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Johnny Fountains

Johnny Fountains

Johnny Fountains

Johnny loves, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. Johnny likes Vanessa Carlton, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. Johnny likes Iron Maiden, David Bowie and Girlschool. Johnny likes Gnr, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Johnny also loves Diamond Head, Motorhead and Venom. Johnny loves Stevie Nicks. Johnny watches anime sometimes. Johnny's favorite anime is Zeta Gundam. Johnny loves Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. Johnny loves Inuyasha/The Final Act double anime. Johnny got exempt from 5th grade and last grade. Read more on
Johnny loves, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. Johnny likes Vanessa Carlton, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. Johnny likes Iron Maiden, David Bowie and Girlschool. Johnny likes Gnr, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.

Johnny also loves Diamond Head, Motorhead and Venom. Johnny loves Stevie Nicks. Johnny watches anime sometimes. Johnny's favorite anime is Zeta Gundam.

Johnny loves Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. Johnny loves Inuyasha/The Final Act double anime. Johnny got exempt from 5th grade and last grade. At age 10 Johnny's parents got divorced once and Johnny fell off a swing very high.

Johnny got into Megadeth through Mtv thanks to one of his cousins. When Johnny's dad got together again with Johnny's mom, he brought home a cd of gnr's appetite for destruction. A religious man Johnny's dad kept questioning the cover on the cd. Johnny's dad kept saying you know it's very wrong what they're doing.

Johnny's dad despises the Devilman anime and even The Devil Lady anime. Johnny wishes Kiss was his dad. Johnny got raped by his dead cousin Eddie. Johnny got choked half to death by his dead grandpa once.

Johnny got back surgery for being pushed around by an eddie from harlingen bald guy. Johnny graduated from the ninja gym college. Johnny Suffers from Depression, Aspergers and Diabetes. Johnny has a scar on his back like Demon Eyes Kyo has and can't shave himself.

Johnny plans on marrying an Asian girl who will shave him. Johnny will play guitar and then he and the Asian girl can mate. Johnny's Favorite Comics are Dark Hawk, Elektra and The Punisher. Johnny also likes Sheena, Shanna and Jungle Girl.

Johnny Also reads Deathlok, Sleepwalker and Quasar. Johnny got into comics through Xmen 20 volume 2 Featuring Psylocke. Johnny is not a weaboo though. Johnny likes Van Damme movies.

Johnny has 5 albums on Youtube. No deth till denim, shirts sell but who's buying, so far so good so ded, garbage days predigested and wwe music. Johnny loves Rochelle Ashana. Shayna Lee, Christine Nguyen and Ai Wan.

Johnny loves Gorgeous George, Molly Holly and Madusa from wCw. He also loves Marlena from the wwe. Johnny likes Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and Kimona Wanalaya. Johnny had a step son and a step step daughter with Norma Longoria.

Johnny is Friends with Jeff Young, Bjork, Guernica Mancini, Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Marlena, Gorgeous George, Mona and Madusa. Johnny had a gf named Norma. Johnny has an original song called Queen Mesmira. Queen Mesmira is about Norma.

Johnny has a degree in ninjitsu. Johnny is learning about rocket science. Johnny would like to get an RSD. An RSD is a Rocket Science Degree.

Johnny won first place in a magic league and second place in a chess tournament at ages 15 and 16. Johnny loves Transformers Toys and wwe Divas toys. Johnny got away from the glo buddies from 1982. Johnny loves the Samurai Shodown Video Games.

Johnny got over Angela Estrada who betrayed him for some football player that used to pick on him. Johnny got his revenge on Angela in the 5th issue of The Punisher miniseries comic. Johnny used to get picked on a lot at school. He would get picked on the most at ages 9 and 11 and 13.

Johnny has been to the mental hospital 15 times and once more for back surgery. 16 times total. Just like Dave Mustaine. Johnny didn't like jail for a night.

He wasn't supposed to be arrested. He had to go to the bathroom in front of people and vice versa and had to sleep on the floor. Johnny's arrests got destroyed. The mayor pardoned him.

Johnny also likes Exhumed, Mastodon, Pig Destroyer, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Devourment, Rotten Sound, Death, and Obituary from Relapse Records. Johnny loves Chelsea Wolfe. Johnny loves Myrkur. Johnny is cool enough to like tool, but he rather be in the legion of blood.

Johnny has been in 3 automobile accidents but survived them all. Johnny's 4 grandparents are dead. Johnny's favorite sex partners are Norma Longoria, Sarah Carlson and Leana Gomez. Johnny has been pardoned by the church for so much sex.

It was confession. Johnny loves reading the book of 5 rings and the art of war and 1984. Johnny also loves The Punisher kills the Marvel universe. List of drugs Johnny has done : Sake, Vodka, Wine of white plum, ridilin, paxil, buspar, prosac, abilify, fish oil, lexipro, restoril, respiritol consta, invega sustena, trunzell, vitamin b complex, vitamin e, cactus pills for diabetes, a painkiller before back surgery, um anesthesia.

Happy ending though, Johnny might marry Riska from the Phillipines. Riska is gonna be like Nakoruru and Johnny is gonna be like Haohmaru. Why not ? Some folks like mike, some folks like Haohmaru. johnny also loves Eyedol from killer instinct.

