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There are two bands with the name Golgota: 1. One is a Black Metal band from Ecuador. 2. Reggae from Puerto Rico. Exclusive Interview with GR: Tell me, how did your name come about? Any obstacles with it--funny mispronunciations, etc...? Golgota: When Carlos (singer and leader) started dreaming about forming a reggae band to worship God and spread the gospel everywhere, the first person he told about it was his father Eduardo (our father). Read more on
There are two bands with the name Golgota: 1. One is a Black Metal band from Ecuador. 2. Reggae from Puerto Rico. Exclusive Interview with GR: Tell me, how did your name come about? Any obstacles with it--funny mispronunciations, etc...? Golgota: When Carlos (singer and leader) started dreaming about forming a reggae band to worship God and spread the gospel everywhere, the first person he told about it was his father Eduardo (our father). Eduardo knew the true purpose and why his son wanted to do this.

He knew that to be part of a ministry of this kind, all the members would have to leave behind their own desires, their personal agendas, and even some of their dreams. He looked in the Bible and found the perfect name to represent that purpose and vision, Golgota. Golgota represents the mountain were Christ died leaving behind his own self, and giving it all to mankind. To follow Jesus we have to die to all temptations, carnal desires and sometimes personal dreams.

That's how our name was born. Even though it is a Biblical name, some people, even churches have had mispronunciations. Some have called us Golgotas (we guess its because we are 12, jaja), others have called us Gargolas, Gorgota and Bolgota jaja that last one it's the funniest). GR: What has been the greatest mistake that you have made in ministry and learned from? How have you used this experience to change the way you approach ministry? Golgota: At one point of our career, we started thinking that if we had accomplished something, it was because of our talent and our charisma with people.

How wrong we were. Maybe the love, support, and applauses of the people got us to believe something that wasn't real, and we let our pride as musicians get to us. We give thanks to God because He took care of our pride and taught us a lesson. When we thought that we were doing great things, God passed us through a valley of "desperation".

There was a lapse of like 3 months when we didn't get a single invitation. Nobody called us, nobody asked for us. We understood that the calls, the invitations, the love, the grace, the favor, and the caring of people came without any doubt thanks to our Jesus. He was the one who gave us favor with the people; He was the one who gave to us the talent, and gave us the passion for music and for those whose lives needs salvation and liberty.

Thanks to Him we are where we are, we are what we are, and we will be what he wants us to be. GR: What Bible character do you most identify yourself with? Golgota: David. A worshipper, a singer, a musician, but also a sinner and a man with weaknesses. We pray every day so that God can even consider us to be in that list of men with a heart just like his.

We have weaknesses, and we fail God, but David showed us that even we you fail Him, knowing that you are failing, His love is so great and infinite, that He forgives us, and is willing to use us for His kingdom. He want to convert that weakness that all of us have, into greatness. GR: What do you have to say about (or to) artists that started off in the Christian industry (CBA) doing gospel music and now sing secular (mainstream) with a watered down, or ambiguous message? Golgota: Well, this is a delicate topic to discuss for there are many reasons for that to happen. Obviously there is no justified reason to abandon your calling, but you have to see or hear the reason for it to happen.

For example if a Christian artist got a devastating experience in his or her church, and he got thrown out of that church or group, he will obviously feel injured and that may be the reason for him or her to abandon his calling and start singing secular. We are not agreeing with that, but that has happened often. Also there is no secret that secular industry pays more money than the Christian industry, and sometimes when a singer is in need, its very difficult for someone to tell him come to my church for $75. When you are in need you do things not because you want, but because you may have to.

On the other part, there singers who pay more attention to money, fame, or tours. Those will obviously look for that outside the Christian industry. Those didn't had a true calling, their vision was misplaced, and we are sure that their true passion wasn't Jesus nor the people without God. But the thing that we don't support at all are those who say that they are Christian artists, but their message is ambiguous or watered down.

They better be careful with what they are doing. That's very dangerous. Jesus' message was always clear, direct and specific everywhere he went. No matter where he was, or who he was with, he spoke about the truth of the gospel.

He didn't change it, he didn't hide it, he was never ambiguous. We know that we have to look for new ways to preach the gospel, new strategies, that's ok. But please lets be always specific and clear. GR: What is your philosophy of stage ministry? Is there any one message that you always want to leave with your audience? Golgota: We are not showmen.

We are ministers. We know that every song expresses a message, but we try always to leave a word with the audience. One of the things that we really love is when we are able to pray personally with those who need prayer. One of the experiences that we always remember is the time when we got invited to play and preach for a group of adolescents and young adults.

When we finished, half of the congregation came to the front of the altar so that we could pray for them. All of them accepted Christ as their one and only Savior. Believe us, they got blessed, but we were more than blessed at that event. That's our passion, that's our message.

Salvation, liberty, forgiveness and mercy. GR: What is the best audience that you have ever played in front of? Golgota: Wow, there are some, but there was one that we truly remember. We were invited to a concert in a basketball court. When we arrived to the concert, there were only like 15 people in the whole court.

Man we were a little frustrated, but when the lights turned off and we started to play, believe us, we felt like there were thousands in the court. Those people had so much energy in them, that they taught us a lesson. Numbers don't matter; it's the quality and the passion they can show. We played like 2 hours, and they wanted more.

That was great. GR: What country would you tour (even if you didn't get paid to perfom)? Golgota: Ha ha, anywhere!. Touring is our dream. Obviously there are expenses, but money is not our goal.

If somebody covers our expenses, we are available to go anywhere. USA, Europe, Central America, South America, anywhere really! GR: What goes through your mind before you go onstage at the average show? Golgota: We always think or try to know what kind of audience we are facing. But basically before we go onstage, we come together, we pray, the director tells us what he expects in that show, he even tells us what he will be preaching about, and we discuss the order of the songs that we will play. In almost every show we change up the order...

ha ha. We start with the first song that the director tells us, but then, when he starts preaching, the order simply changes, God changes our plan every time. There is always that sense of nervousness, but once we are onstage, that goes away and God takes control of everything. Ministry Golgota is first and foremost a worship band.

When we step up to the stage what we do is worship God thorough our voice and instruments. We give all to the One who gave all for us. We love spending time with Him, but we also love to guide the people near His presence. Golgota is also called to extend God's kingdom through out the world.

We preach God's Word directly and clearly to those who need liberty and salvation. We are called, not to entertain, but to share the good news of the Gospel. We are servants of God and preachers of His Word. Ultimately, our goal and vision is to glory God and win as many lives as we can to his kingdom.

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