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i luv lazy menace rapz
by alondra 2011-02-08 19:32:33


CHalez SOm3 G SHYT Eyy
by 13SA VAqA3 2011-01-30 01:16:34

Green Magic Lyrics By Lazy Menace

This is green magic i\'mma call it fantastic
why you got a gun if you ain\'t gonna blast it
bitches be rapping and lazy be laughin
hit it real hard if you stuck like molasses
imma be chilling catch me on the sky way to st. petersburg
bitch i\'m in the south aye
Holla fuck the world i\'m a paranoid phsyco
never trust a bitch cuz the ****** could be you rifle
fuck the bullshit let me show you how it\'s done
all grind no sleep lazy menace number 1
el pelon mas chingon green bridge assasin
i\'m from the gulf coast if anybody\'s asking
i stole my heart keys and bought me a lag
had to handle business but now i\'m back
set it off imma run the whole globe
flow so addicting black that shit up your nose
break up the guard fill it up with nubes
i thought you boys knew this
this vato be the coolest
you can\'t stop you see i\'m already gone
even if i die i live through my songs
the risk can be fatal
been doomed since my cradle
and fuck the lime light i want food on my table
it\'s all on me if we get it we all win
from beginning to end we all lost in the win
a few bucks on gas a lotta cash on dro
my eyes fucking cross when she put it down her throat
this mario and i come from the dome
let me hit it twice cuz then i gotta go
slow this song down chop this bitch up
if a bitch don\'t like me i don\'t give a fuck
i could rap faster but thao on the screw it
he said he\'s a killer i say he\'s on music
i pop more green i might keep on rappin
i need to roll it up but first i need a napkin
i\'m pimpin i\'m mackin
you slippin you slackin
lets make a movie and get to the action
no sound effects just shots being fired
a bitch robbed a bank and said she was wired
this weed got me tired it must be the fire
cuz i just wrote a song but i still won\'t retire
i\'m putting in work in spanish trabajo
for all my future ochos next time try a vato
the desert be gacho i\'m from a damn rancho
my cousin name junior or you can call him pancho

just the tip of iceburg you understand i\'m coming home
by Adriana Lopez 2010-09-11 21:52:07

Meant to be Lyrics By Lazy Menace


If it was meant to be then the love is really true
i try to find a way to get home back to you
and if you can\'t hold on baby the love ain\'t true
and so the memories play back like i was there(x2)

we\'ve been together for some time and i love you girl
this love is so unique and to me your the world
it\'s too good to be true, perfect don\'t exist
your fellows don\'t like me cuz my hood is on my wrist
they say i\'m a vato and i\'ll end up dead
that you can do way better than that punk ass kid
i got jammed and i guess they were right
cuz four years passed and i\'m glad to see the light
i hear word from my homie that your womb had a kid
i blame myself cuz i did all the stupid shit
it\'s been 7 years since i last held your hand
i\'m looking at your pictures reminiscing bout the past


i\'m cruisin through the city and i stop to pump gas
i see this chick and my heart starts to pump fast
i walk up and i approach her like \'hey how you doin\'
she turns around and stutters i\'m already tooken
she asks my name then she grabs me by my wrist
she sees the old tatoo of that neighborhood click
i took a pause before the thoughts came true
she hugged me really tight and said i love you
i missed you but things happened shit done changed
i got a kid and her dad is so fucking lame
i cut her off and said run away with me
i\'ve been dying to tell you that since we were 15

by Adriana Lopez 2010-09-11 21:21:34
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