Maya and Tusk. Fulgore is a must love character. Johnny loves D R I and SOD. Johnny reads Stephen King comics and Jessica Jones TPBs.

Johnny owns a Jessica Jones Jacket. Johnny Likes Raxel and Honey from Fighters Megamix. Johnny Loves the Marvel Jungle Book comic and a game called Jungle Boy. Johnny likes the new Domino Comics.

Johnny likes the new Saint Seiya anime on Netflix. Johnny plans on putting his songs on CD baby for sale. Pandora plans on helping him with the cover for No Deth Till Denim which is a picture of Haohmaru, now. Johnny loves Midajah from wCw.

Johnny has or is writing 5 original songs. Johnny recorded Welcome to hell and Queen Mesmira. Johnny plans on writing Serpents Coil which comes with a catchy chorus. The Dragons Within, is the chorus to Serpents Coil.

It sounds like the struggle within but with less acoustic guitars to it. Johnny also plans to write, The Pharoah of Metal and The Ayatollah of sock and rolla. Johnny's album, songs about Raistlin, will have a picture of Raistlin Majere on it. Johnny plans on signing to DJ Ramon or Melissa Records when he is done recording.

Rot in peace will have Holy wars..The Punisher Due and Area 51 on it with better production. Johnny reads Jessica Cruise from the Green LanternS comics now. Johnny loves Myrkur and Ailyn Gimenez. johnny learned to like Epica and Xandria.

Johnny likes Fooly Cooly. Johnny is into Colleen Wing Comics 2016, which is Daughters of the Dragon. Johnny has gotten into Tankard. Johnny has gotten into X 23 Comics from 2018.

Johnny likes Combatter V, Belen Ramos and Lourdess de los Santos. Johnny likes Voltes V. Johnny loves Mexican girls from his town. Which are Ismelda Lopez, Lette, Rosa and La Flaca.

Johnny loves Mexican girls from donna , texas. Which are, Ana Bella, Sonia Bombella, Nancy Gonzales, Erica Mesa, Delilah and Myriam Ortega. Johnny Loves Sarah Carlson from donna, Texas. Johnny likes Puddle of Mudd.

Johnny got into an anime called Angolmois. Johnny has done anime reviews of Samurai Shodown The Movie, Yu Yu Hakusho and Kenshin. Johnny Did a Review of Berserk the anime. Johnny loves Li Bingbing.

Johnny got into the Disenchantment cartoon. Johnny likes Princess Bean better than Jessica Jones. Johnny is going back to college with a raiders back pack. He plans on taking gym and Majoring in Music.

He might take reading 90. Johnny might get a small job at pizza hut. In pizza hut there are lots of snk games sometimes. Johnny did a nunchaku spins video on youtube.

Johnny did videos of Nnja Jabs and Sai Ninja Stabs on youtube. Johnny did a review of Zeta Gundam on his youtube channel. Johnny did Ninja Snap kicks on youtube. Johnny Did a review of the 08th ms team anime and a review of gundam 0080 the anime on his youtube.

Johnny did a review of Gundam Stardust Memory on his youtube channel. Johnny admits he likes 2 more Mexican Girls. The Mexican Girls are Gizette and Carmen Aguilera from donna, Texas. Johnny likes Linkin Park now.

Linkin Park would have made a good thrash band instead of nu metal. Linkin Park had the right chords for the wrong tuning and music. Johnny likes Kreator. johnny got into Kreator in 2005.

Johnny's mom and dad won't let Johnny have black metal cds, black metal posters or black metal shirts. Johnny has 4 albums on youtube. no deth till denim, shirt's sell...but who's buying ?, so far, so ded, so what and garage days predigested. Johnny got back into Riot without Andy Reale.

Johnny loves Alisa Reyes from All That. Johnny recorded Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Collective's Soul's December. December is on Johnny's facebook. Stairway to Heaven was played just for family.

Stairway to heaven is now on youtube. Johnny got into Florence + The Machine because of Vanessa Carlton on facebook. Johnny Loves Magic The Gathering Online. Johnny Loves Diana Fuentes the Singer now.

After Kiddy Grade the anime, Johnny got into Kiddy Girl and Samurai XXX the anime. Johnny has gotten back into Arch Enemy. The new Arch Enemy has clean vocals on the cd. Johnny has Molly Holly's theme on his youtube.

Johnny used to listen to Rockwell, billie jean and madonna as a kid. Johnny got into a band called Alkonost. Johnny's Francesca Leclerq plays Guitar video has over 2k views. Johnny got back into Magic The Gathering.

Johnny might get into Warhammer 40k. Johnny remembers a girl named Vanessa Rodriguez which he beat in chess. Johnny also remember a girl named Lilliana Madrid. Johnny might get an Iron Maiden dvd called Raising Hell.

Johnny did a Review of the Devilman OVA series of anime. Johnny Reviewed Gundam F 91. Johnny got a 30 dollar Hot Rod toy. Johnny loves Wagakkiband now.

Johnny reviewed Golgo 13 Queen Bee.Johnny loves Midnight Syndicate who did the Dungeons and Dragons soundtrack, Johnny will play Stranger in a strangeland by maiden. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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