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#EDM, #Trance, #ProgressiveTrance, #UpliftingTrance, #YeiskompRecords The project was created by Max Molodtsov in March 2009. Style from july 2015 #Trance. At different times, the style ranged from #industrialmetal to #deathelectro. Present projects #Detta (2009-pr), #Barbarity(2002-2010, 2016-pr), #Derogatory (2009-pr), #Nimaroniroma (2016-pr) Former projects #Unnopticoom (2006-2009), #UnidentifiedCorpse (2006-2010), #ScalpingCrypt (1999-2004), #Rigorism (2003-2010), #Haagal (2007-2008), #Apocalypsys (1996-1998) Read more on
#EDM, #Trance, #ProgressiveTrance, #UpliftingTrance, #YeiskompRecords The project was created by Max Molodtsov in March 2009. Style from july 2015 #Trance. At different times, the style ranged from #industrialmetal to #deathelectro. Present projects #Detta (2009-pr), #Barbarity(2002-2010, 2016-pr), #Derogatory (2009-pr), #Nimaroniroma (2016-pr) Former projects #Unnopticoom (2006-2009), #UnidentifiedCorpse (2006-2010), #ScalpingCrypt (1999-2004), #Rigorism (2003-2010), #Haagal (2007-2008), #Apocalypsys (1996-1998)||||| BIRTHDAY OF THE BAND - MARCH 1, 2009 Max Molodtsov played in Barbarity since the beginning of 2000s. The direction in which worked Barbarity can be attributed to death metal, if you do not go into the details of the development of each album (old-school death metal to death-grind). Over time, Max began to accumulate material, namely since 2000, he could not realize for the reason that the style did not fit.

The greater part of his life he dedicated to the guitar, different rhythm sections. But some of the guitar riffs did not fit into the framework of death metal. Moreover, he began to experiment with different cheap synthesizers in search of different sounds. He composed music, not songs yet, for himself.

The material little by little accumulated. He thought about the style in which he would like to work. At that time, between 2003 and 2008, Max did not show anybody he has some samples and so forth. Relatives and friends knew about his attraction to the different directions of music.

It all started with the fact that he suddenly began to realize that the material was accumulating, and so the time had come to create and advertise his project, be subject to various criticism, and there was a lot to criticize. In March 2009, shortly after the Moscow Coyote festival, where Barbarity had a show, Max began to actively work over the old material, but to replay it and to record in better quality. The idea was to do this project with female vocals, but in the end he decided to sing himself. He was supported by Sergey Lopukhov aka Bonif(Barbarity) and guitarist Yuri Mikhailov aka Bloods (Manticor, UNIDENTIFIED CORPSE).

Together in early March 2009 they issued the Internet-single "God's Breath". The criticism got pretty different, ranging from music to image. They were not upset about the negativity, they actually could forsee the result, and took note of all the bad and good, no more. A little later, after a month and a half they recorded EP "Age of Angels", which also included the song God's Breath.

No performances were planned at that time. They just watched criticism, the reaction of people. In June 2009 Bonif left DETTA for the reason that he wanted to focus on Barbarity and devote himself to a single band. In July 2009 they played the debut show in Sharya (Kostroma region) in one of the dark parties.

In September 2009 they played a gig with Otto Dix in Kostroma. It was the second promotional concert at the time. In October the first DVD, "999", was released and in December a full-length album "Era". In February 2010, the guys began shooting the video for the song and future hit single "Cocaina".

In April the single "Cocaine is my Cocaine" was released. From May to November 2010 they were in the tour to support the song and video Cocaina, which included both small and large cities. In October they recorded the song Your Last Breath, which was also performed in the tour with the old material of the album "Era". In December 2010 they released their second DVD "And there will be DETTAISM" and the EP "Last breath".

In March 2011 they released their third DVD, "Live Show in Ivanovo 2011" The album "COCAINA" – the long-awaited official CD of the band for 2 years - was released by CYANIDE Promotion in May 2011. It included songs from the single "God's Breath", mini-album "Age of Angels" and album "Era" (2009), the single "Cocaine is my Cocaine," EP "Last breath" (2010), as well as a couple of new songs of 2011 and one song recorded together with the Belarusian project #13. DETTA was an explosive mixture of unusual vocals, powerful guitar riffs and electronic samples. A significant role took the image of the band members.

Style frames were defined as industrial metal, death-electro, experimental After a long break in concert activity, in 2012 the latest metal album was presented to the audience. It was called "Ships" (EP) and included 5 songs, most of the old but time-tested repertoire, almost in the same style,no experiments. This issue, unlike the former, was released through the internet. Two and a half years later in July 2015 the only musician, the founder of the project Max released the album "XIII Apostol".

This instrumental compilation consisted of 18 tracks, most of which were composed in the period since 2009 to 2013. Tracks "Air mix", "Ocean" and "Tunnel" were new. As a bonus the Kostroma band Medicine Coma was presented with the track "wnd 7". In general, the material was digital, and the style was more dance than experimental or metal.

At the same time, the Remix for the Austrian metal band KaaK was released as the song Satan dreams. In August 2015 VJ CNiclav produced a mix of two tracks - Ocean and Tunnel, as well as Combine-BS - Detta - Ocean - Tunnel (trial-trip DJ set 2015) To be continued... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..
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