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"I had a fake on MySpace. That’s the reason I got on MySpace in the first place. I’m glad I got that fake though because MySpace gave me a new outlet to showcase and network my music to a worldwide audience. thanks tom!" And Absolut-P took full advantage of using the social networking sites to broaden his fan base and be in contact with fans. "I'm always on my MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and IMEEM; the industry is changing and if that means using different methods to generate a response from listeners then that’s what I will do Read more on
"I had a fake on MySpace. That’s the reason I got on MySpace in the first place. I’m glad I got that fake though because MySpace gave me a new outlet to showcase and network my music to a worldwide audience. thanks tom!" And Absolut-P took full advantage of using the social networking sites to broaden his fan base and be in contact with fans.

"I'm always on my MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and IMEEM; the industry is changing and if that means using different methods to generate a response from listeners then that’s what I will do, I'm just trying to show the world Omaha Nebraska can make popular music. We aren’t just corn and football." Omaha native, Stevin-Charles Taylor known as "Absolut-P" is not your typical teenage entertainer, originally wanting to be a professional cartoonist at a young age Absolut-P's artist developed from art into his own hybrid of hip-hop, electronic-pop, rock & r&b. It wasn’t until 2003 that Absolut-P started taking his music seriously founding one of Omaha Nebraska’s strongest youth music group's "The A-ManN Click". Born May 22, 1990 in Omaha, NE, Absolut-P grew up in North Omaha with his grandparents and mother. Attending Jr.

high school at King Science Center, Absolut-P seen a different side of hip-hop, battling. "I just remember going to lunch one day and seeing some of the kids around the lunch tables, I used to wonder what they were doing all the time, when I found out they were freestyle rapping I took it upon myself to learn more about it and wanted to became the best at it. I was hooked." Immediately that same week Absolut-P started reading the dictionary and any other form of writing he could get his hands on to escalate his vocabulary as well as listen to his Stepdad's CD collection for inspiration which was full of classic hip-hop albums from Jay-Z, Eminem, and Biggie & Tupac. Confident with the progress he made in such a short amount of time Absolut-P felt it was time for his peers to hear his voice taking over the school in a productive way he begun networking with other students to create a following all the while freestyling battling with his peers for fun but something deep inside of him wanted more than his newfound school fame, "I wanted more out of the music then what I was getting at the time." he states."I wasn’t satisfied with just going around school freestyle battling and rapping.

I wanted to make songs, original songs." And that is exactly what Absolut-P did, along with cousin "Apollo-Fresh" the two of them together created a bevy of low quality recordings of themselves with just a desktop computer and a computer microphone recording at Absolut-P's house these records begun surfacing around the various Omaha public school's building a sort of premature buzz for Absolut-P, Around this same time Absolut-P started entering the digital world of music as he signed up for accounts on popular social networking sites such as Blackplanet and SoundClick accounts as ways to promote and showcase his music and "AMC". As he entered into his high school days little did he know that his whole formula for making music would change. "I was in French class one day my freshman year and a student in my class had a digital audio workstation program called FL Studio; I never heard of it before and he let me take it home with me one day after class, so I took it to my house and fell in love with the program and grew and toned my production skills through trail & error." This trial and error turned into a valuable learning experience that transformed an aspiring youth into a budding super producer, something Omaha and the Midwest hasn't seen since the rise of Mr. Love Lockdown himself Kanye West especially with him being so young "Of course I know the comparisons are going to be there," smirks Absolut-P "Most people don’t know this but, the first CD I ever bought with my own money was Ye's "College Dropout" I feel it’s an honor even being mentioned being what Kanye West did for music in general I feel I can do the same bringing in a whole new sound." Finally finding his calling with production Absolut-P learned more and more about FL Studio as his backdrops went from local beats to being held as the talk of the city eventually his "Sound Journey's" as he calls them started not only circulating around the local school's but the city, as he found himself being requested upon for the first time for strictly production work "I wasn’t used to that at first, Absolut-P admits "But I knew I really had something once I seen how much I was getting hit up about producing, I used to be in class having to sit on my cell phone because it was getting blow up all day about beats." And these were grown ass man; Absolut-P posits "I knew I really had something if I could appeal to the youth as well as the older crowd." Producing 5 tracks on local rapper Sky Starks debut cd "History in the Making" in 2006 Absolut-P took to the roll of producer rather quickly providing the catchy infectious beat for local artist Shannon Marie's 2006 hits "Tease" & "My Set".

