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Intergalactic Faerie Funk -
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Intergalactic Faerie Funk

Intergalactic Faerie Funk

Intergalactic Faerie Funk

marc hug originally began the intergalactic faerie funk in response to electronic dance music culture taking itself too seriously. why else would he have chosen such a ridiculous name? i.f.f. was born at and inspired by the random monthly art, music, and malt liquor parties he had helped create at the legendary killtime warehouse in philadelphia. wanting to move on from djing and playing other peoples music, the ever evolving project began as a one Read more on
marc hug originally began the intergalactic faerie funk in response to electronic dance music culture taking itself too seriously. why else would he have chosen such a ridiculous name? i.f.f. was born at and inspired by the random monthly art, music, and malt liquor parties he had helped create at the legendary killtime warehouse in philadelphia. wanting to move on from djing and playing other peoples music, the ever evolving project began as a one man solo act using two crappy grooveboxes and two emu samplers to play strange off key textured house music.

quite by accident, one night he found himself improvising with a bass player and that set him off on a quest to find the appropriate hooligans to help him create a rock band of sorts. a rock band armed with samplers, sequencers, drum machines, bass guitar, and a punk rock d.i.y. ethic ready to shake up electronic dance music culture. i.f.f. released 3 full length albums through their own label (galatique) and soon found themselves travelling far and wide on gruelling two to three month long tours.

their rowdy high energy shows brought them to headlining slots at festivals in toronto, edmonton, nova scotia, vancouver as well as thousands of clubs, warehouses, galleries, and lofts everywhere in between. after years of improvising lush spooky textures and tones over naughty beats and thick yummy basslines, hug started to become restless. he began adding different instruments to create a new sound. the sounds in his head started slowing down, breaking up, becoming quirky and strange. it was moving away from the dancefloors and inviting the listeners into a different headspace.

little did he know that this would be the beginning of a new project and eventually a full band called mossyrock. the birth of mossyrock has brought i.f.f. full circle. the relocation to brooklyn from philadelphia (via california) morphed the intergalactic faerie funk into a new realized version of the original solo act started by marc hug. this time around he had traded his beat up broken samplers & sequencers for a laptop and controller.

much of his music was released in a slew of dj friendly 12" and digital singles (on robbaudio, xdn, intrinsic design, galactique) as well as a new album that was mixed together by house music pioneer jesse saunders. there have also been remixes from heavy hitters like jeff samuel, someone else, hesohi; and the i.f.f. were picked for a featured remix competition by sony acidplanet. the time has come for the next move in the i.f.f. journey.

a new project called taperecorder has evolved out of the intergalactic faerie funk umbrella. taperecorder is the name which marc hug will be playing live deep tech house under as of 2008. i.f.f. played it's last ever live set on october 20th 2007. the intergalactic faerie funk is dead.

long live ther intergalactic faerie funk. - - more information than you will ever need... i.f.f. was definitely a bit of a collective. many many people played in and with i.f.f. over the years.

some people have asked what the 'real' line up might have been. the reply would have to be this: all of the music was written and produced by marc hug with some contributions by andy kehoe, jeffro, and mike butler. in a live setting there was really only ever two 'real' line ups: [1] marc hug, andy kehoe, and jeffro richards. [2]marc hug, andy kehoe, mike butler, and ben kehoe the rather nebulous line-up of people who have played in / with intergalactic faerie funk: marc hug marc is the original and old skool iff member.

the heart of the intergalactic faerie funk. the main m.f. behind all live shows and all recordings. he can be found running around playing tech house under the name taperecorder or making music in his band mossyrock. andy kehoe andy played live with i.f.f.

during the easy shows and refused to do any of the harder 'all guts - no glory' gigs. when he asked them to wait around for him until he was done school, they gladly did. then he fucked off and did his own thing anyway. bastard.

he was around for the recording of the hapy ending massage and also did a lot of the artwork. andy is busy wearing well-fitted tshirts and being a brooklyn hipster art fag now. (oh, and in case anyone has been wondering, he finally did "the baby-maker.") you can find his artwork here. mike butler mike is one of the main bass players from the rotating list of bass things. his playing can be heard on a bunch of recorded songs and he played live on many of the long ill conceived early tours (as well as the latter more 'professional' tours).

