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There are at least 8 artists using the name Casket 1. Pop punk/emo band from San Francisco. 2012-2014 2. Irish trad doujin circle from Japan, leading by Escarmew Some of their album could downloaded legally from with minimum price 0¥ (free) 3. American extreme metal band called Casket. They released one demo (Casket One), one live EP (Fel A Halalos Aradas), and a single (Entombed in the Crypt of the Black Emperors). Read more on
There are at least 8 artists using the name Casket 1. Pop punk/emo band from San Francisco. 2012-2014 2. Irish trad doujin circle from Japan, leading by Escarmew Some of their album could downloaded legally from with minimum price 0¥ (free) 3.

American extreme metal band called Casket. They released one demo (Casket One), one live EP (Fel A Halalos Aradas), and a single (Entombed in the Crypt of the Black Emperors). These were all released in the between the year 2010. Casket represents a new chapter in the extreme metal underground fusing elements of death metal, grindcore, and black metal together to create a sound unique to themselves. Casket was spawned from the blackest depths of San Pedro, CA in the year 2009.

Initially, the band began it's life as Pale Moon; seeking to create a sound similar to that of Darkthone and Leviathan. Pale Moon consisted of Azrael and Pallor Mortis, later to be joined by Mikael on bass and Doom on drums. In the summer of 2010, Pale Moon adopted the name "Casket" and made a drastic change in it's sound in order to break away from the common trends of the current black metal scene in Los Angeles. From a low fidelity screech, Casket evolved into a well-oiled machine of death and destruction adopting a sound reminiscent of early Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Marduk, and hometown-heroes Gatekeeper (a band which featured members of Reciprocal and Fallen Figure) as well as Lightning Swords of Death.

By combining the brutality of extreme metal with the drive and emotion of classical composers such as Dmitri Shostakovitch and Sergei Prokofiev, Casket is a force of blackened death to be reckoned with. Casket released it's first demo in early 2010 and is currently getting ready to record it's second demo while simultaneously writing it's third. 4. German band from Reutlingen called Casket. They released two demos: "'ne Vollkanne" (1992) and "Demo '93". They released three full-length albums: Meant To Be Dead (1996) Under The Surface (2002) Upright Decay (2008) The Dead Shall Rise! Germany's Death Metal outfit CASKET is not only one of the eldest exponents of the extreme metal underground, they are doubtlessly also one of the best kept secrets of their native scene.

Already formed back in 1990, four young kids started to torment their instruments with savagery, fury and relentless brutality, but also with an overdose of enthusiasm and nonchalance. Soon this resulted in two early demo tapes entitled "'Ne Vollkanne" (1991) and "Demo '93", with which these boys'n'ghouls not only attracted the attention of their local scene, but also started to play several shows and local gigs. But it was their highly acclaimed and meanwhile classic third demo tape, recorded in 1994 and entitled "Endtime", which earned CASKET a good reputation also within the international underground scene of the mid 90s. The mentioned six-track demo tape got raving reviews in the most important European underground magazines and cult fanzines such as VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE (Ger), ISTEN MAG (Fin), MORTICIANUMSKULL (Hol), CHAOS MAGAZINE (Ger), FEAR OF LIFE (Hol), DECIBELS STORM (Fra), MASTER OF BRUTALITY (Hol), EMANZIPATION MAG (Dan) or IMHOTEP (Nor), just to name a few. Followed by the strong five-track demo tape "Meant To Be Dead" in 1996, which also got great attention in the international extreme metal press, it was finally time for the first full-length album of CASKET entitled "Under The Surface". Professionally recorded and unleashed upon mankind in 1998, their first CD included five brand new tracks as well as the old demo tunes "Decomposed Recollection" (taken from the "Endtime" tape) and "Dismal Philosophy" (taken from the "Meant To Be Dead" demo). If you read all the reviews that CASKET have gotten for their recordings during the years, there are comparisons to old CARCASS, INCANTATION, early ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, first OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER, ancient HYPOCRISY, SIX FEET UNDER or SUFFOCATION.

All these bands don't really have a lot in common, except for the fact that they could be labelled as pioneers of the brutal Death Metal scene. And that's what all those people actually meant: CASKET have this certain feel for raw and basic old school Death Metal, which sounds honest and true to the bone. Sharing the stage with numerous national and international Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore acts such as BRUTAL TRUTH (U.S.), DEW-SCENTED, ATROCITY, MY DARKEST HATE, URGEHAL (Nor), SEAR BLISS (Hun), FORCA MACABRA (Fin), MORRIGAN or ASSORTED HEAP (just to name a few) and rejecting festival gigs with the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, KRISIUN and ASPYHX, this also proves the oddness and individuality of CASKET. Ten years after the release of their debut album "Under The Surface", CASKET are finally back as a three-piece, stronger than ever and with a monstrous comeback release entitled "Upright Decay" on MDD Records. The album includes besides nine brand new songs plus introduction also revitalized versions of the classic "Warhammer" and "The Life I Die" tunes. The album is wrapped up in a tremendous cover artwork and is available with a magnificent digi-packaging.

If you listen to CASKET, you listen to no trends, no hypes, just ancient Death Metal the way it was meant to be! 5. The Doom inclined Gothic Metal band from Hellmitzheim, Germany were created in 1992 issuing their first demo recordings ‘Voices From Beyond’, the following year. A further cassette, ‘...But Death Comes Soon’, followed in 1994 as CASKET added secondary female vocals from Karin Trapp and performed shows opening for PYOGENESIS and PANDEMONIUM. They also released "...and Death comes soon" Demo in 1995, released the track "Waiting for the End" on 'After the Sepulture'-Compilation by Radiation Records in 1995.

It was an underrated band probably. There is few information available on web about it. Full-lengths: Emotions... Dream Or Reality (1997) Tomorrow (1997) Faithless (1999) 6. A Canadian Death Metal band that was formed in the early 90's out of Edmonton.

The band was short-lived, but managed to release a 7 track EP entitled "Mutilated" in 1994, which was recorded at Amtek Productions, engineered by Corey Johnson and produced by Hart Bachmeir. 7. Hardcore band from Western Mass. 8. A five-piece death metal band from Lahti, Finland, formed in 2005 as Kuohijärvi Corpse in Lammi, Finland.They changed their name to Casket in 2007, before releasing their first demo. The band combines elements from old school death metal to a modern way of mutilation in their music.

Casket has shared stages with known Finnish metal bands like Stam1na, Profane Omen, Deathchain, etc. and they have also been the opening act for the British band Napalm Death. Casket has recorded four demos: Demotape 2007 (2007), State of Denial (2007), Decade of Decapitation (2009), Generation Kill (2011). In 2007 the band caught the attention of a slightly bigger audience with their performance in Pellavarock 2007. Casket’s live assault received lots of positive feedback from media and the fans. Latest line-up: Vocals: Ville Rutanen (The Final Harvest) Lead guitars: Eero Silvonen (Death Confronting, RoutaSielu, The Final Harvest) Rhythm guitars: Lauri Silvonen (Death Confronting) Drums: Jaakko Lignell (ex-Damngod) Bass: Pyry Hanski (Before The Dawn, RoutaSielu) Ville and Jaakko have left the band and they are looking for a drummer and a vocalist. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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