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About Me Miss Jill Louise Star (c.v.) Traveling extensively throughout South East Asia at an early age, I acquired a greater cosmopolitan understanding regarding relationships existing between culture, politics, economics and ideology. These relationships often produce primary contentions existing within the international relations purview presently. Particularly, between the United States of America and other non-liberal/non-democratic governed states as Serbia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Read more on
About Me Miss Jill Louise Star (c.v.) Traveling extensively throughout South East Asia at an early age, I acquired a greater cosmopolitan understanding regarding relationships existing between culture, politics, economics and ideology. These relationships often produce primary contentions existing within the international relations purview presently. Particularly, between the United States of America and other non-liberal/non-democratic governed states as Serbia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. My past travels including: Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Serbia and montenegro gives me many times broader comprehensions insofar as international relations, politics, human rights and whereby diplomacy necessitates enhancing between liberal democratic governed states such as the United States of America, and, other non-liberal and/or non-democratic governed states such as Serbia & Montenegro, China, and Middle East. My own ideological viewpoints strongly stress the similarities we share as human beings in physiological and psychological needs in lieu of centering primarily on only our ideological and ethic differences.

I am also cognizant that some political regimes abuse for private personal profit: religion, ethnicity, money, power and nationalism as a means for oppressing their own citizenry. This in turn negatively affects the rest of the world and I am convinced for any government to engage in gross human right violations is as great a tragedy as it is a mistake. It’s vital for any state's survival its citizens maintain a healthy dialectic relationship with those ruling over them mutually. This relationship ought be premised upon trust and stability.

When politicians blinded by Hobbesonain vainglory, power and greed cause this dialectic relationship to fail, wars, revolutions and conflicts ensue such as in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia once comprised of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes ;later resulting in genocide as well as the 1999 Kosovo crisis and Bosnian civil war. I strongly believe the United States of American must subject itself to the same high-minded human rights and legal standards it demands the rest of the world abide. Anything less is hypocritical and seriously undermines world peace and perpetual human survival for all in diplomacy. The United States needs better understandings of politics, security and cultures of the world’s many remote indigenous peoples to preserve their endangered cultures in accordance to the United Nations Human Rights Instruments. I also possess strong interests in analyzing political geography, cultural and theological social spaces of the former territorial regions of Yugoslavia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo.

I desire to analyze places where potential conflicts could arise in the future and eradicate them prior to uncontainable escalation. i hope by analyzing our worlds past political and historical experiences, we will not repeat them. Living in an age where nuclear weapons are bought and sold globally calls additionally for new enhanced preventive measures concerning international and national security; an additional field of interest to me. I hope world leaders begin learning from our world’s past legacies bequeathed to us by the Ancient Roman Empire’s rise and fall to safeguard our present world's future posterity, and prevent tragedies such as W.W.II and its associated political messiah's from resurfacing. I have personally witnessed the greatly oppressed living conditions of the men, women and children residing in less developed countries than the United States. as such, I became friends with beggars and lepers in the streets of Indonesia..

an experience giving me even a greater moral commitment in enhancing social justice and economic equity for persons throughout the world, regardless of race, religion or ethnic creed. All human beings deserve basic human necessities guaranteeing their survival. hence, I stand against any Western imposed political and economic sanctions placed on poor countries which are themselves grave human rights violations. It is also of grave importance leaders of the United States of American fully understand ways in which they alienate states existing within the non-liberal and non-democratic world sphere which Western leaders often fail to understand. It is my hope entering the 21st century, we will better work together with people around the world building a more hospitable world environment where world peace will one day prevail over war. My personal career objectives include enhancing diplomatic relations between the United States and both Bosnia and Yugoslavia.

I also desire to work with the Law Projects Center in advocating for greater human rights for all while additionally helping to negotiate peaceful conflict dispute resolutions between the aforementioned states. I also desire to work towards developing progressive new peace theories that eventually will be objectively applied to work within our present historical time. These are many but not all of my future goals which includes one day advising high ranking government officials as to the dangers of intervening militarily in political territories such as Kosovo and Bosnia. By doing so I believe future world crises such as the 1999 Kosovo crisis can be avoided. In working towards enhancing diplomacy between the United States and the Former Yugoslavian states, whether working independently or within an International Alliance comparable to the United Nations, one of my greatest joys is working to solve macro and micro political and social problems that may cause any future world conflicts and to eradicate them prior to their escalation. I also look forward to working within the United Nations purview to construct a more inclusive Human Rights forum where Western leaders can better comprehend human rights from a non-Western perspective. This would then serve to assist Western political leaders in understanding the importance of adapting a more ‘Culturally Relative' approach towards making human rights policies for the Balkans. In sum by applying my research, I hope to foresee possible future world conflicts and social upheavals before they occur and hopefully be capable of eradicating them through preventive and peaceful measures. My strong commitment to uphold social justice for all is the intrinsic reward I seek more than any extrinsic reward while working in my future endeavors as my past volunteer experience manifests.

Although possessing an extensive background in social and political science, international criminal law, human rights, computer science in addition to possessing keen analytical abilities and an excellent scholastic record, I have mostly dedicated myself solely to my studies and volunteer work. Dedicating time to law enforcement agencies and other organizations has allowed me to make many a great strides in America in curtailing drug cartels and also in assisting in homicide investigations. I worked with many law enforcement agencies throughout New Jersey and New York and it has always been the intrinsic values of my work that I value over any extrinsic reward that might be offered to me. I would never work solely for extrinsic rewards. I have seen both the good and corrupt side of American law and public policy and once I myself was almost killed by having placed my own life in jeopardy due to one particular investigation I was involved with.

However, this experience has not deterred me but inversely it has made my dedication towards social justice much more strong. My current studies include: economics, geography, language, culture, foreign relations, theology and whereby these subjects can enhance world peace and diplomacy. I have a strong theological background within the Russian Orthodox Church and have many friends of European Noble Ancestry e.g., Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Hungary. These friends and others such as Bishops in many Western and non-western states such as Italy, Ireland, Serbia, and Great Britain have further given me an exceptionally keen outlook on current world affairs. Our current world conflicts illuminate whereby our world's past bonds us to the present and to our potential future. I have greatly enjoyed the greater cosmopolitan understanding of world politics when speaking with my friends some whom were/are closely related to Head’s of State in Iraq, North East Asia, and Serbia and Russia.

My conversations with many of these people never ceases to give me new illuminating insight into the political philosophies, and the national trends bad and good alike existing in the world today. I am committed to nothing less then the highest level of excellence in whatever future endeavors I undertake in the international arena and with my lifelong dedication to social justice for all peoples of all nations, nothing less will suffice. Many tasks lie ahead in this field in our current historical time period and I am/ or have been a member of the: American Sociological Association Superior Court of New Jersey Certificate Conflict Dispute Resolution Serbian Unity Congress International Sociological Honor Society (AKD) International Studies Association IMADR International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism National Deans Listing 1997 Graduated Honors WPUNJ 1997 Diplomatic / International Relations Consultant & War Crimes Investigator - War - Peace - Preventive Diplomatic Strategies - International Law - Charitable Causes - International Business - International Political Economy - Human Rights - Politics - War Crimes Investigations - Anti-Terrorism - Law Projects Center Funded Projects (YCICC) Internationally Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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