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Dave McPherson

Dave McPherson

Dave McPherson

Dave McPherson is the Lead Vocalist/Guitarist of the Alternative Rock/Metal band, 'InMe' and the Drummer of Heavy Metal band "Centiment" from Brentwood, Essex. He also has his own experimental projects called "A Devil's Devil" and "Primordial Soup". Dave's currently released EPs (all available for sale at & and available for download at and at all Dave McPherson & InMe gigs) Read more on
Dave McPherson is the Lead Vocalist/Guitarist of the Alternative Rock/Metal band, 'InMe' and the Drummer of Heavy Metal band "Centiment" from Brentwood, Essex. He also has his own experimental projects called "A Devil's Devil" and "Primordial Soup". Dave's currently released EPs (all available for sale at & and available for download at and at all Dave McPherson & InMe gigs) (This information is taken from Dave's wikipedia page and his myspace blog B.S.W.U.E (Beautiful Stories With Ugly Endings) This entirely acoustic CD became available on the last InMe tour of 2006, The Punishment Tour. Initially this EP was released with a cardboard sleeve, however, this has been changed to a printed paper insert within a plastic wallet. This is the first EP from Dave and contains the fan-favourite Glass White Flag - which was initially played on Ithe InMe tour.

Co-produced, engineered and recorded by Rob Gurton at DrunkMonk Studios. Tracks 5 & 6 redcorded by Dave McPherson at 3Kings Studios. Tracklist: 1. Glass White Flag 2. Wicked Man 3.

If I Could Change 4. B.S.W.U.E 5. Oil Season (Bonus demo) 6. Flashing Light Ensemble (Bonus demo) Crescent Summer Seasons (2004) Recorded at Dave's house in the summer of 2004 and entirely self produced.

The track "You Shouldn't Give Up On Her" was first planned as an InMe song but became a solo song for unknown reasons. Tracklist: 1. Emerald Barrier 2. Sunny Lynton 3. Gotham City Blues 4.

Love The Red Button 5. The Stupid Franchise of Love 6. Song For The Drunk Walk Home 7. You Shouldn't Give Up On Her A Bridge for Burning (2007) This EP was also entirely recorded, produced and mixed by Dave.

The EP also contains 3 tracks from the scrapped EP "Soft Terminus EP" which was supposed to be released after Crescent Summer Sessions, however, Dave wasn't happy with it and decided to not release it. A myspace blog posted about the EP reads: "It (a bridge for burning) is going to be a very stripped down affair in a similar vain to 'BSWUE'. The lyrics are a bit more of a social commentary than earlier stuff and a little tongue in cheek in places. I know I put out a similar blog regarding what was to be 'Soft Terminus' but the truth is I am not happy with that material apart from 'Maria Libera'. This feels a lot more organic to me and something I can deliver live with more feeling." (Saturday, July 07, 2007 ) Tracklist: 1. A Bridge For Burning 2. Sorry Lads 3.

Mockingbirds & Jealous Folk 4. Drugs Won't Save You Now 5. Good Job Their Favourite Colour Is Red 6. The Thieves 7.

Maria Libera (Soft Terminus track) 8. Handshakes For Strangers (Soft Terminus track) 9. The Uninvited Truth (Soft Terminus track) I Don't Do Requests (2008) The fourth from Dave, also entirely produced by Dave. This is the first EP to feature Ben Konstantinovic on the tracks "I Don't Do Requests", "Hearts Need Blood" and "Mr.Goodchild".

Additional music on the track "I Don't Do Requests" is provided by Greg McPherson, Dave's brother. The description of "I don't do requests" released on Dave's myspace blog reads: "I wanted to make each song have it's own individual theme and mood so that I could have infinite freedom creatively. I wanted it all to be honest but some songs are slightly tongue in cheek, some are straight from the heart, some are social commentaries, some make light of the dark etc. I don't want to be restricted with what I can do with this thing so I may be being a little too experimental this time just to see where the boundaries are, hopefully there are none!" (Monday, October 27, 2008) Tracklist: 1. I Don't Do Requests 2.

Hearts Need Blood 3. Mr. Goodchild 4. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Rockstar 5.

