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At least 18 artists have used the Leviathan moniker: 1) Leviathan is the black metal project of American artist Jef Whitehead, aka 'Wrest'. He began the project in 1998. Though he was originally based in San Francisco, California, he later moved and is now located in Portland, Oregon. Leviathan was put on hold in October 2007 due to a legal dispute with the record label. Wrest brought the project back in January 2008 to release Massive Conspiracy Against All Life. Read more on
At least 18 artists have used the Leviathan moniker: 1) Leviathan is the black metal project of American artist Jef Whitehead, aka 'Wrest'. He began the project in 1998. Though he was originally based in San Francisco, California, he later moved and is now located in Portland, Oregon. Leviathan was put on hold in October 2007 due to a legal dispute with the record label.

Wrest brought the project back in January 2008 to release Massive Conspiracy Against All Life. Since then he has released two further albums, the most recent of which 'Scar Sighted' was released in March 2015. Wrest revived the project in 2011, releasing True Traitor, True Whore through Profound Lore Records in November that same year. Its subject matter was inspired by his experiences over the past year with his arrest and his accuser. Leviathan's eighth full-length album Scar Sighted was released again through Profound Lore on March 3, 2015 to widespread critical acclaim, and was considered by many music critics to be one of the best metal albums of the year. Aside from Leviathan, Wrest has a 'side project' under the name of Lurker of Chalice which blends the lines of black metal and neo-folk with a dark ambience.

Wrest has also performed with Sunn O))) and Twilight as well as playing drums for Nachtmystium for some live appearances. Also noteworthy is his prior band called Gift Horse, a Cali based instrumental rock band in which he played drums. Wrest's real name is Jef Whitehead, and outside music he is a famous tattoo artist and visual artist, and works with Hildolf (aka Tim Lehi, who is Draugar) at Black Heart Tattoo. In January 2011 Wrest was arrested on charges of domestic violence and sexual assault against his ex-girlfriend. Wrest maintained his innocence and took the case to trial, in which all charges except one case of aggravated domestic battery were dropped, and he received 2 years probation. Leviathan is frequently regarded as one of the most influential black metal projects in the US black metal scene, particularly for the 2003 album The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide which is often regarded as one of the best albums in the Depressive Black Metal genre.

Since then, Leviathan's sound has undergone significant evolution, broadening its influences to incorporate elements of Death Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, and other genres. 2) Leviathan was a Thrash Metal band from Buffalo, New York. They proved to be the thrash and death metal pioneers who would help pave the way for Buffalo New York’s next wave of up and coming extreme metal artists. Formed in 1985, the band bonded immediately and it was their devotion to both extreme metal and hardcore punk in those glorious pre-“crossover” days that inspired 1987’s “Legions of the Undead” demo. Thanks to a vast international network of passionate underground tape traders the demo found it’s way into the collections of enthusiastic metal fans worldwide eventually winding up in the hands of Metal Forces magazine’s Bernard Doe whose interest led to the bands contribution of two tracks to Metal Forces first compilation LP “Scream Your Brains Out”.

As word spread throughout the underground, record label interest began to generate. Leviathan began to prepare new material for a second demo and an inevitable LP release but unfortunate personal problems forced the departure of drum wunderkind Angelo Lococo. After several disheartening auditions the band decided to disband. Leviathan was known primarily for the contributions of the young Chris Barnes who was the original Cannibal Corpse vocalist and is now the vocalist in the band Six Feet Under. 3) Leviathan from Sweden is a black metal band who released the album 'Far Beyond the Light' in 2002.

Is a project of Sir A. from Armagedda. 4) Leviathan is a dark ambient project from UK under Monkeyhouse Records. Albums: The Throne of Bones (2002), Machinery of Hell (2003), Shrouded By Fog (2003). Now known as LVTHN. 5) Since their formation in 1989, Colorado's LEVIATHAN have battled against trend after trend while following their hearts by playing progressive heavy rock - a musical genre that has been treated as a virtual non-entity by the music press in the band's homecountry.

