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DATAMINIONS are Damjan Bizilj aka DJ Bizzy & Marko Bančić aka Boltzmann (1605, Sabotage, Respekt, Italo Business) Dataminions were conceived some decade ago, literarily underground, in a small dark studio at the Kiberpipa (Cyberpipe), a Students’ Union ran art laboratory in Ljubljana downtown. It started as a quartet of three young producers and DJ Bizzy, one of the original "Slovenian Techno Sound" inventors, as their mentor. Initially it was meant to be an electro project. Read more on
DATAMINIONS are Damjan Bizilj aka DJ Bizzy & Marko Bančić aka Boltzmann (1605, Sabotage, Respekt, Italo Business) Dataminions were conceived some decade ago, literarily underground, in a small dark studio at the Kiberpipa (Cyberpipe), a Students’ Union ran art laboratory in Ljubljana downtown. It started as a quartet of three young producers and DJ Bizzy, one of the original "Slovenian Techno Sound" inventors, as their mentor. Initially it was meant to be an electro project. The guys have produced couple of tracks that were picked up by Billy Nasty’s Electrix label, but the wrath of recession in music business got them and the original Dataminios have ceased to operate.

Couple of years latter, after the success of projects such us Rotor, Temponauta and Ouroborots, DJ Bizzy hooked up with his colleague Boltzmann, who used to mix his projects in the same studio and they’ve revived Dataminions – this time as a techno production duo and special DJ-live act with strong, dark, intense, heavy bass oriented sound and clear message that techno is nothing if the perfect form and tight production don’t bear any content: “We all operate in a binary system, but there’s still much to be explored. When you do or play music, you have to be open minded and search for those tiny empty spaces between the obvious zeros and ones." So, wake up guys! Or Dataminions will bass your arses! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE BACKGROUND DJ Bizzy is quite an old school character. With him it's all about techno, though he's also a big fan of electro and various other styles of up and down tempo electronica. "As a producer I'm an offspring of Drexciya, I was raised on Detroit and Birmingham sound, listened to a lot of early Berlin, but I'm not trying to repeat what it's been done.

I'd rather take things forward and act as an adversary for this heritage in a contemporary, modern environment," explains his background one of the champions of the famous "Slovenian Techno Sound" that has shaped the global EDM scene under Umek's spear. "We are the same generation, we grew up together and we come from the same studio. We share similar interests and attitude. We were both part of the Absense team and Consumer Recreation crew in the late 90s, we've tapped the "minimal era" in our own way with the Astrodisco project and we still support each other, though we now focus a bit more on our own projects." Bizzy's past works include projects such as Temponauta (with Dojaja; albums "Der Zeitschritt" (2002) and "155.521.981.589.103" (2004), remixes for Laibach, Umek and Melodrom), Rotor (a tech-house band of six; albums "Rotosphere" (2000) and "Phonophobia" (2006)) as well as Ouroborots (with Pavle Kocbek) writing, two remixes ("Das Spiel is aus" on "Anthems" and "Antisemitism" on "Wat") as well as tours for the Slovenian alternative heavyweights Laibach.

Boltzmann on the other hand is part of younger generation that is keeping the legacy of Slovenian techno heritage but it’s redefining it in the light of most forward thinking contemporary production trends. He is a classically educated musician, who got in touch with the EDM scene in the high school. In 2002 he organized his first electronic music event and later established, along with ten other enthusiasts, an association for promotion and distribution of electronic music, called SDJF. This collective heavily contributed to the revitalization of the EDM scene, mostly at the Slovenian coast in the 00’s.

A good expression of his individualism and challenging mentality are club nights Maximal, ran at the K4 club on the peak of recent minimal era – when he and his peers confronted the all prevailing trend of going minimal by focusing on music that went beyond that and kept the legacy of traditional techno and electro without loosing its fresh futuristic edge at the same time. Boltzmann’s production path started in the middle of the 00’s and as a producer he gradually developed his electro-based sound that is now one of the main ingredients of Dataminions’ fingerprint sound. As he adores synths, he appreciates artists who use them frequently in their productions, therefore Umek, Cirez D., Tiga, Hell, Huntemann, Anthony Rother and Da Fresh have a big influence on his work, not to forget the legendary English group Depeche Mode. DATAMINIONS In 2009 Bizzy hooked up with Boltzmann, then already a producer of Beatport Top 100 electro hit "My Place" and various tracks released on labels such as HomeMadeEle, Adriatiko, Vinyl Pusher, Vise Versa, Cinematique and Flavourite.

“When the minimal wave flooded the scene I didn’t fell comfortable," recalls Bizzy. “I spend years searching for the sound that I could call my own domain. Couple of year ago I finally developed the combination of modern form with the energy of techno of the 90s that works just as it should. At the same time I connected with Boltzmann.

