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Elias T Hoth

Elias T Hoth

Elias T Hoth Check out the website for lots of great info,and there you will be able to purchase the CD and the awesome live DVD. SUMMARY ELIAS.T.HOTH DELIVERIES HIS VERY OWN AND UNIQUE, NO NONSENSE, NO MESSIN’, NO MERCY, HARD ASS MEAN KICKIN’ HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, BLOOD SPITTIN, SOUTHERN STATES STYLE ORIGINAL ROCK AND ROLL! You will simply be overwhelmed by Elias.T.Hoths umcompromisIng torrent of relentless, unforgiving music!. Read more on Check out the website for lots of great info,and there you will be able to purchase the CD and the awesome live DVD. SUMMARY ELIAS.T.HOTH DELIVERIES HIS VERY OWN AND UNIQUE, NO NONSENSE, NO MESSIN’, NO MERCY, HARD ASS MEAN KICKIN’ HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, BLOOD SPITTIN, SOUTHERN STATES STYLE ORIGINAL ROCK AND ROLL! You will simply be overwhelmed by Elias.T.Hoths umcompromisIng torrent of relentless, unforgiving music!. His unshakable belief in the power of his original live rock music takes us to the very edge of ourselves. They question the profound truths, understandings and meaning of our lives, beliefs, fears, and excesses. all of which inhabit the dark recesses of the complex human condition. It is here that Elias.T.Hoth’s sardonic razor sharp focus, darkness and wit inject their hot venom into their frantic unrelenting anthems that finally devour you.

Utimately, “Let Sleepin’ Demons Lie” is a warning that graphically demonstrates to us all the terrible agonies, perverse ecstasies and grim excesses of the unrelenting human existence. His music reaches out to those who have undoubtly sinned, crossed ethical lines, blurred moral boundaries, dislocated and fragmented the very essence of their souls, To those who have been damned for an eternity for loosing control and unleashing those grotesque monsters that lie deep within our suppressed darkened depths! For As we all know its always best to Let Sleepin’ Demons lie, for once they have risen they cannot but take us all into the abyss ! BIOGRAPHY Elias .T. Hoth has been writing his own original material for more than a decade. But now at last the final deliverance of his new album “LET SLEEPIN’ DEMONS LIE” concludes what is for him the end of a 10 year quest giving him time to reflect and take stock of this personal watershed, as he will openly admit, it has often been a long, painful journey, full of struggle, bitter disappointments, abandonment, great pain and personal suffering, but such is life ! Above all, it is he more than anybody who recognises that it is only through such suffering that we ultimately become what we really are. Elias.

T. Hoth wrestles with the human condition, its moral questions and deals with its fears, torments and excesses. He attempts to reach out to those who have crossed those moral lines and warn others of its consequences, but that choice is as always ultimately yours! Elias .T. Hoth has lived on the edge, the music he forges is shaped by the searing extremes and dark depths.

He is relentless, smouldering, raw and yet full of perceptive insight, wit and invention. Here are the stories of the the vengeful, the violent and the doomed. But while the grim reaper gives chase, Elias.T.Hoth finds compassion for those on the run. Set in a hellfire and brimstone, bible preaching moral landscape of the Southern United States, the blistering opening track Mississippi Burnin’ ignites a fire that invokes an oppressive, malevolent fever that brings us to a breathtaking precipice. At long last agony subsides, being broken by the cool relief of receeding, rumbling storm clouds, leaving us drenched at the end of the albums most unforgiving and venomous track, Rollin’ Thunda. The ultimate battle between the good and evil that lurks within us all has produced an album of brutal, gritty, powerful, ass kicking anthems that are merciless, and simply tells it like it is! With influences as diverse as AC/DC, ZZ Top, Lynard Skynard, Led Zep, Molly Hatchet, Thin Lizzy , Johnny Cash and Elvis these songs will stay with you for a long, long time with the potential like all good songs to become great classics in their own right.

