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Keelo Gramz

KEELO GRAMZ Lyrically insane, and visually captivating, Kemar "KeeLo GrAmZ" Munroe evokes an unforgettable presence on and off the stage. His artistic talent and eclectic tastes have made him one of the most unique Hip Hop artists to date. KeeLo Gramz began rhyming in high school, battling his friends (Night Hoodz) after basketball games, clubs and parties because they said he couldn’t do it. He then realized he had skills so he decided to take Read more on
KEELO GRAMZ Lyrically insane, and visually captivating, Kemar "KeeLo GrAmZ" Munroe evokes an unforgettable presence on and off the stage. His artistic talent and eclectic tastes have made him one of the most unique Hip Hop artists to date. KeeLo Gramz began rhyming in high school, battling his friends (Night Hoodz) after basketball games, clubs and parties because they said he couldn’t do it. He then realized he had skills so he decided to take it seriously since his dream of becoming a basketball star ended because he played on a broken ankle for one year.

Keelo then joined the group Night Hoodz. They together began recording tracks in a home studio, putting out underground albums, mixed-tapes and flyers; slowly they developed a fan base. After much frustration, it was suggested that KeeLo Gramz go solo by Tamara (BRAG Management). KeeLo would have a better chance at success as a solo act, to gain recognition first as a soloist and then bring the rest of the group along. In April 2004 KeeLo GrAmZ signed a solo management agreement with BRAG management.

By December 2004 BRAG was able to solidify an independent label deal through Dai-Lo Recordings for KeeLo Gramz and the group Night Hoodz. Since his signing with Dai-lo Recordings KeeLo has performed at all major venues in Toronto (Skydome, Rogers Centre, Importfest 2006 &2007, Molson Indy etc) and surrounding areas, as well as traveling across Canada to British Columbia to perform at Summer Jam (Opened for KOS, Montell Jordan, etc). KeeLo comments that: "The experience you take from doing live shows to being in the studio helps you understand how to touch people’s emotions". His inspirations come from a variety of music ranging from the dirty south sounds of Project Pat, to the 70’s rock hard stylings of AC/DC. As an artist, he refuses to confine himself to one specific genre of music: "I want to be a versatile artist, a lot of dudes just do straight rap, and that’s boring to me".

He believes that we are all products of our experiences and attributes the realism of his lyrics to the difficulties in his life. KeeLo’s experiences have forced him to get to the level he is at today. The competitive and ever changing nature of this business has forced him to bring his best material to the forefront and utilize a creative frame of mind at every opportunity. Dai-Lo Recordings and KeeLo made a huge achievement in Canadian music by being the first fully independent record label and artist to be added to Max Trax Digital Music (Nationwide).

He hit #1 with the single “Here Ya Go” and remained in the top 10 for over 6 months. KeeLo’s third single “Last Call” peaked at #4 in Toronto. FLOW 935 featured the song on the Urban Flowcase CD and its Hot 93 songs for 2006. The single won “Best Hip Hop Song” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

He has only scratched the surface of a significant future in the music industry. The best is yet to come. Look out for "Fortunes of the Fearless," the highly anticipated debut album from KeeLo Gramz distributed by NUFF Entertainment June 26 2007. Accomplishments: •Izzy: KeeLo’s first single was released in July 2005 and it was a huge stepping stone for KeeLo. It was released independently on Flow 935 Toronto (Heavy Rotation), 915 The Beat Kitchener (Heavy Rotation), Wild 101 Niagara Falls (Heavy Rotation).

Izzy was also picked up by College stations across Canada. •Here Ya Go: KeeLo’s second single was released in January 2006 independently. It made history by being one of the first Independent artist and label’s (Dai-Lo Recordings) to be added to Max Trax/Galaxie Music and it hit #1 and remained in the top 10 for 6 months. It was on heavy rotation for 3 months on Flow 935(Toronto), 915 The Beat (Kitchener), Wild 101 (Niagara Falls). Here Ya Go was also picked up by College Stations across Canada •Last Call: KeeLo’s third single was released May 2006 independently.

It was picked up by radio stations worldwide. ( Flava 1079 Winnipeg, The Bounce Edmonton, Flow 935, Wild 101 Niagara, Radio Laser France, 96.1 North Ryde , 88.1 , 93.7Australia, 107.1 Senegal etc). It peaked at #4 in Toronto. It was also featured on Urban Flowcase Volume 9.