The World's Biggest... 6. Waltzing In A Supermarket Song Descriptions (taken from Dave's myspace blog): I don't do requests "This is a slightly tongue in cheek outburst about my passion for music and how although things aren't quite as successful as they once were, my resilience and determination are higher than ever". Hearts need blood "This song has a more serious tone and it explores the idea of love and people's journeys through the dirt in order to find the treasure. It is for someone special." Mr Goodchild "My Grandad passed away this year and he was the man I looked up to the most throughout my life. There were a couple things I always wanted to say to him but never got the chance and this is directly for him.

He was like a real life hero." When I grow up I wanna be a rock star "This is an observation between the complexities of being an adult and the simplicities of being a reckless child. It references some nostalgic elements of my childhood. It is really about how life doesn't turn out the way you plan it...ever." The World's Biggest "I was in a pub a few months back and a man who shall remain nameless was ridiculously rude to me regarding my family. I barely knew the guy so I couldn't believe he had the audacity to come out with some of these things.

I thought the best from of revenge is song so I have ridiculed him within this whimsical tale of the world's biggest dick." Waltzing in a Supermarket "This is a little lullaby to finish of the EP. The person it's for will understand. The 'bom bom bom' bits recur throughout the EP and in this song they were inspired by 'The Frog Song'! I think it ends it all nicely." Rarities 1 (December 2008) Description of Rarities 1 as blogged by Dave on his myspace page on Friday, December 12, 2008 . "There are songs dating back to 2003 in various forms, I didn't think these songs would ever be heard by anyone and some are very raw but I know there are people that would wish to hear them regardless as otherwise they'd disappear forever." Tracklist: 1. Ditto - recorded 2007 2.

Stepping Stones - recorded 2006 3. Glass White Flag (early demo) - recorded 2004 4. Mr Goodchild (live at the purple turtle, london) - recorded 2008 5. The Grace In Her Hope - recorded 2004 6.

Hearts Need Blood (early demo) - recorded 2007 7. The Sweetest Regime (featuring Paolo Morena) - recorded 2006 8. Sorry Lads (live at the purple turtle, london) - recorded 2008 9. Our Secret - recorded 2004 10.

The Distance Of A Kiss - recorded 2004 11. Ghost To Everyone - recorded 2004. Song Descriptions (taken from Dave's myspace blog): 1. Ditto Recorded in 2007 - This was originally going to be an InMe song (on the 4th album) but it didn't fit in with the musical theme of the rest of the album demo tracks and felt much more like a Dave McPherson song. It got buried for a while until I rediscovered it again a month ago and decided I liked the English-nature metaphors throughout...and of course the salsa tinted guitar solo. 2.

Stepping Stones Recorded in 2006 - This was one of the first songs I wrote for InMe after Greg joined. It totally didn't fit the style of what we were creating at the time and feels much more like a Dave McPherson song in retrospect. I like the imagery of hopping across a flowing river upon stepping stones, it's a nice metaphor for trial and tribulation. 3. Glass White Flag (early demo) Recorded in 2004 - This is a very layered version of one of my favourite solo songs.

There are some slightly alternate lyrics in there and a massive sound scape behind the song for this version. It has a childlike quality to it as I had just properly discovered GarageBand! 4. Mr Goodchild (live at the Purple Turtle) Recorded in 2008 - This was the first live performance of this very personal song. Many have commented on how much they liked this version so here it is.

I really like Ben's improvisation on the lead guitar, it feels very warm and organic. 5. The Grace in her Hope Recorded in 2004 - This was supposed to be part of 'Crescent Summer Sessions' but I didn't think it fitted at the time. I was listening to a lot of straight up pop music at this time which is clearly evident in this song! 6. Hearts need blood (early demo) Recorded in 2007 - This was originally being treated as an InMe song but it was very clear it was a Dave McPherson song after a couple listens.

It has become easier to make that distinction this last year. It has a different structure to the proper version and is about twice as fast! 7. (undocumented) 8. Sorry lads (live at the Purple Turtle) Recorded in 2008 - This was an amazing show largely due to such an enthusiastic warm audience.

This song has always been a favourite for me to play live because a lot of people seem to connect with the song. The intro sums up the whole tune really! 9. Our Secret Recorded in 2004 - This is another song that got taken off the 'Crescent Summer Sessions' EP as I felt it was the weakest at the time and it wanted the EP to be short and snappy. In retrospect I really like the melodies and the wide eyed lyrics about love. 10.

