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Shawn “KidCrusher” Montague is an Australian Made Horrorcore producer, vocalist, guitarist, drummer, film director, editor, live promoter, performer, actor, web-designer, radio host, former backyard wrestler and general manager of XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault from Adelaide, South Australia, formed in 2003. The band is composed of Shawn “KidCrusher” Montague & Shaun “BubZombie” Bain, who performs under the persona of a Cannibal Clown with his Blood Thirsty Zombie DJ. Read more on
Shawn “KidCrusher” Montague is an Australian Made Horrorcore producer, vocalist, guitarist, drummer, film director, editor, live promoter, performer, actor, web-designer, radio host, former backyard wrestler and general manager of XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault from Adelaide, South Australia, formed in 2003. The band is composed of Shawn “KidCrusher” Montague & Shaun “BubZombie” Bain, who performs under the persona of a Cannibal Clown with his Blood Thirsty Zombie DJ. KidCrusher performs a style of hardcore hip hop known as Horrorcore and is known for its elaborate live performances. Often compared to acts like Insane Clown Posse, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, The Berzerker, Cradle Of Filth & Korn. The band combines many musical styles such as Dubstep, Deathstep, Death Metal, Hip Hop, Ghetto Metal, Shock Rock, Horrorcore, Wicked Shit and Industrial music.

KidCrusher has gained moderate to high popularity on YouTube, where many of his songs accompanied with music videos has over one million views! Well known from his appearance on Insane Clown Posse’s compilation CD Tunnel Runners, released in stores world wide on Psychopathic Records sub-label Hatchet House which featured material from underground rappers and groups not signed to Hatchet House, such as Mars, King Gordy, Lo Key, KidCrusher, Playaz Lounge Crew and Q Strange. The album was featured at #21 on the top billboard charts for hip hop albums in 2008. Australian Horror Sensation, A Master Of The Wicked Shit - Hatchet House / Psychopathic Records KidCrusher had a cameo appearance on the TV series Law & Order on the episode Steel-Eyed Death. This episode is partially inspired by the Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III case. McCroskey, an amateur horrorcore rapper who also went by the name “Syko Sam” is accused of murdering four people in Farmville, Virginia.

The victims were a Presbyterian pastor, his estranged wife, their teenage daughter (who had been dating McCroskey), and one of their daughter’s friends. The Episode aired nation wide on NBC on the 1st of March 2010 with a record of 7.58 million viewers. Click Here to Read the press release from The New York Times. KidCrusher, an Australian rapper whose music was used on the show and was dismayed by the show’s portrayal of horrorcore. - The New York Times KidCrusher has also been the Opening act for several international bands for their Australian Tours, such as: Hed PE, Mushroomhead, Hopsin, The Berzerker, Xzibit & Dirt Nasty.

In 2008, KidCrusher was booked to perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos event in the United States. During his travel, he was deported from Minneapolis after not providing the correct paper work for a fine of possession of Marijuana he previously had in South Australia. He is currently waiting on a five year ban which ends late 2012, which then he can appeal in court for a Visa (document). He has not yet been approved to enter the United States at this point of time. He Got The Bone! - Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope KidCrusher was first recognized by the world when he released his first home made music video (A Dirty Fuckin Murder) released on the internet in 2005.

It was a featured article by “Something Awful“, which not only delivered KC thousands of negative comments and hate mail, but traffic from millions of fans from the underground music genre known as The Wicked Shit. KidCrusher then recorded his debut studio album Tormented Mutation in June 2006 and it was charted on the Awesam Music SA Top 10 Independent Charts at #3, right under The Hilltop Hoods. Which gave him the motivation to create an endless discography to entertain the world. Victim Gear is a label that produces, among other things, albums from Juggalos. That’s like a record label producing albums from drunks who just happen to really like Jimmy Buffett.

