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Identity Crisis (egypt)

Identity Crisis (egypt)

Identity Crisis (egypt)

Members: El-Hassan Makled : Guitar, Vocals Khaled Gamal : Guitar, Vocals Hani Zaki : Drums/Percussion ******* : Bass, Vocals ~~Previous Members:~~ Mostafa El Assy : Bass ,Vocals Kamel Ragab: Vocals Sarah : Vocals Steven Labat : Vocals >Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal >Hometown: Cairo, Egypt >Website: Read more on
Members: El-Hassan Makled : Guitar, Vocals Khaled Gamal : Guitar, Vocals Hani Zaki : Drums/Percussion ******* : Bass, Vocals ~~Previous Members:~~ Mostafa El Assy : Bass ,Vocals Kamel Ragab: Vocals Sarah : Vocals Steven Labat : Vocals >Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal >Hometown: Cairo, Egypt >Website: >Current Location:El-Rehab, New Cairo >General manager:Tarek Ziad >Booking agent:Omar Gamal: 0127183298 , Tarek Ziad: 0126800803 >Artists we also like: Wyvern, Sirens, Redeemers and IdelmindInfluences:Metallica,Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pantera, Dream Theatre, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Micheal Angelo Batio, Trivium, Godsmack, Savatage >Band interests: Next to music, Soccer. Makled also has a big interest in arts and drawings. Also Makled and Gamal: METAL GEAR SOLID!!!! >Biography: The band started as a school band in winter 2005. The Band's previous genre was rock, when they where at school.

Later on that year Makled decided to take their music behid the school walls, mean while he was also jamming with his best friend Khaled. Hassan and Khaled went to a level that they could understand each other's playing so easily and that's when Khaled joined and later bassist Mostafa El Assy, and Hani Zaki Join the party as a fun jam with only simple instruments like a trambouline and simple objects that would make any sound. The Band was a Metallica Tribute band, playing Metallica's amazing songs like, fade to black, nothing else matters, Master Of Puppets, Seek and Destroy, Hit the Lights, For whom the bell tolls, One, No Leaf Clover, Enter Sandman and other parts from many different songs. The Band also played for other bands like, Slayer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down, Pantera, HIM and Three Doors down. The Band found their soul and power in Thrash and Heavy Metal.

That's when they chose to Fix the Genre's of their Originals to be Heavy and Thrash music. The Band's first performance was live at the Egyptian Language School. They performed in their old line up, where Enas ElMasry was the Vocals to the band. ElHassan Makled; Growing in an artistic family which only cares about drawing and arts Makled never thought he would be playing music or even have a part in the league of heavy metal bands. Makled picked his first guitar at the age of 13. He was Playing guitar since he was 12, thanks to his big brother who bought a guitar at that time.

Later on Makled got more intrested in making a metal band. He formed his first band which consisted of Sami Zahiman on Guitars and Dino on Drums and Ahmed Padi on Bass and Ahmed Bahgat Vocals, the band was called Fallen Grace. This band was formed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. After Makled traveled to Egypt and left the band he decided to form another band in Egypt he formed his first band as a school band made of Ali Osama and Enas El Massry the band had many names and then later it was called Critical Crisis.

The band wasn't doing so well so Makled decided to take his music and style behind the school walls and he formed a band with Mohammad Soliman, Mark Bucc and Sherief Morris called Anelosimous. The band never played covers and played originals only. Makled left the band due to a conflict between him and Morris. Makled at the time used to jam with his neighbour and best friend Khaled Gamal, as time passes they started to understand each other and learnt to comunicate in music.

Soon Hani Zaki ,also a friend and neighbour, would join their jam by using simple arabian drums (Baladi). Which are used for the belly dancing. Then Mostafa Al Assi ,also a friend and neighbour, joins the band. Makled's idea of a good band was first become best friends then become a band.

Assi learnt the bass because of this. Makled wanted the band to be them the four best friends and to be based on friend ship not on style and experiance. Khaled Gamal; Khaled was influenced by a school friend to listen to Metal. At the same time he was friends with Hani, both decided to pick a guitar and learn.

Later Khaled met Makled on a bus, where they chit chated a little and found out that they liked the same music and played the same music, Khaled invited him to meet with hani so they can show off their guitar skills. At the moment Makled was in a band with Sherief Morris and Mohammad Soliman, Anelosimus. Makled used to jam with Khaled and learnt together different styles which made them understand each other. Makled then left Anelosimus and made a band with Khaled and Mohammad Abu el Anain, called Massive Indentations, later known as Cryptic Orb.

The band then breaks apart due to misunderstanding, but Khaled and Makled promised they will always play together, and they continued. Khaled then joined Identity Crisis with Makled, Assi, Hani, and Enas Hani Zaki; Needless to say Hani is One of the most important roles of the band, other than drums. Hani is mostly the one who creates the list of the band's song and the one who makes a forecast for their future. Hani was first introduced to metal by a colleague and friend, Sherief Morris.

He have grown intrest in guitars, and was eager to play one. Hani baught his first spanish guitar where he and Khaled Gammal practiced on it for few months, later they would meet with El Hassan Makled, who impresses them with his playing. Hani has an unordinary talent in music, whatever he listens to he listens he can actualy change it to a different style of music technique, one of the first songs that was changed by Hani was the song Fade to Black, where he played the whole song with an oriental drum. Makled would later realise the talent and tells him to continue playing drums and quit guitar.

Hani then goes to the studio where he ,first time ,sits on a drum, he later developes his style and technique, making it more like Metallica-Slayer style, which all their originals are bassed at. Hani is one of the strongest creations of the band's material. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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