The distance of a kiss Recorded in 2004 - This was originally written for a multi-style concept album I was indulging on at the time. Not a lot was going on with the band and I had a lot of time to kill! This was the softest song on the demo and listening back to it instantly reminds me of walking back from the pub drunk in the freezing cold to go and work on this music until the sun rises. 11. Ghost to everyone Recorded in 2004 - This is the first song I ever recorded on GarageBand when I was in a hotel room somewhere in the UK. It is quite a raw track in that respect but I like the feeling and the self loathing lyrics contained within. Primordial Soup - Listen Closely Listen Closely is the first EP from Dave's Primordial Soup techno prject, unlike A Devil's Devil it contains vocals, all tracks are written, sang, programmed and recorded by Dave McPherson Tracklist: 1.

We Were The Best Worst Dancers 2. Cute Chaos 3. Promise We'll Always Work It Out 4. Endolithic Spell 5.

Listen To My Song (part 1) 6. The Foundation Of All My Strength Rarities Part 2 (July 2009) Tracklist: 1. Last Year (demo) - recorded 2009 2. Oh My - recorded 2005 3.

Interlude One - recorded 2004 4. Forgive & Forget - recorded 2005 5. I Don't Do Requests (live) - recorded 2008 6. Interlude Two - recorded 2004 7.

2nd Jonquil (demo) - recorded 2005 8. The Smell Of The Cut Grass - recorded 2004 9. The Princess Of Persia - recorded 2005 10. Interlude Three - recorded 2004 11.

Glass White Flag (electro demo) - recorded 2004 12. BSWUE (demo) A Devil's Devil - Introduce The Devil To Your Mother (19 November 2009) Started in 2007 (As seen on I Won't Let Go B side I Won't Let Go (ADD Remix) Tracklist: 1. Full Circle 2. They mostly come at night...mostly 3.

Zigzag Doctor 4. I won't lie to you mate, it's a gamble 5. Rub-a-dub-dub 6. Get off my territory 7.

Mercy Killing 8. Something curious 9. Dice Unplugged Live Support Machine (10 December 2009) Dave's first live EP. Tracklist: 1. Before I even had you 2.

Hearts need blood 3. Glass White Flag 4. A chameleon's true colours 5. Mockingbirds & Jealous Folk 6.

Last Year 7. Faster the Chase / B.S.W.U.E 8. I don't do requests 9. Turbulence Rarities Part 3 Dave discusses the release of Rarities Part 3 in his myspace blog: "This particular selection of rare material is very different from the past as most of them are old potential InMe demos.

They wouldn't have been released under 'InMe' but I felt it a shame that they never saw the light of day as they were just collecting dust & feeling sorry for themselves! All of the songs were written & recorded entirely by myself over the past few years so although they don't sound like most of my folk-based songs, they're still technically Dave McPherson songs! I know there is some material that some of you have been wanting to hear for years so don't hesitate to click on the link! Thanks as always for all your support :)" (Tuesday, January 26, 2010) Tracklist: 1. Under The Blazing Sun (2006) 2. Bluebuds & The 3 Kings (2006) 3. Broken Compass (2004) 4.

Pantomime (2004) 5. Keepsake (2004) 6. Like A Fire (2006) 7. Equilibrium (2003) 8.

My Glory (2005) 9. Sour Honey (2004) 10. Sirens (2006) 11. Betrayal of Her Trust (2005) 12.

Praise The Fraud (2006) Song Descriptions (taken from Dave's myspace blog): 1. Under The Blazing Sun (2006) -This tune was originally written for Daydream Anonymous but was scrapped although I personally have a warm affinity for pun intended. 2. Bluebuds & The 3 Kings (2006) [i/]-This was another song due to be on Daydream Anonymous but it didn't really fit the mood of the album. It's basically a celebratory song about all my friends at the time.

Me & one of my best mates have called each other the Bluebuds since we were 15 & The 3 Kings was the moniker me, Simon & my housemate used to call ourselves when we all lived together. 3. Broken Compass (2004) -This was written back when I lived with Greg. I guess it was when I first decided I wished to write more complex music with harder guitars & more exciting chord progressions. 4.