Welkum to ThA DaRk MaRgAriTaViLlE! - Something Awful In 2007 KC wrote a single for “The Disturbed Movie” An Independent Horror Movie by Strongman Pictures Australia, The Director of the film Daniel Armstrong then produced a high definition music video on the set of the movie with KidCrusher in Melbourne, Australia featuring make up and special effects from Justin Dix who recently designed the drones on the set of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. The Video was reviewed and KC was interviewed by FANGORIA (Americas Leading Horror Movie Magazine). The single was entitled “Meet The Monstors” featured on KidCrusher’s “Cannibal Clown” album. Highly Controversial, Sick and Scary as Hell ! - Fangoria Magazine In 2009 KidCrusher accomplished his first Australian Tour entitled Tunnel Runner Down Under Tour featuring special guests including The Berzerker from Melbourne Australia. The Tour consisted of dates in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Queensland and Sydney during April 2009.

The tour was completely booked, paid for, hosted and managed by him self independently. In 2010 KidCrusher announced he is working with a full Shock Rock, Death Metal Band called KcaveMen on an album entitled Gondwanaland featuring Todd Hansen from The Berzerker on drums, KC has been working on lead vocals, guitar and production for the band. During the month of June 2010 a storm clouded over Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Queensland. When KidCrusher’s side project band KcaveMen were defrosted and set out on tour to promote there debut studio album Gondwanaland featuring Todd Hansen from The Berzerker on drums and on tour.

With a successful independent tour, booked, managed and paid for by KidCrusher and his fellow band mates and local support acts HEADKASE which also features Todd Hansen on drums. KC said in interviews “The band started out as a collaboration between my self and Todd Hansen and it just blew up from there, I’ve always wanted to have a band full of committed, good people, and that’s what I’ve finally found“. The band is only said to be KC’s side project, how ever it’s doing really well for that. KcaveMen will re-appear from time to time around Australia and sometime in the near future embark around the world for another tour. Kcavemen are a dream come true.

All crazy make-up and flailing hair and fantastically aggressive stage presence. Having said that, if you’re the kind of person who requires nothing more from music than “brutality” and wild visuals, then Kcavemen are YOUR band! Brutal as fuck, yes…aesthetically pleasing, hell NO. They prove suitably entertaining for a spell, though by their set’s end I find myself looking for other sources of amusement… - Michael Bowser, Music Vice 2011 marked the release of KidCrusher’s side project ” The Grinch ” which also followed a music video for the single ” The Naughty List ” which was Produced & Directed by Strongman Pictures who produced ” Meet The Monstors “, It was a side project put together to revise the single ” The Grinch On A Dope Pinch ” which was featured on the album ” Stoned as a Mother Fucker “. With so much feedback from the split personality or gimmick which KidCrusher portrays Jim Carey‘s Version of Dr.

Sues The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The album was very well reviewed and came back with a lot of feedback so this may not be the end of The Grinch. Over 2011, since KC was chained from working International shows for a few more years, he worked on Tour Management, opening “Freak Show Touring” and hosted an Australian Tour for Europe’s Clown Core Kings Bawdy Festival, and later on in the year he booked and hosted the Hopsin Australian Tour with Chitty Bang Touring, then in early 2012 won two support slots to open for the Hed(p.e.) & Jeffrey Nothing (Mushroomead) Australian Hed2Head Tour with KillRockStar Entertainment aka Big Dog. He Loves Heavy Metal and He Murders It ! Violent J – Insane Clown Posse After the last tour, KC has been recording with BubZombie in The Cave Recording Studio in Adelaide South Australia for his master-project “Metal Murder 3D“. Which is labelled to be a “Musical Film” The musical film is a film genre in which songs sung by the characters are interwoven into the narrative, sometimes accompanied by dancing.

The songs usually advance the plot or develop the film’s characters, though in some cases they serve merely as breaks in the storyline, often as elaborate “production numbers”. The feature film, followed by a 2CD Digi-pack product available after the pay-per-view on the release date, speculated for early 2013. So far, already spoilers have been leaking on the artists featuring on the product via Twitter conversations by KidCrusher @AustralianAlien such as; Strongman Pictures, Q Strange, The Underground Avengers, Miss Kisa, Trips, Chico, Nascent, Lo Key, Teddy DKC & Bub Zombie. These collaborations are how ever speculations; As the twitter conversations are not verified by KidCrusher to the press for the album.

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