mike certianly helped keep things nice and rowdy, and can drink more than should be allowed by the laws of physics. although one night it all caught up with him, and ended up on the backseat of the car while they raced home at six in the morning, the sun heavy on their heels. ben kehoe ben played with the i.f.f. for a short while. he was only ever recorded on one song which nobody even heard.

he was always making everyone laugh. everyone thought he was such a nice boy, until they got to know him. then they realized he was pure fucking evil. he is now an auto mechanic/artist in pittsburgh.

you can find his artwork here. jeffro jeffro is another old skooler. he played live with the i.f.f. a lot in the past is all over the early i.f.f. recordings.

in addition to being the oringinal bass player, he is also complete space cadet. he can rock a full bottle of livingston and will surely steal your drink if you aren't careful. dominica paige dominica came with i.f.f. on one of their last tours. she is the best looking person to play with the i.f.f.

by far. she is a photographer extraordinaire, independent film maker, art history know-it-all, and all around art fag. certainly an indie rock dork and belle & sebastian obsessive, miss paige is constantly choreographing ridiculous dances and gleefully making a fool of herself, especially in the subway, where she will sing you a song for a nickel. you can find her photography here. franco fiorini franco played bass at many of the early shows.

he was a very wholesome italian boy. at one point i.f.f. became aware that franco had to narrow three things down to two: [1] going to school, [2] playing with iff, and [3] playing with a death metal band from norristown. i.f.f.

lost out. john schenk john played live many times in the past. he used a crazy old contraption that oscillated and added a spooky layer to the show. he was always a pleasure to be around. little known fact: john is an exceptional ping pong player.

we all wanna be like john when we grow up. um, except maybe for the jehovah's witness part. erin anderson erin is actually in flowchart. she was never really in i.f.f. - both bands shared a lot of bills and played a lot of the same places together.

so sometimes she would play really glitchy obscure records overtop of iff while they played. it sounded pretty damn cool. sean o'neal sean was also in flowchart. he is also now the legendary minimal technoist called someone else. sean used to play head to head with the i.f.f.

as 'flowchart vs i.f.f.' or some kind of combination of live gear, records or both. tim bones tim has been creating elecrtonic music for the last 5 or 6 years, with catchy phrases like "bones man in the house! bones man!" how could you not lay awake at five in the morning with that running like mad through your head, while you quietly contemplate sticking rusty forks in your ears in a meager attempt to make it stop? tim is a talented and strapping young lad with an affection for the asian ladies; he also plays every instrument imaginable. he toured in 2004 with i.f.f. bringing his sound along and being stuck in the backseat of a honda civic for 3,000 long, hot, cramped miles. currently, tim is working on a hit single entitled, "Grab that Ass and Play with it." samuel samuel is tall.

super-duper tall. samuel plays guitar. amazing, wonderful guitar. see samuel play.

play, samuel, play. he also rides his bike while drunk. he has a dog, too. his knoxville apartment is pretty messy.

i.f.f. played in knoxville with his band and then found themselves hundreds of miles away with this tall tenesseean by their side wearing a jumpsuit that was 3 sizes too small. ridiculous is a word that merely hints at how he looked. cookie cookie is another bass player on the long, long list of bass players. 'boy', you're thinking,' those bass players sure sound like a fickle bunch!' well, hold on to your hats, because cookie (whose real name is brent, by the way, but he insists on being called cookie) also plays trumpet.

a talented fellow, indeed. he played a slew of canadian shows with the i.f.f. - good times... tim day recorded one song, was unbelievably helpful with the early recordings, mastered the second record and is an all around great guy! gimme a "t!" gimme an "i!" gimme an "m!" TIM! TIM! go TIM! miles miles played with iff a long time ago. so long ago no one is really sure what he did.

there's this vague memory of a saxophone being played out of key. he was also a fucking funny man. here's a little story: when iff were in memphis (where miles lives now) last year, he dissed them. they ended up having to sleep in a very cold van.

at one point, jeffro passed out and accidently locked marc out and he had to go and drink in a bar until it closed. he finally managed to rock the van back and forth enough to stir the slumbering beast jeffro.... "it's action and reaction. in every kind of art form, those things take place. one thing triggers another and that triggers another.

ideas start flowing and feelings start occurring. there’s so much happiness in it. it’s a euphoric thing so you always want to be doing it. in every art form there’s an urge to share.

it’s so beautiful to share." -david lynch Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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