Pantomine (2004) -This is a short interlude which displays where my interest for electronic, programmed music began. 5. Keepsake (2004) -I remember writing this when I get back from a night at the pub 5 addresses ago! Can't believe 6 years have past since then! 6. Like A Fire (2006) -This was written for a friend who wasn't well at all & things looked very bad at the time but she pulled through which makes this song even more special to me! This is the first ever song I wrote on Garageband & has a spontaneous, improvised quality. 7. Equilibrium (2003) -This was the 2nd song I ever wrote on my Mac.

It is full of spacey arpeggios & very airy vocals. Although I sound rather child-like I still think this tune has stood the test of time. 8. My Glory (2005) -This was a straight up rock song I wrote with my heart on my sleeve lyrically. Very raw & hooky. 9.

Sour Honey (2004) -This is another strange electronica interlude. It's supposed to sound like worker bees at work in the queen's hive! 10. Sirens (2006) -This was intended to be on Daydream Anonymous but sounded a bit too indie pop to fit the musical theme of the album. I like the lyrics & flow of this tune a lot. 11.

Betrayal of Her Trust (2005) -This is an epic instrumental track full of orchestral elements & choral walls of sound. I love the solo in the bridge. 12. Praise The Fraud (2006) -This is the first song I wrote after Greg joined which shows a heavier direction.

It felt a bit disjointed at the time but is rather venomous. In retrospect it'd be a shame for no-one to hear this! The Scoliopteryx Libatrix Trilogy (February 2010) Previously titled Herald Moth, Scoliopteryx Libatrix is an old side project between Dave and his Younger Brother Greg McPherson To avoid any confusion with the name of InMe's 4th album Herald Moth they changed the name to its Latin name Scoliopteryx Libatrix. The CDs were released in February 2010 however they were originally recorded in 2005, there were 3 CDs released and the theme of music is Opera Metal and the songs contain no lyrics. The band are planning to revive the side project and have a new EP in the pipeline entitled 'Larvae Residue' which will be 12 of the songs from the previous 3 releases with vocals, they are planning for some guest vocalists to sing on the Album. Dave discusses the release in a myspace blog, saying: "Hello all, as some of you may well know, me & my brother Greg used to create music for an instrumental progressive metal project entitled Herald Moth.

Part of the reason we named the new InMe album Herald Moth was because we'd taken InMe's sound into darker, heavier territory much alike our old side project. The material we fabricated back then has been buried in the depths of my iTunes library for 5 or 6 years now but the full works is finally about to made available to purchase. Divided into 3 chapters & renamed under the Herald Moth's latin moniker Scoliopteryx Libatrix, this collection of compositions still makes me proud to this day. It sounds like a bastard hybrid of InMe, Centiment, A Devil's Devil & complex, classical, progressive tech-metal, if that whets your whistle then watch this space as it shall be taking flight very shortly!" (Wednesday, January 27, 2010) Scoliopteryx Libatrix - Noctuidae Part 1 1.

Indestruction Part 1 2. The Rose of Isis 3. Xenos 4. LV-426 5.

Blood under Nacreous Clouds 6. The anointed Cherub that covereth 7. Eternal Triangle 8. Byzantine Empire 9.

The Great Conjunction Scoliopteryx Libatrix - Noctuidae Part 2 1. Indestruction Part 2 2. Solar Deity 3. The Slaughter of Cafarah 4.

Helios & Selene 5. Descent into Valles Marineris 6. Ode to a Quiet Hero 7. Damocles' Redemption 8.

Oh beloved nightmare... 9. Orchid Skies & Crimson Cirrus 10. The Blades in your Eyes 11. Saturn's Wedding Gown 12.

The Andromeda Galaxy vs The Milky Way Scoliopteryx Libatrix - Noctuidae Part 3 1. Indestruction Part 3 2. Upon pure wings.. 3. And it always returns... 4.

Shoot the bastard messenger 5. The Nexus 6. Battle of Magenta 7. Love is War 8.

Rest with the Wicked 9. Elpis 10. The Devil and Fallen Angels will eventually be saved 11. Altitude 12.

Wading in the Calypso Deep Dave released his first "Dave McPherson" t-shirt featuring the artwork from the currently unreleased "The Grand Odyssey of The Whale and The Barnacle". The t-shirt went on sale for the first time at Dave's solo gig at The Pavillion Tavern in Brighton on 12 April 2010. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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