colden, Deep Stare, Thine Art, Worsening, Krxa, Slough of Despond, Wrought, Begotten Chambers, Fallen Moons) who is the Founder of Lidande(Active) (USA/UK/SWE) with Alex of Nocturnal Necropsy formed in 2002 with Kieran (also in Paraphrenia) - and also in NBN(Nothing but Nothingness) since 2008 with Kim Carlsson, and other projects like Colden and Deep Stare and many unknown collaborations. Helps: Contribututes,: Alex-Gretchen(Arcane Pariah Records, Nocturnal Necropsy, Guttersnipe, Slash Thy Veins, Desecrated Grave, Abortion Void, Beyond the Asylum, Worsening), Kim Carlsson(Hypothermia, Lifelover, Kall, Horns Emerging, Ritualmord, Kyla), RIchard Abrams(Storebror, 1blis 1ndustries Through the Pain, Hypothermia), Nachtzeit(Life Neglected, Dreams, Nostagia, Lustre, Mortem Parto Humano, Durthang, Beyond Dawn, Ebon Lore, Wistful Ruins(as guest w/ archaic), Messier M1,The Burning, Starlit, Zahrady Ticha), Isolationist , Unknown Author (Toil, Frail, Crooked Necks), Jeff Wilson(Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves, Liar in Wait), Sargeist, Nightbringer, Satyricon, Taake, Black Howling, Psychalgia, Isomer, The Sun and The Stars, Ingenting, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Benighted in Sodom, Missing, Von, Ars Diavoli, Unkonsious, Jef Whitehead(Missing, Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice, Hate Meditation), Antestor, Some Happy Thoughts, Vorarephilia, Malefic(Xasthur, Celestia, Iron Maiden, Sunn o))), Sick, Nocturnal Poisoning, Mord, Twilight), Rx10, Euthanasia, Nosvyr, Lyrinx, Kin of Uphir, Misanthropic Terror, Zyklon-B, Dodheimsgard, Alexander(Svarthymn), Jan SIncl (Trist, Zahrady TIcha, Life is Pain), Kold(Lost Inside, Means to an End, Hanging Garden), Piergiorgio(Null, Eyelessight, Dreariness, Perpetual Melancholy) ,Obsequies Procession, Katatonia, Varg Vikernes(Burzum, Mayhem), Yhardl, Desolation Depression, Yield to Despair, Nightbringer, Crimson Moon, Senthil, Coldplay, Absurd, Melkor, Ravenlord(Woods of Infinity, Fasa), Hampus(Skogsfrid, Fasa), Arkha Sva, Alireza Safaeian (Depressive Visions, War Against Yourself), Cid (Antagonic Omnipotent Catharsis, Happy Days, Inferion, Lucera), Shining, Kult ov Azazel, Krieg, Antaeus, Nortt, 1349, Darkthrone, Koronas (Korium), Mare Crisium, Dead Reptile Shrine, Averse Sefira, Dario J. Derna(Krohm, Infester), Black Witchery, Graun Pestanz, Death in June, Brighter Death Now, Johnny Cash, Steve Wilson, Forgotten Tomb, Beherit, Diaboli, Horna, Nargaroth, Woundism, Emperor, Mgla, Stabat Mater, Mikko Aspa(Clandestine Blaze, Deathspell Omega), Decapitated, Secrets She Kept, Dissection, Atrax Morgue, Lycia, Jorge Selsin (Devastator), Inferion, Nachtmystium, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, Blood Red Fog, Dapnom, Christophe Szpajdel, Mikael Olsson(Svarthymn), Striborg, Veinen, Aakon Ketreeh & His Sombre Sister Valerie(LLN), Black Hole Horizon(Tristram, Through the Pain), and Guests(remain unknown) Orders for Lidande shirt (L) and Lidande - Departure (2006) demo original tape originally intended to be released on Emong but only 16 were made independent by the band, both limited a few left ! contact me private message or at Very rare and there will be no more re prints again! donate $5 dollars for the donation of the entire discography of Lidande , free for stream Discography: Lidande - Departure demo tape (2006) (Independent) Lidande - Departure CD (2006) (Independent) Lidande - Delusion Ritual demo tape (2010) (Independent) Lidande - Unspoken (CD/DVD) - 2011 (Trinitas Sanctus Prods) Lidande - The Mourning Love that Kills tape (2013) (Trinitas Sanctus Prods) Lidande - Arise tape (2014) tape Lidande - Iidkadt (2016) Digital (Trinitas Sanctus Prods) Deep Stare - Deep Stare (2016-2017) Digital (Trinitas Sanctus Prods) Lidande - Absolution(A Dying and Lost Humanity) tape (Trinitas Sanctus Prods) Lidande - Compilation - (Ten years) [three seperate tapes] tape (Trinitas Sanctus Prods) Lidande - Death Aroma (2017) tape (undisclosed limitation) Lidande - Empty Fortresses (2017) CD (undisclosed limitation) Lidande - Midnights Sounding tba Licande - EP/Single tba , etc and more.. amongst many unreleased albums/demos for stream and the new album for download here: Preparing for 2018 as Lidande takes a silent edge as of 2017 for 2018's Colden album with artwork from Kim done after Zrcadlení melancholie from Trist. If the release goes public or not, either way , the only part missing is the a painting dedicated to all my projects. Hopefully Lidande plans future releases... NBN debut album released on CD on Unjoy and is available for sale at Amor Fati Productions and Consoulingsoul aswell as Hypothermia's facebook page.

streaming album link below NBN (Nothing But Nothingness) Album can be bought by sending an emailing and ordering through: HYPOTHERMIA.VEMODSORKESTERN@GMAIL.COM Interesting material art, paintings, etc. Thank you for supporting Depressive Suicidal Black Metal / Post Metal / Ambient / Depressive Rock / Ritual/ Atmospheric / Elektronic/ Minimalism/ Black Metal / Dark Ambient / Acoustic / Nature / Experimental/ Blackgaze / Metamorphosis/ Sad Jazz 2. A one-woman black metal band from Sweden, created by Demonica from the dark ambient act Midnattsdottir. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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