Refusing to succomb to the unfavorable odds, the group issued a self-titled five song EP, LEVIATHAN (1992), and a full length studio album, Deepest Secrets Beneath, with a line up from which only the two guitarists, Ronnie Skeen and John Lutzow, remain today. While offering only a glimpse into the impressive songwriting chemistry and musicianship that makes LEVIATHAN so unique, the two Jim Morris-produced releases provided the group with a strong foundation in the hard rock scene and garnered positive reviews in virtually every major metal publication in the world. In addition, Deepest Secrets Beneath reached #8 on the Japanese import charts in 1995, selling nearly 10,000 copies without the benefit of proper distribution. After parting ways with the rest of the group last year, Skeen and Lutzow joined up with drummer Trevor Helfer, vocalist Jeff Ward and bassist Derek Blake to create their most dazzling and musically advanced effort to date. Produced by the band themselves and mixed by Morris, Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage sets a totally different mood with each and every song, producing an album that is very textural and diverse without losing sight of its musical focus.

Songs like "Census of Stars" and "Pages of Time" showcase the quintet's ability to create technical yet accessible music, while ballads such as "Are First Loves Forgotten?" and the album's epic conclusion "Passion Above All Else" exhibit the group's talent for writing with depth and feeling. Despite the lack of recognition afforded the band back home, LEVIATHAN are determined to press on with their musical endeavors and recently contributed a track to the second volume of the JUDAS PRIEST Tribute Album ("Night Comes Down") and have a possible European tour in the works for early 1997. In 1997 Corrosive Records released their third foul length album, "Scoring The Chapters" and later the band broke up. Source: They reunited in 2010 planning to film a gig to be released on DVD. 6) Leviathan from Turkey, released the album 'Cold Caress' 7) Leviathan is an underground rapper from Minneapolis signed to Insides Music. In 2006 he released his first album Thief Acrobat and Armed Response.

His style is spoken word poetry over mellow, lo-fi backing, similar in sound to The Last Poets or Gil Scott-Heron, crossed with the wordplay of modern artists such as The Gift Of Gab but with a more laidback flow than all of these. 8) Leviathan from Germany, released two demos and had a member from Necrophagist 9) Leviathan from Spain who had members in Innerself 10) Leviathan from Argentina who released three full length albums 11) Michel Klaasen, known as Tellurian and Leviathan, is the man behind the Cenobite label. The music on this label is a mix between underground Trance and hardcore: Trancecore! Lately he also has a live act together with the Predator. Aliasses: Brainiac, Fearless, Micado, Michel Klaassen, Tellurian 12) Leviathan from Italy, a progressive rock band who, in 1988 and 1990, released two neo-prog albums in the English language before a lengthy hiatus. In 1998, the band returned with an Italian language album of a similar musical style. Another album in Italian followed in 2004. 13) Leviathan from England. A true heavy thrash metal band from the south of england residing in a small town named gosport ready to take on and conquer the world! Despite the bands young average age it does not hinder them from getting kicked out of pubs across the south of england and gaining a reputation for their rowdy fans. They have recently released their first EP entitled No Man's Land. More details on their old lastfm page under the name: Sirloin. 14) Leviathan is a visual kei band from Japan. 15) Leviathan was also the handle of Amiga/demoscene musician Andy Carlson, from the USA. His song Dust To Dust was one of very few to be awarded the maximum 5 star rating in the Hornet Archive, the main hub for demoscene musicians in the mid 90s. 16) Leviathan were an industrial band from Melbourne Australia in the mid nineties and released a cd album and several tracks on compilation albums. 17) Leviathan (Odessa, Ukrain hardcore band.) classic New York hardcore style. 18) US Hard Rock/Progressive outfit LEVIATHAN was formed in 1972, originally from Little Rock, Arkansas but later having their base of operations out of Memphis, Tennesse according to the few sources available.

The band consisted of Wain Bradley (bass, guitars, vocals), Peter Richardson (vocals, organ) Don Swearingen (piano), Grady Trimble (guitars), John Sadler (mellotron) and Shof Beavers (percussion). They were an active band in the southwest US live scene, and besides opening for acts such as Electric Light Orchestra they also headlined shows themselves, at the height of their career in front of an audience 8000 strong in Memphis, Tennessee. The band issued one album before disbanding, a self-titled affair that eventually saw the light in 1974. The album had been a long time in the making though, as many of the band members were meticulous in their approach to the art of making music. Trained percussionist Beavers (who abhorred the description drummer) amongst the most detailed-oriented members of a band with perfectionism as a priority. Leviathan did record a second album, "The Life Cycle", but by the time it was finished the interest of their particular brand of music had declined considerably, and no label showed a particular interest in releasing it. Read more on

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