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Corin Arnold aka ED2000 was born in West London in 1957. Having spent most of his life in an Art and Culture environment ( his parents met in a London Art School in the bohemian 1950,s where one was studying, the other teaching ) he has always tended in his Djing and associated activities towards the new, the innovative and the essential with regards to where he invests his time end energy and his now not inconsiderable experience. His parents art studio’s were at their home Read more on
Corin Arnold aka ED2000 was born in West London in 1957. Having spent most of his life in an Art and Culture environment ( his parents met in a London Art School in the bohemian 1950,s where one was studying, the other teaching ) he has always tended in his Djing and associated activities towards the new, the innovative and the essential with regards to where he invests his time end energy and his now not inconsiderable experience. His parents art studio’s were at their home, at first in the late 1950,s early 60`s in Paddington , the then hotspot and meeting point of the creative and non conformist activists in the alternative sub culture of the time, and later in their unorthodox and provocative ramshackle sea front house in Brighton on the British South coast. He spent many hours as a very young child listening to and watching his father edit down the reel to reel tapes he had recorded from the pioneers of Pirate Radio and progressive programming such as Caroline and Luxembourg, selecting the best tracks, editing out the unwanted parts, splicing them together, on the beat, and replaying the end result over a home made multi speaker sound system. The predominant sound was the black dance music of the day such as Tamla Motown, Stax, Bluebeat and Ska, with a to be expected representation of the rock and pop icons of that time ranging from Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones to the Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Clearly then this is where the seeds where sown , not only regarding his career as a Dj in later life, but also and especially with regards to the artistically creative, non conformist establishment challenging and ground breaking environment in which this all took place. This is strongly reflected in his being acknowledged today as a key figure in, and nearly always being amongst the first to recognise and support each successive wave of innovation and development from the contemporary urban culture that he has been immersed in for the best part of 3 decades now. The most recent example of this being his not inconsiderable fm radio and club support for a new sound, later called grime, a good 2 years before it was acknowledged elsewhere as being an important development in the evolution of contemporary club music. In 1989 he was the first Berlin based Dj to invite Uk guests into the then West Berlin, establishing a norm that is now taken for granted , giving the first ever taste of playing in Berlin to such legends of UK club Culture as Soul to Soul, Tim Westwood, Colin Faver , Dj Krust, The Plump Djs and dozens of others since then. 17 years later Berlin is now the city that is at the top of every self respecting internationally active Dj and Musician’s list of places that has to be played in! His first dj set in a club was at Billys in Soho, London, circa 1978 – a punk and reggae mash up ( between live sets from a post punk band in which he was the rhythm guitarist ).

Over the next ten years Dj,ing nudged playing in bands out of the picture and became his full time profession. In February 1988, whilst running his own club night “Strong Island” ( everything from rare groove to the newest rap and house, upstairs at the Falkland Arms W.C.1 ) he was offered a residency at the Limelight Club on Shaftsbury Avenue. The very same week, two clubs in Berlin, Germany, also offered residencies, and Corin decided for the more adventurous option, packed his records up and moved over to Berlin, just a very short time before the wall came down! A few months prior to the ”Mauerfall” Corin was invited by the DDR (East German) Government to perform in East Berlin with Dr.Motte, who would shortly thereafter found the Love Parade, and Kid Paul, one of Germanys most successful and respected Djs of that time, at what was then the first ever Dj / Dance music event featuring artists from West Berlin, to be staged in the then East German capital. This took place in the “Palais der Republik“.