He needed some help with the mixing of his own productions. Occasional mentoring developed in a two-way learning process and became so intense that we decided to form a joint project." And it’s not a real surprise they got together as revived Dataminions. Though that happened spontaneously, they do share a lot of common influences and also a strong passion for electro. "After it was put on hold I’ve been always thinking of how to resurrect Dataminions as I always build my projects as a medium to spread message.

In this particular case we challenge the idea of a modern man becoming a slave of information and data based communication devices. This is again a good reflection of our music upbringing. This is the way Drexciya or Jeff Mills would do it - a music project with some depth and message, which is much more than just cold puzzling of sounds, a mere form without any content. But still proper techno music that people can party to." SO THEY BEGAN Two years of hard studio labor and couple of strong releases later, Dataminions stick out as one of the brightest examples of “the new Slovenian Techno Sound”.

“Our fingerprint sound is a unique combination of German order, Detroit depth, Birmingham darkness and everything that contemporary technologies allow us to do. Compared to most of the related artists our music still bears some distinctive live feel and presence as we pay a lot of attention to the depth and width of our sound. With additional editing we make organic noises sound very electronic. We say that our tracks are “chakring”, which means that we take them so far that they don’t only work as a form but that the contents stimulates the listener in the way that he creates his own story.” And to really get their message through, Dataminions also create video collages for most of their tracks.

And they are usually quite dark. “Temponauta sound was loose, a bit melancholic, air-like, everything kind of floated in the wind. In averse Dataminions state for very earth-like, defined, anchored sound with a strong message behind it. It’s very dark music but uplifting and full of inspiration at the same time.

It’s techno, a proper underground techno sound.” Though they aimed high from the start, Dataminions are so far able to release anything they offer to labels and they regularly score Beatport techno top 100’s. The most passionate adversaries of their works are Italo Busines / N.O.I.A operated by Dandi & Ugo and Allesandro Piatto, Paul Hazedonk's Stolen Moments as well as Umek's 1605 (they are represented on all three 1605 compilations and it was a track called “Pounce” on the first one that really started that snowball rolling). They successfully remixed artists such as Umek, Da Fresh, Tesla & Mark Denken, Mike Humpries, Axel Karakasis, Angy Kore, Gymmy J, A.K.O., Roman Zawodny, Superstrobe and Lucca. THE LIVE ACT Another thing that makes Dataminions a very special project is their performance, which is a double DJ live act, a metamorphosis between back to back DJ set and a full computer live act performance. “We still play music that was done mostly by other artists but we combine that with a lot of real time producing and editing.

And although we use mostly elements prepared in advance this still requires a lot of skills of improvisation as everything is happening on stage, which means each of our performances is unique and can’t be repeated in the same way ever. We also add additional instruments and voice, using Talk Box and various voice-over EFX like vocoder, etc. This is what we find so attractive in contemporary deejaying. In our opinion it should be much more than just playing MP3s and effects.

Now that computers can sync the music, we should not check on the e-mails, surf the Facebook and message to our friends during the set, but use that spare time to upgrade our performance with additional elements, playing live soft instruments, do some real-time editing, effecting sound and that kind of stuff. That’s what really fills the form of today’s music with some content.” And that’s not even new. The inspiration came years ago, when Dataminions saw Jeff Mills performing at the Ambasada Gavioli on three decks and additional Roland 909. “At the time that was really something.

When most of us were still coping with syncing three decks, Jeff toped that with additional rhythm machine introducing live elements into his DJ-set. That was so far out! In the meantime we’ve abandoned decks for computers the technology of deejaying made a great leap forward and now that computers can sync the tracks with no problem, introducing some live elements into a deejay set should really become a standard.” Well, now you know why you should take some time for Dataminions. If not live, try to catch some of their guest mixes on your favorite podcast. They've already done the 1605, Italo Business and Mike Humprie's radio show and Eddie Halliwell really pushed the "Pounce" on his own.

Also watch out for their further releases such as "Park" on Respekt Records or Dataminions remix of "Cactus" for Da Fresh. But the one to watch for right now is compilation, compiled and mixed by Christian Cambas for 1605 with their track "S.O.S.". And as always it's not only a party music. It's a statement, too: "’S.O.S.’ is our wake up call to all music producers to really sober up, get their act together and start doing some proper music.

The scene is overflooded with tracks that are perfect in form but totally empty at the same time. And it's time to stop this at some point as this is ruining the music. C'mon guys! We have enough! We're sick of these one-second anthems. Be creative and do some proper music." Interesi skupine Dataminions music released on labels: 1605 Music Therapy Respekt Recordings Sabotage Records Italo Business Records Dogma Records N.O.I.A.

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