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Han Li

Han Li

by Han Li

Songs of this (Han Li) album are not available.
This up and coming New Zealand artist stars on his debut with these epic pieces of written art. Starting off in the NCEA music class in school, Han Li said "I love music class, it inspires me to make wonderful music like this". Han Li also said "K-pop was a major influence in my music here, especially Big Bang, they are my favorite, especially G-Dragon". A blend of K-Pop and street jazz, this capable Kiwi artist shows his musical skill with this masterpiece. 'Han Li' was recorded in the music room, Westlake with help from producers Han Li and his invisible friend.

Han Li worked on the songs for more than two years, beginning in early 2008. In between recording, the band toured South Korea and China for three months in 2010,showing the band the powers of C-ROCK and K-POP .Han Li was extremely impressed with the style of the music and it evidently went on to later influence the music. Han Li used a wide variety of musical styles on the album, incorporating string arrangements and electronic music, pianos, jazz and the ondes Martenot, yet renewing their focus on guitars, drums and bass as lead instruments. The songwriting on 'Han Li' was more personal than that of Han Li’s other work, with singer Han Li describing it as his attempt to write “seduction songs”. Days after announcing the album’s completion, Han Li released the debut album as a digital download that customers could order for whatever price they saw fit.

The download’s commercial success is unclear, as the band declined to publicise their Internet sales numbers. However, based on Last fm scrobbles the album did poorly. Music Critics alike gave the album high reviews stating "This guy shows promise, but i want more Sisters of Mercy type lyrics next time". Overall the album scored 4.5 / 5 Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply...

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Artist: Han Li
Listeners: 43
Published : 09 Nov 2010, 08:13
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