After all, you must ask yourself one question- is it really possible to Let our Sleepin’ Demons Lie? ELIAS.T.HOTH NEW LIVE CD& DVD ITS LIVE AND LETHAL Elias.T.Hoth’s new combined live CD and DVD Box Set “Let Sleepin Demons Live” is powerful live performance of the bands new original studio album “Let Sleepin Demons Lie” launched just 11 months ago! This time last year the orginal album was especially and exclusively released for listeners on ASR and has been consistently played on the station ever since! This was quickly followed up by the live CD album launch sound track (the actual live sound track to the DVD) which ultimately proved to be even more popular amongst ASR listeners! The DVD was released just 4 weeks ago in the UK, and is now available online in the USA from the bands UK website! There is no doubt that this tremendous DVD captures some absolutely superb moments of the band in rip roaring, live action and certainly based on this stunning performance Elias.T.Hoth are destined to rise! The result is an artistic product that provides top quality entertainment, delivering the very best for listeners, supporters and fans of live Southern rock music! The DVD brings us the highest calibre orginal sound you will both see and certainly hear, here on ASR and that’s why Elias.T.Hoth’s unique Southern rock is always destined and will continue to be a consistent corner stone feature of All Southern Rocks Radio! THE LIVE CD The 11 track CD sound track is already actively being played on ASR and has been on line for several months now, with many of the live album tracks being regularly requested by ASR listener’s world wide! Therefore you will un doubtly find a significant number of the live albums songs are consistent and familiar visitors to the ASR top 10 charts! The CD is no nonsense top class quality live recording, capturing the raw and lethal energy of the bands gritty delivery, engineered and mastered by top sound producer Steve Brookfield at the UK’ground breaking CA3 Northern based studios! Be assured that this CD will no doubt sit oh so very well on the long drive down from Mississippi to Baton Rouge, or for that matter any where else on a long hot day, and if it’s not hot then it soon will be, with these unrelenting Southern Rock live raging tracks beating the hell out of your automobile speakers! THE DVD The DVD film quality is superb with some brilliant professional directing and camera work from well established UK film Director Paul Brannigan, the final cut editing has actually been engineered by Elias himself, who was also the "Let Sleepin Demon Live" DVD Executive Producer. Elias oh so wanted to capture as much of the very essence of their live performance as he could from this unique event! The bands power is awesome and Elias.T.Hoth demonstrate their incredible ability, dynamic and energy to deliver to World Class standards in the cauldron of the live arena. THE BAND PERFORMERS “Hoth is at his very best, delivering as always his very own special brand of uncompromising vocals and gritty rhythm guitar work"! "Sam Barnett effortlessly produces some of the greatest orginal lead guitar solo’s I have ever heard and from a youth of such tender years it is just absolutely amazing"! "Bass player Cydark’s relentless dynamic energy is awesome as he again and again plunders the darkest rolling depths of massive 5 string high octane bass guitar, driving the band relentlessly forward". "While drummer Danny Law is gives us his own unrelenting, savage, high energy, precision impact drumming throughout the entire show”! The DVD also includes THE LIVE BIG GIG and a number of extras including:- THE BIG GIG The Big gig live show brings us Elias.T.Hoth in over drive, demonstrating their shear unrelenting power, depth, energy and amazing talents of the both individuals and the collective band! Above all the DVD at last captures and harnesses their massive momentum, bringing us what is truly a breath taking performance! THE PROMO VIDEO The DVD also includes the new promotional black and white single video “HeX on You”.

The video cleverly integrates a brilliant mirage of live action footage with dark and brooding orginal album single sound track. The focal centre piece of the video is the demonic HeX face that delivers that ultimate vengeful voodoo bitter vocal! INTERVIEW In an in depth interview Elias he tells us both his own and the bands very personal stories and explains why he made the decision to invest in a colossal 12,000 Watt sound system and 25,000 Watt lighting system for the bands stunning live debut performance!. GALLERY The DVD also reflects on the albums development and its profound songs, showings us graphic images, lyrics, words and concepts along with the excellent back stage and on stage performance stills, slow motion and live footage! SUPPORT ARTIST The DVD also includes the more reflective, sedate and plaintive sounds of singer song writer Tom Euesden, an orginal UK Indi acoustic performer, who contrasted and ably supported the band on their Big Gig night! All in all, “Let Sleepin Demons Live” combined CD & DVD Box set is a great buy and excellent value for money! Above all it will beyond doubt one day be Southern rock collector’s piece!! " Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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