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There are several groups called Cargo, including: 1. A Dutch hard rock/progressive rock band from the '70s. 2. A Romanian hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 1985. 3. A Danish dance/electronica act. 4. A Japanese house/electronica act. 5. A French duo based in Bordeaux, France making music by way of electronics. Sound samples @ 6. A Canadian psychedelic rock band from the '60/70s. 1. The Dutch band This unit started out as SEPTEMBER and recorded a few singles that hold no interest to progheads. Read more on
There are several groups called Cargo, including: 1. A Dutch hard rock/progressive rock band from the '70s. 2. A Romanian hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 1985. 3. A Danish dance/electronica act. 4.

A Japanese house/electronica act. 5. A French duo based in Bordeaux, France making music by way of electronics. Sound samples @ 6. A Canadian psychedelic rock band from the '60/70s. 1.

The Dutch band This unit started out as SEPTEMBER and recorded a few singles that hold no interest to progheads. They then changed their name to CARGO and recorded their sole album. CARGO consist of brothers Ad and Jan De Hont both on guitars, Willem DeVries on bass and vocals and English drummer Denis Whitbread. The music developed here is a seducing hard rock with a killer twin-guitar attack much in the line of WISHBONE ASH around their "Argus" album.

The two brothers play delightfully long and cooperative guitar lines that intertwine beautifully (what a pleasure it is to follow in stereo their progress) proof of their long-standing mutual trust and camaraderie. Dutch Cargo at the Port Of Amsterdam The De Hont and De Vries brothers had found particular favour with the Dutch public under the rock band September with numerous singles in 1970 such as Presley’s “Little Sister” and the De Vries penned “Yelly Rose”. September’s finest cover was an urgent version of Bert Bacharach “Walk On By” which kicks the shit out of the original. After changing their name to Cargo they launched their 1970 self-titled album has enough guitar slash to rip half of Holland’s Dykes to shreds. To describe the turbulent guitar breaks of Cargo, one needs to create a setting and describe the structures that extorted the ferocious solos.

It was awesomely pulverizing when Jan De Hont unleashes his Fender Strat in parallel with Ad De Hont’s Gibson SG on the thudding “Cross Talking” in the spirit of Wishbone Ash. This 8min indulgence also trembles with the bass hammering Willem De Vries on his Gibson B3. Nothing like this has ever thundered through Amsterdam since the rolling Panzerwagens of 1940. Cargo’s entourage of drummers comprised of drummers Jerry Gobel, Frans Smit, Snuffel and ex Ekseption Dennis Whitebread who played on the Ekseption concept album Beggar Julia's Time Trip.

Cargo was primal export that never happened.The tour de force of the album is vibrantly illuminated on the 15min “Summerfair” with escalating guitar trade - offs that reach an excruciating pinnacle.The astounding vox by Willem De Vries shudders like those November North Winds that lash the barges of Amsterdam. Cargo are turbulently forceful in the same windforce as Tractor, Rush or Jericho. Cargo also covered the sensitively squeezed “Lydia Purple” originally written by Dunn & McCashen for their album Mobius. This superb psychedelic gem was also covered by The Collectors and Giant Crab.

Cargo released This power packed Prog group supported the Flock during sell-out concerts. Next to the summit driven Focus and Finch, Cargo were Holland’s most engaging contraband. 2. The Romanian band Cargo is a rock band from Timişoara, Romania, founded by guitarist Adrian Bărar in 1985. Two of the current members are from Arad - Adrian Igrişan (vocals, guitar) and Octavian Pilan (drums), one is from Hunedoara - Cristian Pup (keyboards) and another one is from Deva - Alin Achim (bass guitar, backing vocals), but they are all settled in Timişoara.

After many changes along it's early history, the band's line-up finally reached stability in 1995: Adrian Bărar (guitar/vocals), Ovidiu "Kempes" Ioncu (vocals), Adrian Igrişan (guitar/vocals), Cristian Pup (keyboards), Alin Achim (bass guitar) and Tavi Pilan (drums). With this lineup they released the majority of their albums: Povestiri din gară (Tales from the Train Station, 1992), Destin (Destiny, 1995), Ziua vrăjitoarelor (Day of the Witches, 1998), and also the album "Cargo şi Corala Teofora - Colinde şi obiceiuri de iarnă" (Cargo and Corala Teofora - Carols and Winter Customs, 1996). Both Ovidiu Ioncu (1995) and Adrian Igrisan (2001) suffered severe injuries in motorcycle accidents. Ioncu's accident was an opportunity for vocalist Adrian Igrisan to temporarily replace him.

The year 2003 held new surprises for the band: with a dedicated and passionate audience waiting, Cargo was preparing to celebrate its 18 year anniversary with the release of a new album. Unfortunately, the band's plans have taken an unexpected turn: the vocalist (Ioncu) suddenly abandoned the band and moved permanently to Australia. The members decided to go on with Igrişan as main singer and rhythm guitarist, while Achim would handle, besides the bass guitar, the backing vocals. Their latest studio effort, Spiritus Sanctus, has been recorded with Ioncu's voice but after his departure just before releasing the album, the disc has been re-recorded with Igrisan as lead singer.

