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Airwolf One

Airwolf One

Airwolf One

Buy on iTunes: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: VIDEOS: INFO: FAN PAGE: MY SPACE: Alberto Trevisan aka Airwolf One multi-instrumentalist (drums 1st) music-video producer programmer & sound designer composer, remixer & recording engineer Read more on
Buy on iTunes: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: VIDEOS: INFO: FAN PAGE: MY SPACE: Alberto Trevisan aka Airwolf One multi-instrumentalist (drums 1st) music-video producer programmer & sound designer composer, remixer & recording engineer video editor & green screen operator independent unsigned act BIOGRAPHY [LINKS DISABLED] Alberto Trevisan, also known as Airwolf One, is an active music-video producer and a live-studio performer. In particular, he studied drums since the age of 12, in the field of composition, sequence programming and mixing. Additionally, he's a self-taught keyboardist, guitarist, bass player and vocalist. A.T. grew up and made his first steps in the music scene in Florence, Italy. Driven by great enthusiam he acquired two degrees in modern music, based on the Musicians Institute Performance and Industry program, and played with a few dozen of bands...

Nevertheless soon, he had to face the impossibility to find a fertile ground for some serious artistic development. He left the beautiful but conservative italian city in 1999, searching for some real vital, musical air to breath. One year in Paris, for acquiring his third degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music at the acclaimed INFIMM/CIM in the district of Mont Martre, was his first lucky attempt. "Felt like a natural move forward..." (A.T.) The french experience was exactly what he needed, full immersion into sounds, advanced techniques and experimentations. Furthermore, plenty of inspiring acquaintances, intense musical spices and spotlights from the jam session scene, represented some of the unforgettable highlights.

In particular, the challenge of score-drumming in a latin-swing big band (directed by cuban trumpetist Ernesto "Tito" Puentes), while experimenting live drum & bass as side project, which eventually became the main one, followed by album release "Modeste-Cyber Sapiens" - Atoll Music. [FOTO] Lot of fun and inspiration, but something was still missing... London was the next logical step, the "Holy Grail city of Pop". A.T. eventually spent more than three years (2001-2004) working in high end recording studios as a sound engineer and music producer, trying to absorb as much experience as possible, especially some of "the secret tips and tricks for the perfect mix" (A.T.) In that period he had the chance to work closely with some members of the bands Culture Club [FOTO] and Imagination. London appeared undoubtedly inspirationful and greatly attractive, unforgettable the participation with first round success at the "JumpOff - Producer Battle - Sound " [FOTO].

But then a reality had to be faced: too much competition for what the city actually had to offer at the time. In fact, those were the most intense years of the music business global changes and consequent crisis, record labels where struggling and closing down one after the other and the artistic revolution that A.T. was so eager for, was actually happening somewhere else.... When he was in Cannes, France, for attending MIDEM 2005, he was offered a position as a resident in one of the best acoustically treated studios of Berlin [FOTO]. A train not to be missed. Berlin felt good from the very first day of that February 2005, even though temperature was minus 20 degrees celsius, sucked in a dense snow storm.

Poetry and reality. Dreams and courage. That´s where the feel of Airwolf One actually was born, breathing the eager wild cold of Northern Europe, followed by lovely mild summers. "there´s no such thing like Berlin.

Berlin is Berlin, if you feel it, you can tell, and feel home." (A.T.) A.T. worked there as a multi-task freelancer for clients such as: Universal Music Publishing, Allianz AG [VIDEO], Nivea, MTV Germany, Black Eyed Peas (Will I Am) [FOTO] , Phoenix... End of 2006, he won the "Johnny-Wildfire" remix competition hosted by Aftershock Promotions (UK). In 2007 he spent most of his time and energy on the Airwolf One´s debut album `Brake or Accelerate´, released in mid 2008. (available since then on iTunes) The following year his track `Touch the Core of the Beat´ was hosted by Aftershock Promotions for the Airwolf One remix competition, resulting in a 5 track EP `Touch the Core of the Beat - Remix Competition´. (also released on iTunes) In 2009 A.T.

officially started producing music-videos, thanks to a sponsorship received from ARRI Group and the great support of Rodeo Club and Showcase Potsdam. In addition to composing the music, he put together a team of 25 willing professionals, coordinating, producing, performing and co-editing `Choose to Love´. This combined challenge inevitably allowed him to grow as a music-video producer. [VIDEO-Final Version 3] [GALLERY] In 2009 and 2010 respectively, the track `Choose to Love´ was nominated as Best International Act and Best Tour Dates video at the Exposure Music Awards (UK) and entered the UKs unsigned TOP40 chart.

Pos.27 and Pos.12 His interest and inspiration for music applied to fashion, took him to compose a second album named `Fashion Rocks!´, released on July 2010. With this work, it is fairly noticeble a further improvement in sound quality and artistic maturity. End of 2010, A.T. decided to set his personal green screen studio facility and produced, directed, filmed, performed and edited the `Electrifying Fight´ [VIDEO], featuring the fine imagery of Cheri Freund. Further notes: Between 2003 and 2010, he attained Midem (Cannes), Popkom (Berlin), Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week (Berlin), Pitti Immagine (Florence) and Bread & Butter (Berlin). Alberto Trevisan is a member of collecting society PRS, performing society GVL and Crew United. LIVE HIGHLIGHTS Currently using a DrumIt Five by 2box e-drumkit. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Alberto Trevisan/Airwolf One known for straight forward live drum performances, with DJ sets, extras and solo. 2009 `Exposure Music Awards´ [Cheltenham, UK] 2009 `Adagio´ [Berlin, DE] 2007 `103´ [Berlin, DE] 2004 `Sound´(The Jump Off) [London, UK] 2003 `Belushi's´ [London, UK] 2002 `La Fleche d'Or´ [Paris, FR] 2002 `Le Cryptique´ [Paris, FR] 2000 `Batofar´ [Paris, FR] 2000 `Sunset´ [Paris, FR] 1999 `Universale´ [Firenze, IT] 1999 `Flog´ [Firenze, IT] 1998 `Central Park´ [Firenze, IT] THE ACT - CONCEPT AND DISCOGRAPHY The Sound : entirely live recorded and post-produced by a combination of analog and digital equipment, for the ultimate electro-rock-funk big beat, Airwolf One´s production features psychedelic soundscapes, cinematic dynamics and intense drive. Discography: with 2 Albums, 1 EP and 2 Singles released worldwide since 2008 on Tunecore distribution, Airwolf One is an independent-unsigned artist with own recording and production facilities.

Holding 100% rights available for licensing, Airwolf One's music is definitely suitable for: gaming, sports, films, tv spots, fashion shows and compilations. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Concept: Air=the ideal medium for sound execution but also a symbol for artistic freedom, purity and boundless elegance. wolf=the feeling comes before the reason, instinctive power proper of a creative animal. In fact prehistoric man drummed before speaking. One="all in one performer" but also One as no.1, the ideal goal and symbol of artistic perfection. best industry quotes # 1. Wow! This album rocks! Totally in the sweet spot.

It's always interesting & energetic - never a dull moment. ( # 2. The more I listen the more I hear and experience... ( # 3.

Overall, I thought this was an incredibly well produced piece of music. ( best headline shows # 1. Intoxicating from Start to Finish ( # 2. Intriguing Odyssey ( # 3.

Infectious Mix of Rock, Electronic and Big Beat (iTunes) best support shows # 1. 103 - Berlin # 2. Belushi..s - London # 3. Sunset - Paris Production, bookings & info: Read more on

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