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Big, Really Big - Are We Alone - JPop.com
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Big, Really Big

Big, Really Big

by Are We Alone

Songs of this (Big, Really Big) album are not available.
The universe is big – really big.* Galaxies, for instance, are often large enough to hold a trillion stars. But how did these heavenly heavyweights come to be? Hear how still-mysterious dark matter is implicated in the birth of galaxies. Also, gamma ray bursts – explosions more energetic than anything since the Big Bang – take place somewhere in the visible universe every day. What are they, and could they obliterate life on Earth? And, the biggest cosmic mystery de jour: dark energy. Why new, super-size telescopes may finally reveal just what it is. *appreciative nod to Douglas Adams Guests: •George Djorgovski – Astronomer, California Institute of Technology •Sandra Faber – Astronomer and Chair of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California at Santa Cruz •Daniel Perley – Astronomer, University of California at Berkeley •Ed Stone – Former director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and physicist at the California Institute of Technology •Richard Panek – Author of The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality Released 2011/04/18 Read more on Last.fm.

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Artist: Are We Alone
Listeners: 3
Published : 20 Apr 2011, 17:17
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