Following that Absolut-P linked up with local rapper Mad Dog from local group AKAP for the hit "My CricKet" an ode to cricket wireless phones that also featured a verse from Absolut-P. Reminding his crowd he could get behind the mic as well as provide the instrumental Absolut-P seen what he could do for others and decided to focus in house as he and "AMC" geared up to drop their first release "DJ Rello Presentz : A-ManN High vol. 1" a compilation of original songs from Absolut-P and The A-ManN Click which at the time consisted of Absolut-P, Apollo-Fresh, Mic, DJ Rello, E Rawq, The D-SquadD & Yung Doe. showing his peers he and "AMC" where capable of creating catchy original songs their popularity quickly started rising as he started getting honest feedback from his peers as A-ManN High quickly spread across the local high school's he used that feedback from his peers to see what songs stood out to them the most as this is when he started crafting his unique song formula.

That following year Absolut-P linked up with local rapper Blaqjacc for their internet mixtape "WZ4" a witty freestyle mixtape hosted by DJ 2exclusive soon after the mixtape release Absolut-P decided to contact DJ Rello and DJ 2exclusive and pair the two together to host his next mixtape the end result "Da Red Guards Present Absolut-P : PHENOM" a hyperactive mixtape featuring a mixture of original production and industry instrumentals featuring a young Absolut-P signature freestyle over different styles of beats it was quickly deemed classic as it featured a variety of different types of records not yet herd of from somebody his age. Stand out tracks like "See This" which featured verses from Mic & Apollo-Fresh as well as "Magnums & Money" showed Absolut-P was not only becoming a better songwriter but his production skills also started growing as he started more sampling taking sound bites from cartoon "Dexter’s Lab" for the electronic themed intro "AB'z Lab" to flipping the Harry Potter theme song for the outro track "Black Harry Potter", one thing you had to give Absolut-P credit for is being creative and thinking out of the box. "I pride myself on my creativity." says Absolut-P "When I'm in the studio and I'm a part of a record I make sure I bring something new to that record, even if I’m not on it I want to do something to make somebody want to listen again & again. I love hearing people say my song's are stuck in their head, that's how I know I did a good job." Soon after "PHENOM" was finished Absolut-P quickly switched roles going back to local producer contributing 3 tracks on local artist Lil Reebo's debut CD "Salute Me" soon after Absolut-P was offered to join So Serious Musick since joining So Serious Absolut-P became more accustom to the real time atmosphere of making music and learned hands on experience of being in a tracking studio with pro tools, Using that knowledge to his best ability he began recording himself as he would spend the night at the studio and catch a taxi to school just so he could record all night and learn how to work the equipment. His grind was definite.

And in less than a month a 17 year old Absolut-P created another mixtape "Absolut_Coding" hosted by DJ 2exclusive, the mixtape dropped online on DatPiff in 2008 it was the first mixtape by Absolut-P to be fully recorded on pro tools. As he realized where he wanted to take his music now and the quality he needed he knew what role he wanted to play as a entertainer, crafting catchy electronic themed songs the mixtape was an instant hit as the CD quickly spread from iPod to CD and so on, but one track on the mixtape stood out that seemed to catch onto peoples ears that track was the bonus track on the mixtape which featured the infectious guest verses from Swagg ^ Click members Mechi $ Me, and Dee Cro$$ called "All Dat An A Bag Of Chipz" A track dedicated to all the cocky individual’s, the songs simple catchy hook and 808 bass quickly became favorite for the iPods. The Song quickly took off as it became more popular AMC and Swagg ^ Click cranked it up a notch April 4th 2008 with "CLUB AMC" a teen event that was promoted and ran by Swagg ^ Click that had a very positive and non violent turnout of 250 plus youth show up to support, party & have a good time which showed AMC could have a positive effect on the youth blending catchy music making with youth driven entertainment and promotion. Now gearing up for his newest mixtape "The It Kid" which will be hosted by DJ 2exclusive and his debut album "The Epic" Absolut-P is eager to show his fans, naysayers and listeners alike his growth as a song maker as well as grab new listener’s ears and show them what Omaha, Nebraska is all about hopefully landing him and “AMC” support of a major label Absolut-P is definitely ready to show the world he is “The It Kid”. Read more on

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