Two days after the wall fell, the first Techno club in East Berlin opened – Standige Vertretung beneath Kunsthaus Tacheles. Recognised with the benefit of hind sight as something of a seminal location, this club was initiated by Nick Kapica who now heads the internationally renowned and successful design company “Standige Vertretung”, and Tim Richter, who recently headed the special effects team for all three Matrix movies. The door man was Raik, who left the club to form Kitty Yo records, and a team of visual artists (including members of the UK based “mutoid waste company“ and lilivan pobjoy who went on to co-found “rechtencentrum” ) and djs, who all went on to travel the world and play their part as key players in the evolution of the post wall Berlin club and music culture. Corin was invited to be resident at the club, and shortly afterwards moved into the old city centre where he has been based ever since. Since then he has played every major city and event in Germany ( Mayday, Love Parade, Nature One, Pop-Kom, Liberty 1, Sonne Mond und Stern, Summer Spirit, Fusion, etc ), held down numerous ground breaking club nights in Berlin at just about every important club and underground location ( Maria, Tresor, E-Werk, WMF, Casino, Bastard, Icon, Pfefferbank etc ) , presented for 5 years ( 93-98 ) a weekly five hour long electronic music show at Kiss Fm Berlin, ( a programme which is since citied by more than a few people as having had an immense influence on the evolution of contemporary musical culture in Berlin – at a time when techno was undisputed king in Berlin and Germany, the listener ratings for his show were constantly on the up curve for his strange and evocative mixes of classic jazz and ground breaking electronica, hours long ambient sets, and eclecticism sourcing every aspect of what was new that week in the booming world of electronic music’s, both club and listening orientated, and at a time when the electric guitar was a no go for most people, featuring extensive selections from guitar based releases that in his opinion displayed the same “zeitgeist” in their sound and attitude as the most innovative of electronic players).

He has generally earned himself a reputation as a high quality Dj with a good feeling and intuition for sensing where it may all be heading to next. From 1990 to 1995 he was booked extensively across Europe for his Ambient and Experimental sets, to accompany a variety of Art + Theatrical presentations. During this time he presented his mood creating sound collages at theatres in Amsterdam, Berlin ( Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, Akademie Der Kunst, Ballhaus, ) where he often played improvised sessions for artists from as far afield as Tokyo, Paris and New York, as well as being booked repeatedly for the chill out zones at the Techno Art Exhibtions in E-Werk ( Chromapark ) and at the now legendary Stammheim club in Kassel. He also took part in the world renowned Annual Arts Symposium in Plassey ( Czeck Republic ), co-staged a three month long Sunday “multi media” chill out event in Berlin at the Roter Salon, again working together with nick and tim from standige vertretung, ( 1992 – another first ) and held down what is referred to by many as a milestone residency in the highly regarded Berlin Mitte Art Galerie, “Aktions Galerie” ( 1992 to 1998 ), generally considered to be the first weekly event in Berlin which specialised in the then new genres of Experimental Electronica and Electronic Listening Music`s.

In Autumn 2004 he played an improvised set of beats and sound effects for the live readings of renowned UK author Diran Adebayo who was in Berlin to present his new novel, and in recent years he was invited to Dj before and after the Berlin performances of the internationally renowned artist groups “DeLaGuardia” and “ManuMeyo”. Resident on all Interference Festivals in the mid to late 1990`s ( then and now still, the most innovative and comprehensive “new music” showcases to have evolved out of Berlins Techno Culture ), he was also booked for a two summer long fortnightly residency in the Chill Out garden at the now legendary E-Werk, and two years running set the mood at the seminal Potsdam Film Festival, and at the 2003 Berlinale celebrations, again in the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt. Since 1993 he has had a long standing residency at the Kunsthoff Silberstein situated in the heart of Berlin Mitte. He is still being booked for Ambient and Experimental sets, more recently at an exhibition of photos of the world famous “Fernsehturm” by Berlin Artist Joseph Kircher, which took place in the revolving restaurant at the top of the landmark radio tower in central Berlin. He also plays deep ambient sets, sometimes 6 to 7 hours long, on a monthly basis at an exclusive S+M club here in Berlin where he has been resident for nearly 2 years now.

In 1995 he staged the first ever Drum+Bass event in Tresor, and was booked for the same at Mayday-Save The Robots, where he actually played out a set of US and UK breaks and Big Beats “ because at this time this is where the spirit of innovation was “. More recently his Europe wide bookings have included “Rave on Snow” in Austria as a solo DJ , and “Zurich Street Parade” in Switzerland, “Chew the Fat”, and “HUM” in London / UK, “The House Of God” in Birmingham UK, “Get Some” in Bristol UK, and “StTropez” in Budapest, together with Dj Vela as the Dangerous Drums resident Dj Team. Recent festivals played include “Konneisto” in Finnland, and “Sonne Mond Und Stern”, “Liberty 1”, “Fusion” , “Summer Spirit” in Germany and most recently the seminal “ Glade” festival in UK. Recent radio sessions have included Breaks FM UK, Samuari FM Japan, Ministry of Sound UK, The Mouth Of God ( Birmingham ) UK, and Dread at the Controls / Kiss F.M London as well as being invited for re-visits to Marusha,s “Rave Satellite” , Don Rispetto,s “Radio Kanaka” and Oli Massive,s “Blackboard Jungle”, as well as various stations across Germany and Europe.