Last Call also won BEST HIP HOP SONG at the ONTARIO Independent Music Awards 2006 and is nominated for BEST CANADIAN HIP HOP SINGLE at the DJ STYLUS AWARDS. It appeared on Flow 935’s top 93 songs of 2006. It is currently in the top 10 in Europe. The Video for this song will be released MAY 2007 independently.

•Somebody Snitched: KeeLo’s fourth single was released November 2006 independently. It has been picked up by radio stations worldwide. Dj’s really love this song and the demand for it is great! We are projecting this to be his biggest release to date. Somebody Snitched is already in the top 10 on RRadio Network (over 160 stations world wide).

It is in high rotation on the radio. There is already a few remixes for this song featuring main stream Hip Hop Artist. •Make It Hot: KeeLo appears on the hook of the debut single for PDollaz’s. This track is blazing up the airwaves on major radio stations world wide where it is currently top 10. •Move: KeeLo blessed the hook once again on the debut single for Peter Jackson.

This track is currently being released worldwide. •Fill Your Cup Up: KeeLo collaborated and co-produced Man OMan’s debut single. The single is charting in top 10 in Europe. DJ’s are calling this track a definite club anthem. Featured on the Mega City Banger Compilation. •Doo Wop: KeeLo appears on this track with Man OMan and Konflict.

This single is also playing on radio stations world wide. Featured on the Mega City Banger compilation. •KeeLo has released 2 street albums (Da Locksmith and The Prequel). He is currently working on his 3rd Street Album titled “WHY NOT ME” slated to be released MAY 2007. “KeeLo brings to you a level of Hip Hop exhibitionism that by far invokes the names of Hip Hop culture's greatest icons such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, and Rakim.

When listening to any number of tracks that he has left as bait to the public, it is without question that KeeLo is one of the dopest and most precise emcees that is currently blessing the microphone. Anyone truly tuning into the lyrical delivery and presentation of his rhymes can take away from each song a commanding vocal presence, hypnotizing beats and addictive hooks. Not only is KeeLo SMASHING the Canadian Hip Hop and radio scene, but he's also doing damage here in the U.S. 5 Mics for FORTUNES OF THE FEARLESS in 2007! “-Exodus de Alexandria Yo this is some crazy shit, where have you been keeping this guy.” Dr.

Shock Music Director Flava 107.9 FM Winnipeg "Kee-Lo is a force to be reckoned with in the Hip-Hop game....., a true lyricist with the swagger that separates him from all the competition. This kid is going to be doing big things in the very near future... watch out!!!" Justin Dumont Music Director FLOW 93.5 FM, Toronto ”That Somebody Snitched track is crazy insane. You really killed it and the track is sick too.

I think the level you are bringing is pretty shocking.” CLayTunes (BeatTardz) - Toronto “Songs are crazy, hot flow, very nice I like” Dj Emiliot Dakar Top FM Dakar 107.0 FM- Senegal “You have some pretty talented artists’ their sound is a little refreshing as new breakthrough artists in the urban scene seem to all be dirty south style tracks.” "Somebody Snitched". I really like the sample with the kids was dope. Michael Mastro- Sydney Australia DAI-LO RECORDINGS Executive Summary: Dai-Lo Recordings is a Label as well as an entertainment company based out of the Durham Region. The main purpose of this business is to develop and market musical artists to successfully compete on the world stage.

Through innovative marketing and creative concepts, we have solidified not only our stake but also the artists` professional name in the music industry while attracting other talented artists to the company. Currently we are focusing on Urban / Top 40 music but we are not music genre specific. The roster of Dai-Lo Recordings currently consists of KeeLo GrAmZ , NightHoodz, Man-oMan, PDollaz, Peter Jackson, Oma Fumé aka: Mizza, My-Kal, and Product of Toronto Productions(JSTAFFZ,Mr Gramz, K.O.N.,SNox) Dai-Lo Recordings is comprised of Dai-Lo Publishing, BRAG Management, and Product of Toronto Productions, each focusing on different aspects of the entertainment field. We have created a solid buzz due to the consistency with the release of 7 singles on major radio stations worldwide that stayed in the top 10 for over 6 months.

Dai-Lo Recordings has now successfully solidified a name for itself in the Canadian music industry. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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