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Joy Dennis is a vibrant, young R&B/ Soul/ Jazz singer/ songwriter from Jacksonville, FL. Raised by her mother, the singer spent many of her younger days in the west Jacksonville neighborhood of Mixon surrounded by generations of family members. Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Joy developed a passion for music at an early age, influenced by artists such as Jill Scott and Billie Holiday. It's no surprise, then, that she offers a throwback retro sound to complement her powerful voice. Read more on
Joy Dennis is a vibrant, young R&B/ Soul/ Jazz singer/ songwriter from Jacksonville, FL. Raised by her mother, the singer spent many of her younger days in the west Jacksonville neighborhood of Mixon surrounded by generations of family members. Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Joy developed a passion for music at an early age, influenced by artists such as Jill Scott and Billie Holiday. It's no surprise, then, that she offers a throwback retro sound to complement her powerful voice. Ri Magazine quotes, “Joy Dennis exhibits indie artistry at its highest caliber, definitely for the mature and sophisticated.

Her vocal skill can be compared to the likes of Natalie Cole, Jill Scott and even Angie Stone. Joy Dennis' soulful-urban-jazzy-melodic vibe hits all the right spots!” Though she has been active in the music industry since 2004, she hit the Indie Circuit globally with her debut single “He Awaits” which was released in February of 2010. The track was instantly acclaimed as a highlight, as well as a fan favorite on the album, “Music Is”, released just 3 months later. She is most recently known for being the opening act on Variety Entertainment's Funk Fest Concerts, which included headliners such as Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly, Babyface, Keith Sweat, Jaheim, BBD, SWV & Slick Rick as well as her own bi-weekly event entitled Black Thought Live music and open stage for touring artists.

Find out exactly what Music Is... to Joy Dennis. Experience 16 addictive tracks of words and melodies that span through the ages. The Debut Album from Joy Dennis "Music Is" now available in hardcopy on and for download on most online retail stores including iTunes, Amazon & Rhapsody.

Sit back and fall in love with Soul, Funk and Jazz! Full Biography ----------------------------------------- Getting Started - Joy Dennis lifted her voice in song at the tender age of 6 when she joined the S.S. Robinson Choir (now the United Voices of Praise) at Simpson Memorial United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, FL. However, her interest in music and development as a vocalist was expanded in the public school system. At Landon Performing Arts Middle School, Joy began to study and learn the dynamics of music.

Throughout her journey she participated in various choruses and choirs. She even stole the show when she ran for Miss Chorus 1997 when she sang Betty Wright's After the Pain . Her distinct soulful-urban-jazzy-melodic sound has led to many solo performances. In 2004, Joy accepted an opportunity with Nokturnal Escape Entertainment to wow audiences at famed downtown hotspots such as Boomtown Theater and Restaurant, Henrietta's, the Spring Jazz Festival at the Jacksonville Landing and at the Florida Black Expo. After her start with Nokturnal, she has managed to take new audiences to new heights with her soulful sounds by pursuing opportunities to perform around town at venues such as Square One for Martini Mondays and Eclate Jazz Club (currently The Dive Bar), at Arielle's Jazz & Fine Dining.

During this time, Joy has built beautiful relationships while sharing the stage with various local bands and vocalists. In 2006, Joy shared the stage as a backup singer for Melonie Daniels, Marvin Scott, Natalie Walker and Chris Epps in the production, “More Than Just A Song” which raised donation for sickle-cell awareness. She has also performed at the Village Underground in New York. Something's Brewing - The following year brought about new endeavors, as she co-starred as Ms. Billie Holiday in the summer and fall productions of the Nokturnal Escape stage play, From Billie to Badu.

She also found herself entering the world of radio, when she collaborated with M'Perfect Entertainment to record her first radio commercial for Saturn of Tallahassee. As 2008 pressed on, she found herself wanting to embrace her own creativity and take it to the next level so she decided to turn her own private poetry- into a very public album. As we patiently awaited its release, she stumbled across the rare opportunity to regularly perform at Jacksonville's largest and most prominent Miami-style nightclub for young urban professionals, First Fridays Remixed at Tera Nova Lounge. But holding down a gig of this caliber wasn't enough to prepare her for what fate had in store.