He has also appeared in interview and performed dj-sets for radio and tv from Kaliningrad in Russia to Sofia in Bulgaria. Corin was also the programme director for the live online radio stream from 1999 to 2002, responsible for scheduling 100 hours a month, a different dj every hour, live online with web cam. He has also had weekly radio shows on ground breaking FM stations ReBoot FM, and Twen FM where he has been involved for several years, since their “pirate radio” days, and where he now has a weekly 4 hour show on 104.1 in Berlin. He was recently invited to join the roster at the UK,s newest breaks radio flagship , His current radio show schedule is as follows : Berlin - Twen fm 104.1 / weekly 4 hour show ( Tuesday nights 01.00 to 05.00 mest) London - / weekly 2 hour show ( Friday nights 18.00 to 20.00 gmt ) Since December 1998 he has also been responsible together with Dj Vela, for Dangerous Drums, a monthly Berlin based event, which has seen him and his partner booked as the resident djs in clubs that have a reputation for leading, rather than following, in Russia, Belaruss, Holland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Rumania, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Finnland, U.K, Japan and U.S.A. and which has earned a very respectable reputation, both at home in Germany, and internationally, for the event and the music it endeavors to showcase.

Their recent tours took in dates at major cities across UK, USA, Europe and Japan. The Record/CD/ label of the same name has been up and running since June 2001. With its combined vinyl and cd output , whilst being quiet modest in quantity ( 10 vinyl releases and 6 cds to date ) the label has actually released material by over 70 artists, predominantly from Berlin ( hence the CD compilation series title “It’s a Berlin Thing” ) and a great many of those being first ever releases for the artists involved. This after all was the main reason to start the label.

Label catalouge titles will soon be available as MP3 downloads via and and over select Asian portals.. Once again Corin is at his best when re-defining the accepted norms as to the aims and ways of whatever he is involved in at any given moment. The evolution of the world wide digital music distribution network is something he unreservedly supports and promotes as it promises, in the short to mid term at least, to enable immense diversity and choice for the listener at very affordable prices. On the production front he has released several mix Cds and remixes and collaborated on a string of vinyl releases.

At present he is busy working with 30HZ in Bristol ( releasing their grimy beats on UK label Zoo Records ), with Namito in Berlin on the down tempo project Persepolis, whose first album “Far From Home” has just been released, and with one of Berlin`s most internationally respected dance music producers, Circuit Breaker, on a new Ed2000 12” for eventual release on Dangerous Drums Recordings . In July 2005 he was invited to present one of 12 stages at the first “Planet Pro Berlin” event under the Siegessaule , a stage which with its innovative and adventurous artist line up ( 12 hours of non stop musik from Djs and Live Acts, a different artist every 30 minutes ) earned praise and respect from all sides for having been in many peoples opinions the most forward thinking at the event. The working relationship between Corin`s Berlin based endeavours and his contemporaries in Japan was further established at this event with Tokyo based Jap records being represented by their artists performances on the Dangerous Drums Stage a development which has already resulted in plans for further innovative international collaborations between Berlin and Tokyo. He is also co-ordinating attempts to stage “Planet Pro Berlin” in Tokio , in early 2006. An additional activity which has recently evolved out of all of this has been writing. Over the last several years, his press sheets for various friends record labels here in Berlin, who asked for his assistance as a native English speaker, have in turn led to his being asked to write for two of Berlins leading culturally orientated publications , namely ExBerliner, for which he wrote an article about the evolution of contemporary music in Berlin, from the rise of the social democrats in the 1930,s via the immediate post wall era to the modern day ( “From Blue Note to Tresor ” ), and DeBug, arguably Berlin and the GSA,s most respected and forward thinking publication focused on , in its own words, “Electronic Lifestyle”.

For DeBug he interviewed Alex Patterson of the Orb over a three page article, the success of which has resulted in the promise of more such projects. Official site Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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