In 2007 they released a "Best Of" album called XXII with re-recorded tracks, that also featured a brand new song - the ballad Ca o stea. 3. The Danish band The Danish dance act Cargo, comprising the two honoured and respected DJ´s and producers; Ronnie NME Veiler and Kenn "The Killer", who throughout the last decade have been a major part of the Danish dance scene, teamed up with rapper Mikee to complete the line-up for Cargo. The band have enjoyed major success in the Danish sales and dance chart throughout the last four years, with hits like "The Horn", the Grammy nominated tune "Loaded With Power", "La La (Legal Alien)", " Space Trucking (Bring The Noise)", the controversial smash " Pornstar", "Surrender", and the disco house tune " I Want Your Luv". The Cargo album " The movie goes party" debuted at # 13 in the national album sales chart, and climbed 6 positions the following week, spending two weeks at # 7.

The album was six weeks in the top 20, and achieved gold status within one month (25000 copies). Right after releasing the second album "Sex Appeal" their (previous) record label had to close. Without any marketing or promotion whatsoever, Cargo sold more than 6.000 Sexappeal albums based on their live concerts and "fame" from the first album (gold status in DK is 25.000). The year 2001 was a tough year for the band, trying to get out of their contract and getting their master rights back, the band was trapped in legal disputes for 9 moths.

In April 2002 CARGO signed up with Danish indie label Big Star Records, and after making some small changes in the music, from dance/ techno to RnB/house. First single on Bigstar records, the RnB hit - Ill show you, Came out really fine and showed the band from another side. Lead vocalist, Cecilia Cruz stopped in the band right after the promotion tour on I´ll show you. She decided to spend time on an education as a journalist… After that, Cargo needed a new female and hooked up with the beautiful Yazzmin.

After 4 month of promotion on there new smash hit Vacation the band and Yazzmin decided to split op. Vacation is played at radio and discos all over the world. The release for Vacation was in the summer of 2003, but it seems like 2004 and 2005 was the really big years for the song. In October 2004 cargo released there latest song The Party.

The song was not released in shops but only on internet websites and as a promo song for dj´s around the world. Today, Cargo is back in its original form with dj Kenn the killer, Ronnie NME Veiler and Rapper Mikee. The group still likes to produce songs in different styles and sounds and in that spirit there next album will be an album with mix of RnB/ Rap and dance. 4. Japanese House Band cargo consists of 4 artists who has performed with and without Japan, and has received great reputation.

Beginning their act in 2004, when they released their 1st mini album [the scene],their cutting-edge sense has received notice and ranked in HMV and Tower Records' chart. With the key word [good music] at their roots,their music cross overs the genres of House, Club Jazz ,Hip Hop and Drum'n Bass. In 2005, they released their 2nd mini album [Super Freak] and V.A. [Sister Bossa6]which was release from IRMA(Italy).

In the following year 2006, they released [The Cover Job](King Records),[SisterBossa7](IRMA),[apertivo TOKYO]as well as contributing as a producer for KALEIDO, an artist from Brazil. In September of the same year, they released their first full album [Disc Odyssey] which becomes a long-seller and made a remarkable number 1 in the i- tunes club chart. In 2007, they performed in V.A.[Tokyo House Lovers] with other artists such as M-flo, Daishi Dance,Monday Michiru,Paris Match,and Soul Source Production,and[LOVEBEAT DISNEY] which is a cover album of the Walt Disney's film with Cubismo Grafico,Takeshi Nakatsuka,and Claziquai Project. They also worked on other albums such as Ryohei's cover album [Cavaca], KALEIDO's album[New Sessions!](IRMA).

In August 2007 ,They released their 2nd full album [JEWEL] which got ranked No.1 in i-tunes electro chart & DMR chart. While performing lives regularly all around Japan, they have also released V.A.[Next Floor](HMV),[NewWave],[Tokyo Luxury Lounge3](Grand Gallery)and Charlie's album(UK). Released in July 2008, cargo's album "Morning Star" again reached #1 for 7 consecutive weeks on the iTunes Japan dance music chart, and its single "For The Light" also hit #1 on iTunes Japan. They are: GOKU - programmer, producer, Rap, Vo., Gt., recording and mix engineer wize - programmer, producer, Key., recording and mix engineer amigo - Vo., Cho. Saiko - Vo., Cho. 6. The Canadian Band Dreamy, jazzy psych rock that's not particularly known by collectors.

It has a spaced out feel that shoul appeal to some.... The drumming is heavy on atmospheric cymbals, the songs are mostly at slow tempos and the vocals are heavily reverbed...Has a nice feel and a few good moments... -Aaron Milenski, Acid Archives For some reason there is a bunch of obscure Canadian Lps with a similar sound, a late-night jazzy psychrock mood like the loungier side of Doors, usually with keyboards upfront and understated guitar picking. This is a typical expression of that sound, with flute instead of organ, moody yet expressive vocals, and long tracks that seem to find their path as they go along. Recorded live in parts or wholly, which adds to the organic basement feel - one track actually has lounge ambience with people chatting and ordering drinks louder than the music! Songwriting isn't elaborate, yet the persistent mood and refusal to compromise makes for a memorable experience, with a couple of snakey instrumental excursions developing into hypnotic 3 AM Canadian rye hallucinations. Comparable to Papa Bear's, while south of the border Ant Trip Ceremony and Feather da Gamba spring to mind. -Patrick Lundborg, Acid Archives Mike Proudfoot: guitar/piano Norm Foster: drums Ray Parker: organ Garth Vogan: bass Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply..

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