Approaching her sixth month of performing at Tera Nova, Joy began to gain a sense that those that she looked to for support and guidance while on her musical path, didn't really have her best interest at heart. As the lights dimmed and the anxiety set in, she would find herself singing about the cleverly disguised deception she faced at the turn of every corner. Musical colleagues and friends quickly became foes as they worked behind the scenes to knock her off of her destined path. Performances were not at their best and music was no longer music as she came to a near standstill just before her next blessing would emerge. Trying Times - Joy deeply felt the betrayal that would eat at her heart before being awakened by the reality of the business of music.

With the support of her remaining positive influences and mentors, not to mention an extra layer of tough skin, Joy left Tera Nova with a remarkable comeback performance to pursue what proved to be an even bigger endeavor. An endeavor, which held the testament of her determination to overcome adversity and continue to always rise toward her musical goals. Thus, the birth of The Melodic Inferno. In 2009, Joy found herself developing and building a Friday Night event which quickly became known around Jacksonville as the night for the live music performances of the sizzling neo-soul band, Joy Dennis & Mezzo Forte and their celebrity guests. The evening, which took place in Jacksonville's newest “House of Blues-Style” nightclub, also featured the Melodic Inferno dancers and DJ's spinning the hottest in R&B and more.

On occasion, they shared the stage with chart-topping Celebrities, Dancers, Record labels, Media Contacts, A&R's, partygoers and \ans. Once or twice a month, a celebrity headliner was booked to perform at her event. On the remaining Fridays, the stage was opened to give independent vocalists and musicians the opportunity to entertain the crowd by hosting a jam session. During her stint, she was blessed with the opportunity to network with and open for, Montell Jordan, H-Town, Silk, Miles Jaye, Sugar Hill Gang, Raheem Devaughn, Lyfe Jennings, Jazmine Sullivan, Avant and the Legendary Keith Sweat. Music Is - After the Melodic Inferno run, Joy decided it was time to dive back into the creation of her album.

Inspired, she took the advice of her new found mentors and became even more disciplined in becoming a better vocalist, songwriter, mentor and businesswomen. Taking more control over the development and marketing of her music and brand, Joy's outgoing stroll turns to a shy strut, and walking this path becomes a bit more natural. Finally on May 4, 2010, the debut CD, Music Is, was released across the globe. To launch Joy's introduction into mainstream music, Joy teamed up with Variety Entertaiment Promotions, (producers of the Funk Fest Concert series), to perform live at the Budweiser Funk Fest 2010 in Jacksonville, FL (presented by V101.5 FM) which starred SWV, Babyface, Frankie Beverly & Maze and Slick Rick. The following evening, V101.5's JoJo hosted the official Music Is album Release Party inisde Tera Nova Lounge. In the months to follow, Joy has visited many U.S.

cities to promote her new album, Music Is. Even reconnecting with Variety Entertainment Promotions again to perform live at the State Farm Funk Fest 2010 in Charleston, SC (presented by Star 99.7 FM) which starred Bel Biv Devoe, Jaheim, Keith Sweat and Charlie Wilson. Remaining focused on business, and with ASCAP by her side, Joy has also launched a new publishing, licensing, digital & physical distribution and radio promotions company called Urb Garden Music. Currently, under her new management home of Trigen Entertainment, Joy is gearing up to perform along side Charlie Wilson for Florida A&M University's (FAMU) 2010 Homecoming Concert in Tallahassee, FL. Back at home she continues to promote, perform and host a bi-weekly event called “Black Thought Sunday's" inside Poppy Love Smoke (downtown Jacksonville, FL).

A platform in which she uses to nurture her fan-base, introduce her new music, and keep live instrumentation alive in the heart of her city. As we continue to nod our heads at her live shows, and sit back in awe at the hypnotizing power of her voice, one thing is for certain, Joy Dennis, the vocalist, the poet, and the woman, is ready to make her mark in music history. “Having 3 great shows in a row / and none were freebies / 5 band members walk off stage, in the middle of an opening set / cuz they asses were sleepy / Going through 4 bass players the day before a gig / 11 backup, 9 promoters, 2 bouts of tonsilitis, and Lord knows how many swigs, MUSIC IS / burying your vocal coach / it's protecting your ideas, music, approach and reputation / music is having your event flyers torn up in front of you / after paying for entry to support this chump's lame ass interpretation, of what music is / MUSIC IS / remembering that perfect note, pitch, word, or groove / it's bright lights and dj's and the drunken headliners that come on after you / MUSIC IS...” - Joy Dennis Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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